Friday, August 27, 2010

MIA part 6 (I'm almost caught up!) 8 *sigh*

Well, I've managed to slack off again! It's the end of summer and we did some traveling this month and I'm off schedule but I'm back to update you (aka ME) on May.

May was a great month! Emma started eating veggies! I actually make her baby food for her....for a number of reasons:
(1) It's healthier (I'm assuming don't you go sending me hate mail)
(2) It's way cheaper and I can make TONS at a time and freeze it
(3) It gives me something to do since I stay at home
(4) I actually LIKE to do it! Shhh...don't tell her daddy. He may expect me to cook all the time and we can't have that, now can we.

Even with the occasional flack that I receive from SOME of my friends, I'm pretty happy about doing it. And have you ever tasted pureed baby food? It's very yummy! I may start eating my fruits and veggies this way all the time! (Especially all the fruit!) Don't snarl your lip until you try it. May was also when my 5 month old started rolling over from back to tummy! The first time I totally missed it but the second time was caught on video! YAY FOR ME! I posted the video on here but I don't think it's gonna load. Oh well. I also witnessed her rolling over from back to tummy on her video monitor. I panicked (a little) and went and flipped her back over on her back. Well, guess what that did? Woke her up and made her cry. She has been sleeping on her tummy ever since. But don't think I didn't spend a few (or 20) nights staring at the monitor for minutes at a time several times a night to make sure she was still breathing. DON'T JUDGE ME! I'm somewhat of a worrier...and I'm working on it, m'kay?

Little Em also started napping very well for me during this month. We went from napping 30 minutes twice a day to taking 2 hour naps! IT'S ABOUT TIME! Momma was getting tired and frustrated! on to the pics!

Here is momma and daddy enjoying a night out with friends on a DATE NIGHT! Woo Hoo! These nights don't come around very often but we had a great time at the party that I had for our friends that moved back to that state directly BELOW Oklahoma.

Baby E enjoying her Bumbo! Yes it's on the island and don't worry....she didn't fall out and I never left her alone so no calls to Child Welfare please.

Just chillin'. See...little girls can pull off long as there is a cute bow involved, right?

And last but not least. This was my fav pic for a long time. She found her toes this month and she was tickled to death about finding them as you can tell!

Have a GREAT weekend to all my blogging friends!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Money-Hungry Madonna? Say it ain't so! I'm taking a break from updating my "MIA" posts to post this lovely pic of a purple vest. It's cute, right? I mean...nothing too great about it. It's really not my taste but when I saw the price tag that read $74.99 I HAD to ask who would pay that kind of money for this very simple vest? Well, apparently, a lot of stupid people. And why would people pay that kind of money for a purple vest? It's Madonna's brand of children's clothing called "Lipstik". So, yes I purchased it but it was on the sales sales sale rack for a whopping price of $7.50. Was it worth it? Sure...just for the simple fact that I could blog about it makes it all worth it and the fact that I was making purchases with the use of a gift card! =) Maybe Emma will look super cute in it this fall! I'll let you be the judge!

Have a fabulous weekend~

Thursday, August 5, 2010

MIA Part Cinco

Do you like how I'm changin' up the titles? Me too!

Okay...after reviewing my previous 4 posts (if you haven't read them, you probably should or this "April" post will seem kind of silly), I realize that my journey has mainly been all about Emma Kate and not so much about anything else. Well, duh, I guess she's been my focal point for the last few months(and she may want to read my blog someday) but I promise that once I get caught up, I will get my focus back onto the important stuff like random trashy gossip, stupid people, or the white trash convos I overhear from the rednecks at my local Wal-Fart.

April was somewhat busy for us. Emma had a couple of more "firsts" this month. It was her FIRST trip to Michigan via plane to visit M's family. Of course she was only 4 months old so she slept most of the way there and back which was a huge BLESSING for us.

SIDE NOTE: M and I are always the complainers when we get on a plane with a whiney, crying baby. ALL WE WANT TO DO IS SLEEP but OOOOH NOOOO...we get the plane with the crying baby (as if there is only one that day) and then to make matters worse, I was usually the one giving the mom a look of disgust, as if to say with my eyes, "Can't you make your crying baby quit crying?". Yes, I know. I'm a horrible person. But oh how the tables have turned. I bet this will bite me on the butt when we take Emma back to Michigan in just a couple of weeks. *DAMN IT*

She also got to meet her Great Grandmother for the FIRST time (my grandmother) as she was in the hospital for a long time and Emma wasn't allowed out of the house til March (preemie rule of thumb) so that was exciting! My grandmother was so proud to hold her! She has made many things for her. I'll post some of those pics of that later this week.

As most of you know, M is a HUGE golfer. This hasn't changed since he became my baby daddy. What has changed, is the fact that occasionally, he has to take Baby Emma WITH him. Guess what? She loves the golf course! She doesn't cry, doesn't make hardly a peep in 18 holes. It's the craziest thing ever! Plus, M is "attracting lots of ladies". He claims that if I ever die, he could find a replacement just by simply carrying Emma somewhere. Apparently, ladies "FLOCK" to him. Ummm....ok. Yeah whatever.

Since April was her FIRST Easter, I've posted a couple of "Easter pics":

This was actually the day BEFORE Easter. Just to your left is a ginormous swimming pool that Emma and I have frequented almost every weekend this summer. Gotta love that! Thanks Dad! It's what Mom and I have always wanted! WORD OF CAUTION: If I ever decide to invest in a pool, you will never see us in the summer at your pool.
Here's the Easter dress and her homemade Easter cake. Simply adorable.

She loves her exersaucer!

More tummy time fun!
Is it just me or does she look a little spacey? Or maybe surprised? Or drunk? She could have been all 3 but I still love this pic!

Oh yes, it was our FIRST time to eat cereal. It was a tad bit runny but she loved it. Just so you know, the girl eats ANYTHING you put in front of her and occasionally, she tries to eat plants and Lexi's dog food if the momma isn't watching her like a hawk.

Awww...I love it.
He has fallen asleep a lot while holding her but don't you worry your pretty little brains about it. I always come in a swoop her up and tuck her away for safe keeping for the night.

SIDE NOTE NUMBER 2: The curtains look a LOT better when opened during the day. It looks a tad bit overwhelming in this pic (as they do in real life). I will know next time to keep my theme a secret. Lesson learned. It's very zebra-y up in there and you haven't even seen the whole room yet!

Okay boys and girls, my goal was to be in bed by midnight tonight but obviously I failed. I'll try again tomorrow but my plan is to have some adult beverages so I may or may not want to post. We'll see. Only 3 more months to go!! YAY ME!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Well, I'm sitting here typing this up with tears of frustration flowing down my face. YES PEOPLE, I CRY SOMETIMES! I had my whole post ready to publish (I said LOTS of stuff!) and it's all gone. I have NO IDEA what happened. So in a rush, I clicked "return to list of posts" so I could go back to "edit post" before it saved my blank page. Guess what? It was too late. It saved it at the very second that I clicked to go into my posts. So...I'm obviously tired and need to go to bed. I will, however, do a brief post (so I can keep my promise to myself that I will do 8 posts in 8 days). In case you haven't read the last 3 posts, I'm updating my blog month by month since I've been "missing" since December.


March was a month of FIRSTS for Miss Emma Kate.

It was her FIRST professional photography session (Her V-day pics weren't technically professional) So far, she has been so easy to photograph. Yes, she was actually asleep in that second picture. It could have been the beer that I put in her bottle...
It happened to be my very favorite!

After three months sleeping next to me in her adorable bassinet, it was her FIRST time to sleep in her big baby crib! I was a nervous wreck, but thanks to the purchase of a video monitor (even though she's in the room RIGHT NEXT DOOR) and my Ambian, I had peace of mind to make the transition.
FYI: It was also her FIRST time to sleep for 12 hours straight without waking up! I won't tell you about how I woke up that morning to take a potty break only to realize that she hadn't cried to wake me up or about how I ran in there in shear panic mode to make sure she was still breathing (because it was faster than looking at the monitor) or how I cried tears of joy that I got a full nights sleep--which was MY FIRST since December 9th. Nope. I won't tell you that part.

It was her FIRST smile that I luckily captured on camera. Of course, as you can see, she decided to smile at the daddy. I'm not jealous (ok...yes I am) but her first word BETTER BE MAMA since we practice daily. Shh..the daddy doesn't know about that.

It was her FIRST time to take a bath at Nana's and the FIRST time in a sink! Nana was a little out of practice. She's an expert bath-giver now! She has always loved bath time and she didn't even mind when someone who shall remain nameless poured a full glass of water over her head and into her eyes. I still won't get my face wet with straight water in the shower or bath. I blame my mother only because I have no one else to blame.

It was her FIRST time to hang out with her baby cousin, B, that is only 10 weeks older than E. She was showing her some of her ninja moves that she performed while in my uterus. I'm still convinced that it was her mad ninja kicks that broke my water that night at the Chinese restaurant.

Other FIRSTS this month include:
  • First Saint Patty's Day. She didn't wear green, but she drank green beer. Does that count? I'm a horrible mother.
  • First trip to Texas to see friends.
  • First SKYPE experience to see G'ma and G'pa in Michigan. I'm pretty sure she didn't fully understand what was going on.
  • First trip to a mall with Auntie Jenny and first time to eat in a dressing room. Hey, she had to eat and I'm not the "pulling-out-the-boobie-in-public" kind of girl.
  • First trip to SAM's with 3 other childrens. THIS was a super fun experience and I highly recommend doing it. I also recommend feeding 2 babies in the entertainment section while collecting annoyed/curious/strange glances by passerby's (think leather couch/chairs, movie blasting through speakers, babies crying, another child needing to "go potty" which was located on other side of the store, spit up by one baby on said couch, etc.) SUPER FUN.
  • She started sleeping through the night on a regular basis. YAY!!!

We matched on accident but it's still cute, right? I LOVE the bows and headbands! At this point, we're still waiting on hair but it will come....eventually. And waiting to do more girl clothes shopping!

Okay...I made it through this time with no errors. I'm still sad about losing my old post because this one was rushed but it's posted and I'm good for another day! Stay tuned for April's post tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

MIA Part 3

Well would you look at me? I've posted 3 posts in 3 days. I may be back for good! If you missed my last 2 posts, check them out also. I've been updating my blog since I've been "missing" for 8 months.


February was an interesting month. You see, in the month of January, everything ran smoothly. My world was perfect. I had a perfect baby. My boobies were no longer about to fall off. She slept great. But bring on the month of February, and Emma developed meltdowns. Everyday. For about 15 hours a day. It wasn't fun AT ALL. I got some super cute photos taken of her for M's V-day present but guess what? She cried. And cried. And cried. You know who else cried? Me. Right there at the studio. I was drained.

Another highlight to this month was her first set of shots. I knew it was going to be hard so I asked M to go with me (so he could be the bad guy and hold her and then she'll want her mommy to comfort her afterwards) So, she gets the shots, screams bloody murder for 15 seconds and then it was all over. Guess who cried for 15 minutes? *sheepishly raising hand* That would be me. I hated it. It was traumatic. Mostly just for me. all know that I love pictures so here are some of the best pics from February:

One of my favs! Will you look at those cheeks? I kiss them right off her face daily. They grow back overnight.

I like to call this one "Emma in da Hood: Thug Life". She's just chillin' with her homies...AKA (mommy and nana).

Her first time in the Bumbo. What a neat invention!

Her Nana B has become quite crafty! Emma enjoys being the first grandchild (on both sides) I'm bettin' that she won't be spoiled at all.

Tummy Time with Lexi.

Here is one shot of her nursery. I was too lazy to post others but I will in another post. Yes, it looks like a zebra threw up in here but I love it! It's my favorite place in my whole entire house! See that rocking recliner chair? I can sleep in it for days! It's A-MAZING.

Okay...I'm off to watch some trashy tv before bed (and catch up on my WORDS WITH FRIENDS games) but I'll be back tomorrow to talk about MARCH! =)

Monday, August 2, 2010

MIA Part 2 I promised yesterday, I am back for post #2 of catching you (and myself) up to date since I was MIA for 8 months. If you didn't read yesterday's post, go ahead! It's a good one!


I would like to start out by talking about something that NOBODY warns pregnancy people about: SORE FREAKIN' BOOBIES!

So, we get to bring our little miracle baby home the week of Christmas (the timing couldn't have been better!) Everything had been working out so well for us. I had been pumping at the hospital which was going great (shout out to my homie, Beer Slut, for letting me borrow her breast pump). When little Emma was strong enough, I worked with the BEST lactation consultant known to women and we got Em latched on and my little world was in perfect harmony.....or so I thought.

About a week after arriving home, I began to have some MAJOR boobie issues. WHAT WAS GOING ON?? I wanted to cry every time I pumped (which was often to build up my supply) and every time I fed Emma, it hurt worse than my epidural-free child birth! So as luck would have it, my Texas bestie, Jenny, and her crew came down to meet Miss Emma. She is a lactation guru of sorts since she nursed 3 cutie patooties and she was going to help me get my boobies back in tip top shape. She knew exactly what to do! She went to Walgreens and got me the essentials of Chafed Boobies 101: nipple cream and frozen peas. She made me quit pumping and instructed me (in her best mean voice) to put Emma on the boob for every meal. When the meal was complete, I was to (1) AIR DRY (2) USE THE FROZEN PEAS FOR 5 MINUTES (3) NIPPLE CREAM THOSE MILK JUGS. There was absolutely no modesty. She basically did it for me the first couple of times. Who doesn't need a friend like that? And you know what else? She let me take naps while she watched my baby. Did you know that you get basically NO SLEEP for the first few weeks of being a mommy? That would have nice to know up front also, people. January got a whole lot better after the boobies were better. Here are the cutest January pics of Miss Emma:
I'm a Sooner. I will have a Sooner daughter. Enough said.

This is Emma on her one month birthday. Approximately 30 seconds after this picture was taken in this adorable outfit, it was doused with "Emma juice".

She LOVES to swing!

Here is my favorite boobie doctor, Jenny.

The PROUD grandparents!

Our favorite pastime....napping/snuggling together on the couch. I even posted this pic with my roots showing! I deserve some props, ladies!
(NOTE: No hate mail allowed from those non-napping-together moms. Thank you.)

Awww...daddy's are the best! Isn't this adorable? Just so you know, I didn't trust him not to drop her. He sleeps like he's dead. She was whisked away to her cradle for safe keeping.

Tomorrow: February! Only 6 more updates to go! GO ME GO!

Goodnight for now....

Sunday, August 1, 2010

MIA for 8 months but back with a vengeance!

Did you miss me? Oh please say yes! No, I wasn't dead, or stuck in a hospital, or sick....I've just been busy being a MOMMY and have discovered that I'm not that great at balancing mommyhood with all my other addictions. I had to give up some things and blogging was the first to go, followed by cleaning and pedicures. I've missed my blogging world but every time I would come and sit down to update my blog, I got overwhelmed at how much has happened in my crazy life since December 2nd (my LAST post) and I would shut the lid on the ol' laptop and go watch some random trashy reality tv show that makes me feel so good about my life. What? DON'T ACT LIKE YOU DON'T DO THAT!

So I'm sitting here, feeling overwhelmed again, and have decided to break up my posts for you by month (if I even still have followers) so it will save me typing on this thing for the next 12 hours. I go. (Feel free to skim...there was a lot to say.)


Loooooong story short, I was eating at a Chinese buffet restaurant with a friend (and I hardly EVER eat Chinese food and haven't eaten it since) just chatting and having a good convo when we decided to wrap up our gossip and go check on our hubby's who were nearby playing poker with the guys. When I stood up and got ready to pay for my tab, I felt pee running down my legs. I was embarrassed and couldn't believe my bladder had failed me IN THE MIDDLE OF A RESTAURANT! Then it hit me....had my water broke? Nope, no way. I was almost 6 weeks early and it was not time for little Miss Emma to make her appearance just yet. I hadn't even packed my bag yet!!! As I hurriedly walked to the bathroom to check out my "situation down yonder", I was able to confirm that Emma was ready to make an entrance. I apologized to the Chinese peeps about the mess and waited for my darling hubby to come pick me up and calm me down. I hadn't waited 6 years to get knocked up only to loose her now! We drove home at lightening speed, packed up as much stuff as I could remember that was on my list of hospital essentials (which was missing and couldn't for the life of me remember that it was typed in my phone, duh,) said NUMEROUS prayers, and off to T-town we went! It's normally an hour and a half drive, but thanks to M's super duper NASCAR driving skills, we made it in record time!

Once arriving, I tell them my water broke only for them to tell me to "take a seat and we'll be with you in a little while". DID SHE NOT HEAR ME??? My WATER just broke! I can't just sit out here and WAIT! Was she crazy? I was creating small puddles of water everywhere I went and my baby was crowning I was almost sure of it!

Guess what? She wasn't crowning. Not even close. In fact, I wasn't even having contractions. So, they sent my family home and said we'd talk in the morning with my doctor about our "options" but it sounded like I would be spending a couple of weeks in the hospital to give baby Emma a little more time to practice her ninja kicks. Grrrreat.

Fast forward 3 hours and this momma- to-be was hurtin'! Two words: Back labor. It's not fun people. NOT AT ALL. I buzzed my nurse and told her I thought I was having contractions. She disagreed with me because "the monitor says that I'm not". Ok. Well, I was a newbie. I guess she's right. But after having this same convo with the same nurse every hour, I finally asked for an epidural at 5:00 am only to be told that I had to have a special fluid in my IV first. Grrrrreat. Let's hurry it up then! I don't like this pain stuff.

At 6:30am, in walked that stupid nurse pushing the epidural cart into my room. By this point, I was bent over the bed telling my baby daddy that his baby girl was about to be born on the floor because I was pretty sure I felt her head coming out of my picachoo. (Chelsea Handler fan anyone?) At that point, she decided to check my cervix for dilation. GUESS WHAT? I was a 10+. I was told to "HOLD STILL" until she could get my doctor into the room (who happened to be on call). Guess what else? Momma couldn't get that epidural. This was not good news. My doctor came into my room at 7:00am. I had one contraction, 2 pushes and Emma popped out to meet us at 7:12am. You can just call me Superwoman. I had a very healthy, 5.2 pound baby girl! I FINALLY became a MOMMY and I have never felt happier or more blessed.

Here we are about 20 minutes after becoming parents! We had a LONG night but what an amazing hubby I have to take all of my abuse that night! (There really wasn't any abuse. I felt like I have to say that because I hear other people's stories about being mean to the daddy during labor.)

E's first picture after cleanup. Just wait...she gets prettier. I promise!

Here is my amazing nurse, my baby daddy, Emma Kate (M is "feeding" her via tube) and my wonderful Doctor! I love ALL of them!

We had to stay in the NICU for 12 days because little Miss Thing wasn't a big eater. She didn't have any other issues other than the feeding tube in her nose. We were very lucky. There were a lot of sick little babes in rooms around us. Lucky for me, E was in a private room and I got to stay with her but that meant staying at a hospital and not in my comfy king sized bed that awaited me at home. What was even worse was that I sent M back to work (there was nothing he could do for us at the hospital and why not take time off or work when we got home?) so I spent a few nights all alone. *tear* It was the hardest 12 days of my life. But E finally decided that she really liked her milk and we were released into the real world. If they knew me IRL, they would have never let this happen. I'm the girl who trips, falls, breaks things, drops things, and spills things on a daily basis. Did they think that I wouldn't do any of these things to her? I'm sure someone has Child Protective Services on speed dial just waiting to turn me in.

Isn't she a doll?

I will leave you with this image for now. I see blogger hasn't fixed the way we move pictures around like I asked "them" to do and I'm beat down. I'll be back tomorrow to post January. Okay...just 7 more posts and you'll be up to date and I'll be back to having friends, right? RIGHT?? Hello? Is this thing on??