Tuesday, August 27, 2013

10 Things To Smile About for TTUT

TAP...TAP...TAP..Is this thing on??

Do I have any readers? I'm guessing not. But I'll blog anyway because my dad won't leave me alone about not having any new material to read.

Where have I been? Nowhere. Just being a mom and enjoying the last few weeks of summertime weather. I have ZERO excuses for not being part of the link up that Shawn and I started forever ago. Blogging can be slightly time consuming, ya know?

Anyway, I'm back {today anyway} with 10 Things to Smile About hosted by EmmyMom. I've always loved her meme and since I'm actually blogging, I felt like this was a perfect way to end August.

{1} Getting Emma enrolled in swimming lessons. She can swim, she just needed practice swimming on top of the water. It helped her tremendously!

{2} Visiting with friends. I'd be nothing without all the friends in my life.

{3} Watching Emma learn and LOVE ballet class.

{4} Date Nights! I'm always so thankful for these nights. They keep me sane. And the tasty drinks that come with date nights are pretty awesome too. {No other details will be disclosed about date night.;)}

{5} A few days without Emma. I'm smiling about this because she got to go spend quality one-on-one time with my parents while I stayed home with Drew to work on projects around here. Did she miss us? No! Did we miss her? YES! But we brought her home with us last night and she said she missed her bed. She swam twice a day--before nap for HOURS and after nap for HOURS. Her tan is ridiculous! We're glad she had a good time.

{6} Family time. It's getting more and more precious to me as the years go by. (No, I'm not drinking at 9:00am in the morning! I'm being serious!}

{7} Watching Emma learn to dive makes me smile. I'm hoping she'll teach me now since my parents FAILED me.

{8} Watching this moment made me smile and melted my heart.

{9} This little guy has been sick but I think he's on the mend. That makes me smile.

{10}  Gearing up for a girls weekend we've lovingly called "Tearin' Up Tulsa" makes me smile one big smile. Year one we had "Keeping Austin Weird". Then we had "Surf City...Here We Come" and now, some of my closest blogging friends will be embarking on the city of Tulsa for YEAR #3 to see how much fun we can bring to Oklahoma! Shawn, JennyKate, Viv, Becca, and Jen--see you in 9 days!!! 

What makes you smile?


Monday, July 15, 2013

10 Questions and Some Pics for TTUT

Hey Lovies {and Mom/Dad}! It's time for another chapter in our TALK TO US TUESDAY link party! 

Shawn and I have decided to play a quick round of Q&A to spice things up! We'd love for you to play with us! Feel free to blog our 10 questions with YOUR answers or if you've already blogged and/or linked up, answer a few (or all) in the comments. I swear we read EVERY SINGLE COMMENT. I almost always try to respond via email to your sweet comments and last week, I even left some comments on your link ups! Surprised? I know! Me too. But I didn't get to everyone so I still suck.

WARNING: This post is lengthy. I promised some pics of the house last week so I've posted a few down below the questions. I'm a skimmer so I'm giving you permission to skim this bad boy. You.Are.Welcome.
Here we go!

1. What is your guilty pleasure?
Eating, baking, spending time alone (aka hiding) while reading a good book, trash tv, The Captain, entertaining guests, reading People Magazine, and SLEEPING which doesn't happen very often.

2. What's the last lie you told?
I told my father-in-law that he is welcomed to stay at my house while he does some work for M here in town. This is not true. I was EXTREMELY relieved to find out today that he will be bunking at a nearby motel. Shhhh! And stoping shaking your head, Mom.

3. What tv show(s) are you embarrassed to admit that you watch?
Bachelore/ette, Big Brother, Duck Dynasty, most reality shows, anything on TLC....

4. What celebrity makes you think dirty thoughts?
Channing Tatum. Magic Mike anyone? Holy shiz. HOT!!!!

5. Name the most strangest place you've had sex.
I would LOVE to say in an elevator. (Who's singing Aerosmith right now?) I mean, M is quick enough but my balls aren't big enough. So, I guess I'll go with the ocean. It wasn't a pleasant experience. Must be the salt.

6. Do you give money to panhandlers? Why?
HELL-TO-THE-NO. Shawn's answer will differ. I heard those bastards rake in more than the average American! And why don't I see any female panhandlers? 

7. What is the oddest thing in your purse/wallet right now?
An extra pair of panties. In a size 3T.

8. What is the quirkiest thing you have to do?
I have to read my People magazines in order. I often get behind by 3-4 issues and I can't read them out of order. I also can't skip pages. I read from front to back. NO SKIPPING. Weird.

9. Have you ever stolen anything? Explain.
I've probably stolen a few virginities...does that count?

10. The most inappropriate place you've ever "fluffed"?
There's a whole post dedicated to this topic. It was in my classroom. My students were testing. It was quiet. I was sitting in a metal chair....I blamed another student...ugh...

And as promised, a few more pics of the house...but they are taken with my iphone so the quality sucks.

{If you want to see some additional pictures or missed the first few pictures that I posted and want to see, I've blogged about it HERE.}

Where the babies get made.

View 2...and the entrance to our bathroom.

Right bookshelf--that Shawn organized for me.

Left bookshelf--that Shawn organized for me.

The burlap wreath that Shawn made for me. Mom bought me the material but we couldn't figure out how to make the thing. I added an A because, apparently, I love the letter A. Did you see the bookshelf?  I'm not sure how I feel about this wreath just yet.

I moved the sofa table here from the previous pictures I posted. I like it much better.

Princess Emma's room.

View #2. Yes, it's very pink and very zebra-y and I need to work on the dresser. It's looks blah.

View #3. Some of my fav pics....especially the "I Love You to the Moon and Back" picture. Thanks Momma! 

Guest Bedroom. Pretty simple. I'm not finished with this room yet.

Guest view #2. Yes, I'm obsessed with pictures. They are EVERYWHERE.

Kinky closet mirrors. (bow-chicka-bow-wow)
I still need something above the closet.

I have a couple more rooms to post. It will happen soon. I promise!

And these last 2 pictures were taken this weekend during our 70* weather day. We had a picnic, toured a beautiful tower, and swam in the lake. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these 2 pictures.

Ok, I've finally made it to the end of this GINORMOUS blog post. If you read the whole thing, I'll mail you a thank you card.

I hope you all link up with us! Don't forget to answer our nosey questions! =)


Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Hey look! I'm here....a little bit later than normal...but here none the less.

It's Tuesday again and I co-host this little party called Talk To Us Tuesday with the lovely Shawn. I'm not sure how we're keeping this thing alive but I think it has to do with our dedicated linkers because we pretty much suck at blogging AND visiting blogs.

Speaking of Shawn, have you heard the news? I think I'll let this picture speak for itself:
Make sure you tell her Congratulations! 18 year old, a 13 year old, and a new one on the way. My fingers are crossed that it's a BOY!

I still have pictures of my house to post. All the decorating is just about complete. I'll try to have it ready for next Tuesday but of course I make no promises.

For what it's worth, I miss you all. I'm just enjoying the summer with my kids and blogging just doesn't fit into that schedule right now. =(



Monday, July 1, 2013

Shawn Becomes an Okie for 5 Days..TTUT

Wow. Can we even call this a link up party anymore? The two biatches that run it pretty much suck. Shawn is busy making magic happen with Babe tonight and I'm sneaking away {in top secret fashion} from visiting with the in-laws to blog---ON THE CORRECT DAY! We don't blame you for not wanting to play with us anymore but I actually have blog-worthy material today.


Did you see our cray-cray vlogs last week? We ROCKED it.

Ok, no we didn't. We were silly and slightly stupid but we had SO MUCH FUN filming that night!

Sadly, nobody peed their pants.  Here are some hightlights:

*We drink too much when we're together
*We had a spa day.
*We got lost on a dirt road trying to FIND the spa.
*We got nekkid together. This took our friendship to a whole other level.

*I may have asked if "I was tight". Shawn may have had a permanent grin on her face for the remainder of the MASSAGE because she's like a 14 year old boy.

*Apparently, it's not Christmas until Gene Autry sings so we had to stop in Gene Autry, Oklahoma to tour the Gene Autry museum. My life is now complete. 

*She has a fear of tarantulas and june bugs but she couldn't wait to be photographed with the big hairy spider. Doesn't she look scared?

*She was a bad influence on me while shopping for home decor at Hobby Lobby. I spent enough to buy a small country. She had to smooth everything over with M by giving him some Pop Rocks on his pillow. You do NOT want to know what I had to do with them. {Sorry, Dad}

*While out exercising, she ran around my hood by holding her "girls". The judge on the corner look mortified as she said hey to him.

*We were in disbelief outside of a trendy boutique in town. The gaudy and disturbing decorations were enough to send me over the edge. I thought FOR SURE it was one of those RATED XXX sticky-floor-due-to-semen-ejaculation places. But, unfortunately, it was not.

This doll {below} had panties on....but they were around her ankles. I'm not making this shiz up.

Shawn got to be the queen she thinks she is...for about 30 seconds.

She got to try out her bike-riding skills.
 And then she went inside and spent a ridiculous amount of money on clothing! 


*She educated me on what a Lot Lizard was. Just google it, ok? *shivers*

*She bonded with my children. This girl, named Emma Kate, was in heaven! She got a different braid for every day. She told me Shawn was her BFF.

 *She got crafty! She covered this wine bottle with Jute and decorated it with pretty flowers!

 *We had a romantic date night!

 *And like they say, all good things must come to an end. We were sad to see her go but we are THANKFUL for all the fun memories, pictures and videos. 
I personally think she was a little too clingy to M in that picture....

Good thing that hoochie lives in Florida.