Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Guess who is updating her BLOG? Me! Me! Me!

OMG! I can't believe I've waited soooo long to post something! I LOVE blogging and reading other people's blogs but what in the world has happened to me? It MUST be a pregnancy thing! So let's see if I still have friends out there.

***This is a long one. You have my permission to skim***

Since my last post, a lot has happened! Since I love pictures, I've decided to catch you up to date by posting pics!

I last told you about leaving for Me-he-co! Well, we had an AWESOME time! I managed to keep my alcohol consumption to a minimum and only got really wasted one time....since I'm knocked up and all. Shhh...don't tell my OBGYN. Apparently they frown upon drinking while prego.

Here is my and my adorable M eatin' some din din at a "fancy" Japanese restaurant.

Here we are posing for the camera! It's not often we get cleaned up! (And by "we" I meant "me" since M is keepin' it casual by sportin' the jeans and golf shirt). You can take the boy out to eat but you can't make 'em dress up unless it's for his WEDDING! Ah, I still love him though~

Okay boys and girls, don't get all jealous on me now. This was the view from our OCEAN FRONT ROOM with entrance to the lazy river....well, if you jumped in since we were on the second level. It was GORGEOUS!

Why hello Margaritaville. After a long and very HOT day of dealing with pushy Mexicans who want you to buy their goods, we needed to relax with Jimmy Buffet and unwind with some Margarita's. Don't be fooled by the water bottle that is directly in front of me. I had a sip of my momma's marg. DON'T YOU JUDGE ME PEOPLE!!!

Just chillin' with my baby daddy, drinkin' a fruity beverage during breakfast! Hey, when you're a lush, you're a lush. End of story!

So, after returning from Me-he-co, I made M cash in on his promise to me that since we sold the house in Fort Worth, that his baby momma could get some new wheels!! I am proud to introduce to the blogging world.....


She is a pimped out Lincoln MKX and she now has ALL WINDOWS TINTED and looks amazing! I should probably take a newer pic but I've been feeling a little lAzY lately. Bad news: 12 days after owning Black Beauty, she had to be taken to the ER for a little cosmetic surgery. It seems that SOMEONE accidentally bumped into a car in front of her/him and did a teeny, tiny bit of damage. I'm not saying who that person protect the innocent of course.

And then also in September, another favorite moment in my life happened. I got to meet the one and only BARRY FREAKIN' SWITZER! If you have to ask who he is, then we're not friends in real life, are we now? He was the head coach of my beloved OU Sooners a few years back (let's not say anything else about my beloved Sooners and their gloomy football season, m'kay) and then he later went on to become the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. He's an Oklahoma icon and he just happen to come through the doors of the doctor that I'm working for! I screamed a little....ok...a lot but he was so sweet! Just look at him, he must dig pregnant chicks! He couldn't smile any bigger, right? Barry, if you read my blog, just know that I love you (but not in a sexual way b/c I don't deal well with the whole geriatrics thing).

So I did a little traveling in September as well. I took a little road trip to see my bestie, Jenny in Fort Worth and to attend Miss Kelli's *TWINS* baby shower!

Here is Jenny feeling my growing belly...

And here I am (below) with all the pregnant ladies at the shower. Kelli is the one in blue and she is just glowing! In just a couple of weeks from today, she will be taking care of TWIN BOYS! Wow! This is a lot of pregnant people to have in one house at the same time. Nobody was drinking the water at the shower. I wonder why.... that brings me to one of my very own baby showers! My first one being in Fort Worth (and absolutely no pics of me with my hostesses so here's a shout out to JENNY, JENNY and TINA!) My shower was awesome!


IT'S A.....


We couldn't be MORE excited! (It only took us 6 years to figure out that we were doing it ALL wrong.)

So here are some of my peeps from the shower. I LOVE THESE GIRLS!

Here is some of the swag that baby Emma Kate received. I wanted you to get a feel for the crazy theme of a nursery that I'm doing. A monogrammed zebra blanket outlined in pink. We are also accenting her nursery in lime green. Just wait til I show you pics of the nursery! It's sooo stinkin' cute!

Just another example of my crafty friends. This is actually a shopping cart cover! (My milk jugs also made it into the picture. Thanks Mom~)

I got TONS of these adorable monogrammed burp cloths from Jenny. Emma is a VERY LUCKY GIRL!

I only have 2 words for you: CAKE. BALLS. Yes, these delectable lil pieces o' heaven are the best tasting balls that you will ever have in your mouth. I PROMISE! Carrie makes these on the side. She has her own webpage. Check her out! She will ship these bad boys to ya

Okay, so after making it home with all my goodies from Fort Worth, I couldn't wait to look at everything again....only it got out of hand...hence the pic above. I started taking things out of sacks and the next thing you know, I'm on the verge of tears because I got so overwhelmed and didn't' even know where to start! I almost needed some alcohol. So, I did what any other hormonal person would have done....I turned out the lights, closed the door, and went to take a bath. The next day, all was put away in its very own place and all was right with the world.

Here I am with the hostesses from shower #2, Jennifer and Leean. Thanks Girls! You rocked my world!

Look at this adorable zebra cake! I loved it!

Here are my hometown hookers. I love these girls!

Check out some more swag for Miss Emma's nursery! Another homemade gift!

And for all you scrap happy bloggers of the world, you would be completely jealous if I opened up this album and showed you in the inside. My Aunt has already scrapped it out for me and accented in cute zebra, lime and pink thingy's all over the place and all I have to do is add the pictures for every month up until her one year birthday! It's AWESOME!!! The hardest part will be picking out which adorable pictures to use! =)

So now that brings me to the last of the pics for tonight. I've decided to update you on the progression of the baby bump:

20 Weeks

22 Weeks

24 Weeks

26 Weeks

28 Weeks

31 Weeks this is what I get for waiting 3 months to update my blog. I'm gonna need you to show me some lovin' on my page to know that I didn't just waste 3 hours of my life organizing these FLIPPIN' pictures!! Thank you all for the previous posts' comments. I want you all to know that I've had an AMAZING pregnancy with absolutely no complaints at all! I still feel great with only 8 weeks left til showtime! I feel truly blessed to be given this experience. Okay..blah, blah, blah. Impulsive Addict doesn't do mushy! I'm guessing it's the hormones. =)

I promise to update again soon. I'm off to bed. I'll be by visiting your blog in the next couple of days!

Side note:

Dear Mr. Blogger, (I know you're a mister b/c a woman would have made it easier to move the pictures)
Please make it easier to move the stinkin' pictures around! This is just ridiculous! Thank you.