Thursday, October 28, 2010


Okay....if you're just joining me, I was MISSING IN ACTION for 8 months. Yes, I left my beloved blogging addiction to practice being a good mom. Since that didn't work out, I'm back and have been slowly updating my blogger friends (who have remained faithful followers with me during my MIA status) about my life as a SAHM. And because I'm in SUCH a hurry to catch up to OCTOBER, I've decided to combine August and September together!

This post will consist of LOTS of pictures and a little bit of writing. Please, feel free to skim. I would. Seriously.

August Highlights
  • Emma follows me via crawling from room to room. It's cute....until I have to go to the restroom. Then it's not very fun.
  • Second experience with flying. (See below)
  • Emma began feeding herself. I started out letting her eat an avocado by herself. What was I thinking? It was EVERYWHERE. But she ate it all up!
  • Emma said her first word: MOMMA! We've been practicing since she was 3 months old. Being a SAHM paid off. Big time. (Her second word was Hi. The "Daddy" word came 2 months later. SCORE!)
Raise your hand if you've ever been on a plane with a screaming baby?
*Raising hand*
With M being from Michigan and ALL his family living up there in the NORTH POLE where you're lucky if you get 2 weeks of 90 degree weather in the summer, we fly a lot. This was Emma's second time on a plane was a little bit "louder" than the first.

Okay...pre-Emma, M and I ALWAYS got stuck sitting near a screaming child. We would roll our eyes at each other and on occasion, I've been known to give the baby's momma "the look". You know what look I'm talking about. The look that says "CAN YOU SERIOUSLY NOT MAKE YOUR BABY STOP CRYING SO I CAN TAKE A NAP READ MY BOOK" look. I'm Because guess who had a screaming baby this time? Us. But not for long. She did better than expected. But doesn't she look peaceful while sleeping? Our fellow plane passengers agreed.

I had to take a picture of Emma in this 1976's model high chair that her daddy used. Boy, how times have changed. FYI: Because the strap was broken, she slid RIGHT OUT of this ancient high chair onto the floor. Only once. Poor thing.
We went out to the family camp. Yes, momma was VERY nervous about this picture. That water was not only freezing but DISGUSTING. Ewww!

Emma thought I gave her a Popsicle because all she wanted to do was eat this pretty flower but I managed to get one sweet picture out of the deal. =)

Here is Emma with her beautiful Gramma Allen. This was the last day of our visit and she was super sad to see her one and only grandbaby leave. We'll be back for Christmas!

September Highlights
  • Emma's vocal sounds are in full effect...aka LET THE JABBERING BEGIN.
  • First PAID babysitter--and it was a success!
  • She started standing alone without assistance
  • She began holding her own bottle (but I secretly still like to do it at nighttime)
  • 9 month check-up stats; 19 pounds and 28 inches. Height and weight measurements never meant anything to me until it was regarding my own daughter. I just wanted to throw it in here.
  • Walks with her "walker"
  • Waves bye-bye and I kid you not, it's ADORABLE!

September means the start of OU/PACKER football season. We are ready for the first game! BOOMER SOONER!

Emma and cousin B having a blast at the Annual Impulsive Reunion.

Just one more OU pic...

"Somebody" found out how to open a drawer. Let the fun times begin!

Emma has the coolest Nana and PawPaw. How many grandparents come for a visit on a Harley? He's a toys-r-us kid and he doesn't wanna grow up. =)

Emma's favorite toy: Her walker. She reminds me of a cute little old lady pushing a walker. FYI: It has an "ENGLISH" setting and a "SPANISH" setting. I'm not even kidding.

Hmmmm.....does she look like her daddy much? Blah. I know. =(

Waving bye-bye

Being the princess she is at her cousin's 1st birthday party

Of course Emma managed to make it in SEVERAL of B's birthday pics because she demands being center of attention. Just kidding. It's because of all the cool presents....
...and all the cool shoes. Aww..she IS like her momma after all. =)

Here are three of Em's 9 month pics. I ordered 20 poses.
Impulsive Addictions are just in my blood.
Poor M.

A hand-me-down dress worked GREAT for her outdoor pics!

Momma's cutest cupcake!

GUESS WHAT?? I'M ALL CAUGHT UP! Time to pop the top on a beer...or pop a cork on a bottle of cheap wine. Either way, I'll be celebrating!

That's all I got for now. I've got some more blog stalking to do....

Have a safe and fun Halloween weekend!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Randomness at its best!

Is 'randomness' even a word? If not, then it should be. Okay....yes, I know I'm still 2 months behind on updating you on Miss Emma Kate but this momma needed a tiny drink break from those posts. So, this is what you're stuck with for today. Or this week. Or this month.

Have you heard this song? Are you kidding me? When it comes on in the car, I seriously think I'm at a circus or fair or any other white trash event that I tend to be attracted to attending. And we made this song popular? WHY PEOPLE? WHY? So stupid.

Recently on my GNO with SLUSH and X-rated (she doesn't have a blog--GASP)!) we saw THIS disaster sitting across from us. Ladies, please back me up when I say that it is no longer the 80's and this look has no business being anywhere near 2010. And FYI, I'm almost certain she was born in the mid 1990's. However, if this look is now back in style, then please bring back the unit belts and leg warmers but I will refuse to wear skinny jeans that we roll up oh so precisely to expose our layered socks and multi-colored Keds. I won't do it and you can't make me.

And my last little bit of randomness is my basket of decorating goodies for Emma Kate's first birthday party which will be in December. When Hobby Lobby has their Christmas goodies 50% off and the theme of your first and only child's birthday is Candy Canes and Polka Dots (because her birthday is in December) you stock up. We (as in my mom) had some super cute ideas to make it memorable (for us of course..not Emma. She'll be too young to remember) and wait until you see the tutu dress that I had made for her to wear for her pictures and her party. It is A*DOR*A*BLE! And probably expensive although I haven't received the bill just yet.

Ok. That is all. Goodnight~

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Only because I'm sick of calling it MIA...

Ok...I'm sick of titling my "catching up" blogs MIA so I didn't do it this time so you can thank me now or later. I can't tell you how bad I just want to skip the months of July, August and September and just start from October but then I would leave out some kind of juicy detail and I wouldn't want to do that to the three of you that still follow my blog after my absence. Maybe one day I'll be able to write some funny stuff again (if I haven't lost my touch due to birthing a baby). We'll see. Anyway, here comes another picture blog! It's waaaay easier!

Highlights of Month 7:
  • Received first sunburn golfing with the daddy (blame the daddy not the momma)
  • Purchased a brand new high chair and it's WON.DER.FUL!
  • Attended our very first kids birthday party. Ca-raziness.
  • Started pulling up on things
  • Started standing up in the crib...not the house crib....the ACTUAL crib.
  • She had her first taste of fruit and it was love at first taste. I tried to wait until 1 year but I LOVE fruit and hated depriving her so I caved. Who knew that she would eat anything and everything?
  • We got the EARS PIERCED!!!! I refuse to post the pic of this traumatic event to protect myself from those women at the child welfare office. Good thing Emma will NEVER remember it! Whew.
  • Emma got her first and second tooth at the same time. Unfortunately for her, it's now October and she has yet to sprout any additional chompers to help her eat her food. I guess the gums are good for something!


Someone learned to stand up in the crib! Yes, people, we lowered it down. Please don't turn me in.

Sporting a super cute bathing suit (and super white legs complete with baby rolls that are to die for) with Auntie Rhonda! Ah...summertime!

Chillin' in her 4th of July outfit (thanks Anna Lytle) with Auntie Hallie. Life is good!

Her latest move in the bathtub--swimming like a fish! Can I get arrested for posting a butt shot? Please say no. I can't handle that kind of stress in my life right now!

Silly girl! Look at that silly face? I want to kiss her cheeks off!!

Someone got their tickle box turned on! Happy 7 Months Emma!

Our first encounter with Chuck-E-Cheese due to a birthday party for some super sweet twin boys that we know. This place was INSANE! Kids running me down and crying because someone stole their tickets. Emma didn't seem to mind but I don't think I'll be returning anytime soon.

Ok..I know the headband is a little much but I secretly love it!

Great Grandma's pearls were delish!

She loves her some pool time! We forgot her hat so we improvised with Nana's do-rag!

I like to call this one GANGSTA CHICK! It was snack time and she is serious about her food.

Attending a skating party for cousin Noah. We thought about getting her a pair of skates but thought maybe she's still a little too young. Paw paw and Uncle Bubbie agreed.

Cuddle time with Grandpa Allen. How sweet is this picture??

My first night away from home in seven months! Hangin' with my girls at the Winstar casino was much needed. Where we are, there is always trouble to follow and it's always a blast! Can't wait until January for Round 4! I just need to update August and September and I'm BAAAAAACK! Wish me luck.

Have a great week~

Sunday, October 10, 2010

10-10-10= PERFECT 10!!

Today is October 10, 2010...10/10/10!

So, as I was visiting/stalking blogs today, I ran across my friend Jenny's blog and read that she was "borrowing" an idea from a fellow blogger about commemorating this amazing day by writing a post about 10 things we're grateful for, 10 things we're glad we've done and finish the post with 10 things we want to do within the next 10 years.

I need a small break from updating my blog so this sounds like fun!

10 Things I'm Grateful For:

1. God and all his many blessings.
2. My baby daddy. He's amazing and makes me smile...on MOST days.
3. My Emma Kate. She was 6 years in the making ya'll!
4. My family who supports us in everything (except my MIL and FIL when we got E's ears pierced)
5. That I have the opportunity to be a stay-at-home mommy.
6. My health. (Which reminds me that my "health" needs to get in some exercise today)
7. My circle of outstanding friends (high school, college and Texas friends included)
8. My home. I love it (when it's clean) and I love to have friends over because it's my favorite place to be (when it's clean).
9. That I have parents and in-laws who are still married after 35 years and I am grateful that they have showed us what a strong marriage looks like.
10. My sanity. Sometimes it goes away but it always comes back by bedtime.

10 Things I'm Glad I've Done:
1. I went to college(s) and actually graduated. I was the first in my family to do this (which makes me THE SMARTEST, right?)
2. That I had Emma Kate without an epidural (which was not by choice) but looking back now, I feel stronger and so glad I can say that I handle pain like a champ! (Nevermind those scars I left on M's right hand)
3. We've experienced a wide variety of vacation spots and enjoy traveling with each other and love it even more when we vacay with friends!
4. Got baptized when I was 12ish. Is that bad that I don't remember my EXACT age but I remember the experience like it was yesterday?
5. Moved to Texas (without knowing a SINGLE person) and taught school for 6 years. I wouldn't have met some amazing ladies had I not made this BOLD move!
6. Experienced heartbreak. Without going through all that hurt, I wouldn't have met M and made a beautiful baby with him.
7. Started a blog. I've met (in my head, in real life, and via cyber space) some really funny girls!
8. Didn't get married young or have lil childrens young. Neither one was my choice but I'm so grateful that it worked out this way. But, this may mean that I am 60 when my last child graduates. Oh well. He/She will keep me young, right?
9. I'm glad I've attended professional sporting events. Beer+sports+friends=Good times!
10. I'm glad I'm NOT a meth head. I live in METH HELL and I'm so glad my teeth are white and still attached to my mouth.

10 Things I Want to Do Within 10 Years:

1. Go to Vegas and blog about it by saying "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas".
2. Go to NYC and meet my famous friends. OH and maybe see a broadway play or two.
3. Go see Chelsea Lately and drink some Belvedere vodka with her after the show and discuss her obsession for 50 Cent.
4. Have MORE lil childrens!
5. Improve my golf game. (If you know me, this is FUNNY)
6. Attend a concert other than NKOTB or Creed. STOP LAUGHING!
7. Go to Australia and play with kangaroos.
8. Build my dream home. It's my blog and I'll dream big if I want to.
9. I would like to shed some weight without dieting and exercising or going under the knife.
10. I want to win the lottery (a BIG one). I guess I better start buying some lottery tickets.


MIA part SEVEN and I'm still not caught up.

Ok...I'm the worst mommy ever. Will I ever catch up to current (which for the record is 10-10-10)? I hope so. I've made it to June now. So here is my 7th MIA post. Go me!

Miss Emma turned 6 months old in style! We did LOTS of traveling this month and added LOTS of fun stuff in her little calendar so due to the fact that I just simply want to get to OCTOBER before Christmas, I've decided I don't want to write a lot but of course there will be pretty pictures for you to look at!

Highlights at 6 months:
  • First time in a pool
  • Sitting up all by herself
  • Sleeping all night (as in 13 hours!!)
  • Started crawling ARMY STYLE
  • First bath in big girl tub!
  • First experience with finger foods (puffy stars are her bff's)
I love having my picture taken!
Yes, I was on top of a dresser and mommy was very nervous but look how cute my pic turned out! She worried for nothing.
I am ALMOST sitting all the way up here at my big cousin's shower.
Isn't my dress adorable?
Just chillaxin' with some girlfriends in the tub.
Tryin' to teach Baby Tara how to hold her head up.
Having a good ole' time on the farm for my buddy Brady's birthday party.
And the very next day, Baby Kiersten's 1st birthday party was in full swing!
Posing so GG (gg=great grandma) Betty could see how much I love her blanket and hat she made just for me!
I love the water but I'm not a big fan of this silly life jacket that Nana bought me. Check out my sweet cheeks!!!
Sportin' my cute lil bathing suit. I will own 3 by the end of summer.

I ♥ my Nana and PawPaw's swimmin' pool!