Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Exciting News!!

Well, I debated on whether or not to post this since it's of a more "personal" matter that not everyone knows about but I've decided to go ahead since I'm so stinkin' happy! A select few of you know that I've been trying to get prego for YEARS (5 to be exact) and on Christmas Eve, I got a pleasant surprise! According to my ovulation sticks, I ovulated (or as we say in the Impulsive household "o-lated") for the first time ON MY OWN in over a year and a half!

Is it due to the acupuncture? Is it the fact that I was on bc pills for 3 months to regulate me again and just got off? Is it the fact that I'm taking a new medication? Is it the fact that I have absoultely NO STRESS since I'm unemployed? Who the heck cares! I O-LATED PEOPLE!!

Just in case you were wondering, (oh I know you are--don't lie) I have TRILLIONS of little fishies swimmin' around down yonder in my girly parts and I PRAY that one of those stinkin' fishies finds my teeny, tiny egg that fell out of my left fallopian tube in recent days. That's right...I even had the "o-latin' pain" on the left side! need to bring me down by saying that the chances of me getting prego the first month are about 2%. I just want you to PRAY PRAY PRAY that this miracle happens for us! I may actually get a free baby!!! (We've done our share of PAYING for a baby but don't wasn't illegal and don't you judge me). And if it doesn't happen for me this time, then we'll pray that I continue to o-late on my very own. Just for your enjoyment, I have included a picture~

NOTE: This is not a picture of M's fishies. I'm sure M's are way better looking!

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Monday, December 29, 2008

I'm baaaack!! I've missed you all!!

Oh how I've missed the blogging world!! I have SO MUCH to blog about but I don't know how to tie it all together!

Okay...let's start with the food items. Since I last blogged, I was so excited to tell you about my Fried Chicken! I've never fried chicken before! At least it was somewhat healthy since I used the boneless skinless chicks, right?

And I also tried my hand at making homemade sugar cookies. This was an interesting process. They tasted yummy but the icing needed a little help. Next time I'll do better and I'll have sprinkles on top too!

And for the final food item, I made M's favorite (and the MIL's recipe) for Chocolate Cake with White Icing. I don't do chocolate cake but it looked tasty!
But this is what happens when your name is Impulsive and you are clumsy! I like to call this one "Flour on the Floor".

But after looking at my baby girl, I was no longer mad at myself! Look how freakin' cute she is!!!

But look who got a really great gift from MIL and FIL! I get to trash my hand-held mixer for this big mamajama!

I'm so excited to make me some mashed tators and cakes and desserts and bread! I don't know how to make bread but I will learn dang it! Hmm..but we're "watching our weight" now (hopefully watching it go down on the scale) so who will eat all my homebaked goodness??

We had a great Christmas! One of my favorite items was a framed, PERSONALIZED, and autographed picture of Paul Thompson! I also got this too cute hat that I will wear for the rest of this "winter stuff" we're having! I ♥ OU!

So, needless to say, we ate PLENTY over the last few days! Are ya with me friends? Are your pants fitting tighter or is it just mine? I've decided that giving up food for a week would be in my best interest but then M mentioned going out for dinner tonight, I fell off the wagon. Better luck starting tomorrow. *Crossing fingers*

Just in case you were ever curious, this is what M looks like when his tummy is full:

I have plenty more that I could blog about, but I've decided I'm tired and can't wait to climb into my big, warm bed! I'm so glad to finally be home and back in the blogging world again. I'm looking forward to catching up on some of my favorite reads!

Happy New Year Friends!
Mr. and Mrs. Impulsive
(M just earned his title for the tv he purchased yesterday!)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Tag! You're It!

I was tagged last week by Jenny over at JennyKate's Spot and I've been soooo busy that I'm just now able to blog my very first TAG blog! YAY! This should be fun!

I have to list 7 random things about me! I can think of much more than just 7 but I'm a rule-follower *most of the time* so here we go!

1. I'm extremely impulsive! Bet ya didn't know that huh? If I see something that I want, I don't want to check around for the best deal or wait for it to go on sale or talk to M about it first. I want it RIGHT THEN but I'm trying to be better at my impulsiveness. It's a struggle from day to day. I'm currently seeking help from a professional. No need to lecture me.

2. I write with my right hand but do almost everything else with my left hand including brushing my teeth, putting on make-up, golfing, batting, (not that I do either of those sports very often), etc. I even hit the space bar with my left thumb. (Are you checking to see which thumb you use??)

3. I used to be a high-maintenance drinker. I hated beer and wine and I would only drink something frozen. Well, I tried Bud Lime this summer and it wasn't that bad! I also may or may not have had too much to drink that night. Now I've worked my way to drinking random types of beer as long as I have a lime to squeeze in it! YAY ME! I feel like a big girl now! M also enjoys the price break between the cost of a beer vs the cost of a frozen or mixed drink. I also found a wine that I really like. That makes me feel upper class a little bit even though we all know I'm not. This small town girl can dream can't she?

4. When I set up this blog, I really wanted to name it something that would be catchy. I'm not good at catchy apparently because it took me several days to come up with my blog name not realizing that since then, I've stumbled on SEVERAL people who have the word "Confession" at the beginning of their blog name just like me. But I bet they don't misspell words in their web address!! Guess what friends? I DID! Thanks to Katy for pointing out the fact that my web address reads: confessions from an implusive addict. Do you see the error?? Read it again. Yes, that's right! It says ImPLUSive instead of imPULSive. OMG! How embarrassing! I'm a teacher! Misspellings aren't supposed to happen! And it's my web link so it's not like I can correct it unless I want to lose some friends on here! Now everyone knows my dirty little secret. Do you think less of me?? Also, could you please tell me when I have any misspelled words on here? Thanks!

5. I'm addicted (imagine that) to anything Hollywood. I read my Us magazine every Friday. I receive text messages from E Online of any late breaking Hollywood news story. I have several online sources that I read on a regular basis...but not daily. I watch Entertainment Tonight and Extra almost daily. It's getting to be too much! I need to seek professional help for this problem too. I just want to be BFF's with Jennifer, Courtney, Ellen, Julia, Reese, and Oprah and maybe have a chance at dating someone like.....umm...Brad? I don't really care how many kids he has. In my head, I think I still have a shot. Patrick and Marky Mark are nice second runner ups. Isn't this normal?

6. I love animals. That's not a secret. I don't want to see any animal suffer or die. *No, I'm not a vegetarian but I wish I could be* However, I have a phobia of snakes. I hate them. I want to see them dead! I want to see them suffer. I've had them in my house (yes...IN.MY.HOUSE) and have seen them when I mow. It's not a pretty reaction I can assure you. I have nightmares about them. I always thought that they would kill my little brother when we were younger b/c he would ride his dirt bike back in the woods and I always pictured a snake dropping down from a tree and biting him. Now that I live in a wooded neighborhood, my fears are back with a vengence. Come spring, I will have to live with the fact that I could possibly see snakes in my yard on a regular basis. OMG! This news just freaks me out! What if a snake kills my beloved Lexi? I think I should ask the doctor for a "happy pill" to take from Spring to Fall. It's a big problem, I know.

7. I love everything about CHRISTmas! I love to buy gifts (I start in the summer), I love to wrap gifts, I love to bake and cook, I love to E A T and this year, I decided to go all Martha Stewart on everyone! I made some crafts to put on the gifts with the bows! It's an ornament silly! They are pretty cute if I do say so myself! Here's a pic of one.

Okay...that's my 7 items of complete randomness! I have to pass this on to 5 people. No pressure ya'll!! =)

1. Anniebanannie
2. Jenny
3. Rosemarie
4. Katy
5. Cassy

Here are the rules...

*Link back to me for nominating you.
*List 7 random things about yourself.
*Nominate five other bloggers.
*Link to them on your blog.
*Post these rules.

Happy Blogging!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A couple of things...

First of all, I need to give a shout-out to my friend Rhonda who just had all her girly parts removed (by choice, duh) a few days ago and had a couple of complications but is doing much better! She is a dedicated reader of my blog (thanks friend!) and I want her to know that I'm thinking about her and hoping that she's doing well. I will get to spend some time at her house this weekend and help her out with her twin boys (age 2) so I should burn plenty of calories this weekend, right??

If you get a chance, send some love to Rhonda via my will make her feel tons better I just know it!

See you soon, friend~
And.......for my final bit of randomness......

Guess what came in the mail today??? My very first prize from Rosemarie's giveaway over at Twice as Nice. Thanks Rosemarie! She wrapped it up so cute for me!

It comes with cute little stickers and pockets! Maybe one day when my blog gets older and has more than 4 readers, I'll do a giveaway because who doesn't want cute free stuff??'s late and I'm driving to Fort Worth tomorrow (on ice-covered roads) so I need to get off of here and say some prayers for my safety and take back some really mean things I said earlier (What? I'm entitled to have an "ugly" day once every month..don't you judge me) and I'll post more when I return home on Thursday.

Operation Decoration is now complete!

Okay my blogging friends. Operation DECORATION is finally complete! I've added a couple of pics. Of course there are a few more things that I would like Santa to bring me, but I'll get it eventually....or as soon as I pay the plastic bill whichever comes first!

These are my new curtains! I really like them and they look way better in person! (I guess you can tell I really like red, huh?)

Here is my little table that's next to the entry way. As you can see, Miss Thang is still hangin' around! Can't decide if she's REALLY UGLY or just a work of art. In time, we shall see who wins the war.

Here is guest bedroom number 1. I kinda "accidentally" spent too much money on this bedrrom set from BB&B but M said he liked it even after I told him the price so YAY ME (and my future guests!) I still need something on the wall in there but no luck finding it yet.

The next three pics are of my uppercase living phrases:
In the kitchen, duh.

In the living room (and fyi: depending on the day of the month, this statement is not always true. On those days it should read,
"Anger, Bitchiness, and Water Retention
are what's happening here"

Can you guess where I put this one?? Hmmm...
Thanks for all those great compliments about my house pics so far! Now don't start gettin' rude on me. I'm loving my new house. You should drop by for a drink sometime! (Better check with me first to see what day of the month it is.) Just sayin'...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

And then there were DECORATIONS!'s STARTING to look more decorated. So I've been in my new house since November 16th. Yes, I'm keenly aware that I have lived here for almost a month with no decoration. Thank you for your concern. Do you know why it hasn't been decorated? This impulsive girl doesn't have a single decorating bone in her body. That's right. Nada. Nothing. Zilch. So I have to pay my friends and family (and when I say pay, I mean with food) to bribe them to come help a sister in need. Basically, it consists of them moving things around, making suggestions to eachother and asking my opinion when they are done. Are they kidding? I'm no help! Don't ask me. It all looks good to me. So, we were in need of a few necessities to keep the decorating going in a positive and productive direction. Fine. Off we go to spend some plastic. They pick, I buy. I'm a happy girl. That's how it went today and let me tell you that I am LOVING my new things!! BONUS: Some of my old things are in new places in my house so I feel like I have a new house with all new decorations! It's not totally finished yet. M will have to hang some big stuff tomorrow and then I'll have some more pics up when it's complete. In the meantime, I would like to show you what I have so far.

Here is the fireplace. No need to fear...the glowing light in the picture is NOT, I repeat, NOT a UFO. It is only the reflection of light from the fan.

Here is a pic of my kitchen. I heart it! Yes, ladies, this is where I made my famous homemade carrot cake. I need to get some wine bottles for the wine rack in the corner because apparently the 3 bottles of Arbor Mist that were living there previously were not that cool to have on display. LIKE I KNOW THESE THINGS!!

Here is a partial view of my dining room table. the arrangement is new and of course, on impulse. It's kinda crazy and spunky (and a little pricy) and it looks as if it may be having a bad hair day but I'm liking it very much! M has been in OKC all day and isn't home yet so I'm anxious to see how he reacts to our new centerpiece.
Here is part of my very spacious bedroom. The lamps and funky shades are new (not my choice but they are growing on me and look really snazzy when just the lamps are on) as is the bedspread with matching valances. I am needing something for over the bed. I don't know if it needs a picture or words from uppercase living. (If you're not familiar with uppercase living, check out this website: Lots of cool sayings for over your bed.
Speaking of uppercase living, that is what I have above the tub in the master bath and I love it! No holes in the walls....just a big sticker!

WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THIS??? here's the story on "Miss Thang". I created this monster and I need opinions from YOU! I took some left over pieces of items not used and stuck them in this vase. Is it too much? It kinda looks a little overdressed but I also kinda like it in a twisted way or maybe because it's my very first attempt at decorating!

Like it? Love it? Hate it? Tell me!!! I would love to hear your opinions...even if you have to post it anonymously. I'm a big girl and I promise I won't your face. Only in my pillow at night when M and Lexi are sleeping...
Ha..just kidding! more pics tomorrow! This impulsive girl needs some sleep!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Meal to Die For? Really?

I'll just go ahead and tell you that I'm disturbed beyond belief at this video. Please tell me that you agree! But if I'm ever in need of a heart attack within minutes, I'll know where to go to make it happen. Click here to watch this dirty, disgusting video. C'mon...I know you don't have anything better to do! =)

And PLEASE check out the LARD! I will never EVER use that word to describe my certain body parts "in da back" ever again...I promise! Ewww!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I knew I woke up happy for a reason!

Today has been a fabulous day so far!

Fabulous thing #1: I had my second acupuncture appointment today and guess what? I got a job offer from the doc! What? Really? You barely know me!
Details: It will just be a few hours a week but it will get me out of the house and the extra bonus is that I'll get a small paycheck! We are working out other details on Friday at my third acupuncture appointment.

Fabulous thing #2: Doc taped the bb's back in my ear so I'll have a healthy uterus (or something like that). I was missing the bb's since I had to take them out on Saturday. I wonder what happens if I get too hot...will I shoot someone out of my ear? Hmmm....come here bag lady....

Fabulous thing #3: He did an adjustment on my back and it felt wonderful! I kinda thought he may have broken it by the sound of things back there....but I can still walk and I don't hurt anywhere so I think I may sleep pretty awesome tonight.

Fabulous thing #4: I got a new phone iphone! Happy Anniversary to me! Thanks Honey! (I have NO IDEA how to use it yet) Any tips bloggers?

Fabulous thing #5: I won Rosemarie's giveaway at Twice as Nice! I never win fun stuff! Thank you so much Rosemarie! (and I've never even met her before!)

Fabulous thing #6: My Christmas card pics have arrived (with the custom stamps!!) so I will get to mail those out tomorrow!

Okay....if anything else fabulous happens, I'll be sure to let you know but I think that should be about it. My luck should run out any time now. =)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Can I please have my money back? the point of blogging is also to vent about frustrations, right? Well, I need to vent!

I'll take you way back to August. My friend, Anniebanannie, whom I adore and love, invited me to a Purse Party! How exciting! I'm impulsively addicted to purses! I wanted to go to the party myself, but I was in Texas and the party was in Tulsa. Anniebanannie and I worked out a deal where she was going to get me a zebra-striped purse and the wallet to match all for the very affordable price of $60. Done! She called me the night of the party, I gave her my credit card information and very soon I would be the proud owner of another purse to add to my ginormous collection! I was a happy girl! BTW...isn't it adorable??

Well, this story turns evil. The distributor, let's call her Bag Lady, didn't charge my credit card right away. She waited 5 or 6 weeks. When the charge went through, it was to Paypal for a company called TDGConsultants. We've had weird charges on our credit card before and I just call my cc company and they take it off unless the company can verify the charge.

So I get a call from the Bag Lady. She identifies herself and tells me the company TDG is actually her husbands company and she ran the charge through that (Highly illegal I'm almost certain). She tells me that she "forgot" to charge my credit card so that's why it took 5 weeks. Ok fine. I tell her I'll call the cc company and have them put the charge back on.

A couple more weeks go by and the bag lady calls again. She claims that the charge hasn't gone through and she is wondering if I can write her a check. I suggest another credit card (I don't like writing checks to strange bag lady people) and she accepts.

Guess what? After checking my statements, I have now paid the Bag Lady $120! What?? How can this be? So I immediately call the Bag Lady and tell her what happened. She so kindly suggested to mail me a check for $60 since that would be easier than fighting with the credit card company. Ok great. So now I just have to wait for a check from some crazy Bag Lady that I've never met. (Are ya still with me? I know this is long but I'm venting, remember? I need to get this ALL OUT for my own sanity!!)

Hmmm...a couple of weeks go by and I have NOTHING. NO check. So, I call her. She doesn't answer. I leave her a nice voice mail. I hear nothing. No check. No phone call back. I call her again. She doesn't answer. I leave her a not-so-nice voice mail. I hear nothing. Still no check.

So, I call cc company number 1. I explain my situation. I tell them about the double charge. I have to deal with idiot #2 in this story. My cc representative, we'll call her Bambi, asks me to send in my other cc statement. I faxed it to her. She was supposed to call me. Never heard back from her. I leave Bambi a nice message. I never hear from her. I call Bambi back and leave a not-so-nice message. (I'm really a nice person but I'm extrememly frustrated right now as I should be, right?) She finally returns my call and gives some lame excuse on why she hasn't returned my call. Needless to say, she didn't get the fax. Bambi doesn't want me to fax it again. Oh no...she wants to wait an additional 2 days in case it miraculously appears. What? Ok. Fine. I wait. Bambi calls. Guess what? She has talked to the freakin' Bag Lady. Bag Lady tells her that she sent me the check. WHAT? Oh no she didn't! I tell Bambi that no check was received at my mailbox and it was never cashed--at least not by me. She still didn't receive my fax so now I have to email her the statement. Ok. I can do that. Bambi tells me that if she doesn't receive my email in the next few minutes, she will call me. This was last week. I receive no call. I'm a happy girl! I'm going to get my refund--FINALLY! (Remember that this all began in August??)

I check my cc statement online today. Guess what? No credit. I'm beyond frustrated. I call Bambi. She doesn't answer. Surprised? I leave me her a message saying that I'm ready to close my account as soon as I get my $60 credit. She returns the call in less than 2 min. Bambi tells me that her notes say that I was supposed to send her the emailed statement and she wants to know if I did that yet! OMG! I'm getting ready to pop a blood vessel in my head and I really don't want that pain today! I reminded her she was supposed to call me if it didn't go through!! She has me send it again while we're on the phone. It doesn't go through. I suggest sending it to someone sitting close by. It worked. Yay. She finally has the statement!

Now, I wait. I still don't have my $60 but I think we may be getting close. I think someone should say a prayer for me. I really feel like I could punch Bag Lady and Bambi right in the face and I'm not even a violent person. Ooh! Idea: Maybe I should use this frustration to exercise! Take Lexi for a jog maybe? That will be good for me!

Side note:'s cold and windy outside so I've decided to stay in and keep my frustrations under control to the best of my ability.

Side note #2: Anniebanannie....thank you for my great zebra purse and wallet! I still love them both!

Side note #3: On a good note, per previous blog, the boss loved the carrot cake! =) Yay! Mike still has a job!

Side note #4: I'm pretty sure blogs aren't supposed to be this long and boring but in case you were wondering...I feel way better! =)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Me = Betty Crocker

Well, I was feeling impulsive again! I decided to make my SECOND carrot cake from scratch! Yes, that's right, I said FROM SCRATCH! The first cake was made in Michigan over Thanksgiving with the strict supervision of my MIL (mother-in-law). Where M comes from, which is the middle of nowhere, everyone makes everything from scratch...noodles, pie crust, bread, you name it...but the nearest supermarket is over an hour away. It's no secret that I'm not the most experienced person in the kitchen but I've been trying really hard to be the cook that my husband always thought he married. Okay, so I didn't know how to "fold" (I can fold with the best of them now) and I didn't separate the dry ingredients before mixing it with the so-called "wet" ingredients but it turned out to be the BEST 6 slices of carrot cake I've ever eaten! (Only kidding...I barely had enough to feed the 20 people that decided to test their fate on my baking.) So when asked what we will be bringing to M's boss's Big XII Championship party, there was no hesitation in his voice when he suggested my now famous CARROT CAKE since that happens to be the boss's favorite dessert. Great. No pressure, right?

First thought: OMG! The MIL's not here to supervise. I'll just call Jenny.
Second thought: Will he get fired if I mess this up?

So this time I decide to get creative. (I know what you're thinking..Uh-oh) I'm going to make 2 round cake pans and stack them like a carrot cake should be presented. (Unfortunately, back in Michigan, I only got to use the standard 9X13 rectangle.) So, I made the cake last problems along the way...and iced it this morning! YAY ME! If you have a big fancy mixer, I'm super jealous. It sucks using my little hand-held mixer but it got the job done with just a small mess of ingredients splattered onto my pj's. Nothing new there.

I have to give a big thank you to Jenny for telling me about the trick of freezing it after it has cooled so it makes the icing process MUCH EASIER! It worked! No crumbs!

So, my other friend Jenny, said to post a recipe. What a great idea! I'm so proud of my famous carrot cake that I think I'll post that recipe!

Carrot Cake
4 eggs
2 cups sugar
1 1/2 cups oil
2 cups flour
2 tsp. baking soda
1/2 tsp. salt
2 tsp. cinnamon
3 cups shredded carrots

Beat eggs and add sugar and oil. Beat thoroughly. Mix dry ingredients together separately and add to your first mixture. Beat well. Fold in carrots.

Bake 45 minutes @ 350 using 9X13 or 2 round cake pans.

Another trick from the MIL: Using the round pans, use wax paper for no sticking! Grease bottom of pan, place wax paper down, then lightly grease the top of the wax paper and pour batter on top. *AMAZING*

Cool completely before icing.

8 oz. cream cheese
1 stick of butter
(mix these two together first)
1/2 bag of powdered sugar (1 pound)
1 tsp. vanilla

BTW..this cake is totally fat free & less than 100 calories per slice!

As for my picture, I know it's not the best looking cake you've ever seen and I realize that I'm not going to win any medals or awards from Paula Deen but I'm a pretty happy girl right now! I'm ready for my next challenge but first I'm going to enjoy my glass of cheap red wine for all the hard work I've accomplished today! Oh...and I still get to lick the bowl! =)

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Okay, so how far am I really willing to go to get knocked up? I don't even like needles! But when you have a doctor tell you that it "could" help, then you should do it, right? Well, it's only taken a couple of years since hearing that advice to make my first appointment to the acupuncturist who doubles as a chiropractor.
I went in for my free consultation yesterday. He starts talking about my "meridians" and I got scared. I had so many questions but my mouth couldn't move to ask them! What is a meridian and how many needles will go in it? Did he just say the words "conception vessel"? I already know how to get pregnant. Duh! He also asks me to bring a pair of shorts with me at my next appointment. Hmmm...ok.
So with a lot of hesitation, I decided to make my appointment for today. Call me crazy.
When I arrived, he told me to change into my shorts and lay on the exam table. (Of course he gave me privacy while I changed!) He comes back into the room and I'm shaking all over. He procedes to show me his laser which is what he was going to use on the first visit since I seemed out of sorts with the whole "needles-all-in-your-body" plan. I won't bore you with all the details but I will tell you that
(1) the laser can still be painful
(2) his female assistant had to be in the room for a couple of the spots he had to laser (enough said)
(3) he gave me a "homework assignment" of stimulating my conception vessel and I refuse to tell you how I have to do that!
(4) I have 4 tiny bb's taped in both of my ears that are helping my uterus do something but I can't tell you why or how.
(5) if you are having trouble with your gall bladder, you apply pressure to your pinky toe!

My next appointment is on Tuesday. According to my research online, I need to go twice a week for about 6 weeks to "increase the flow of energy, called Qi". Let's hope that these Chinese people knew what they were doing or else I'm asking for a refund!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"Peer Pressure" or is it "Just Wanting to Fit in"? is this just the next NEW addiction in my life or is this a way to try and make me feel older because I'm so far out of the loop on new technology? I feel like I'm back in 4th grade when all the girls say something along the lines of " You have to do it if you wanna play with us". I feel like a blind person in a new room full of furniture without a guide dog! Bare with me as I take on this new journey of BLOGGING. Leean, you will be my designated "guide dog" and I will always thank you for it! It's late, but I'm going to tweek a few things before going to bed.