Friday, December 16, 2011

Review Extravaganza Week 2

It's Friday and this month that means reviewing your great or not-so-great posts from 2011. This Friday, we are reminiscing the months of April, May, and June.

Let's take care of a little housekeeping first. 

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**I ADDED MORE PICTURES THIS TIME {and a couple of videos} so scroll through at your leizure.
*I took on inventing new words with one of them being VAGINATARIAN which means something along the lines of "a vegetarian who behaves like a vagina". 

*Mimi made me this for Easter:

*I fell in love with an app called CamWow.

*I showed you a picture of Dad's white trash scaffolding set-up. Yes, we're classy like that in Oklahoma.

*I told you WHAT NOT TO DO before going to the movies with a drunk friend.

*Emma falls victim to the CamWow.

*I posted about a shirt I wanted to get M.
It's a joke, people. Don't send me hate mail.
*I became famous and got MY VERY OWN STAR IN TULSA thanks to Yogi.
*I came up with a new motto to live by.

*I posted this amazeballs picture for Man Candy Monday.

*I explained to Shawn, JennyKate, and Connie my friends what would happen if you text and drive.
*I blogged about THE WORST SPA ADVENTURE WEEKEND I've ever had with Aunt Jemima and all my awkward nakedness. 
*Thanks to Becca's mad video skills, I got to post an awesome video of meeting some of my favorite bloggers in Austin {Shawn, Viv, Becca, Jen, and JennyKate rode with me since we're grade school friends}. You better believe we KEPT AUSTIN WEIRD

*I posted some sassy pics of my weekend in Austin.

And I discovered that I am a BOOB girl.

*I posted another video {thank you again, Becca} with our funniest one-liners and the announcement of the winner of our Austin Giveaway.

A Winner in Austin!! from Rebecca Darling on Vimeo.
*I blogged about the KFC catered wedding and how THIS PICTURE is awesome. I like to call it "BEER BRIDE".
*M FINALLY shows his moves and gets low.
*Emma makes a wish.

*I posted 2 of the WORST pick-up lines I have ever heard.
"What has 142 teeth and holds back the incredible hulk? My zipper."  And "Did you fart? Because you just blew me away."

Whew. There was a LOT of blogging from me in those 3 months. 

So, there you have it. My review for April, May, and June. Now it's your turn. Link up and we'll come around to see how your Spring shaped up!


Stacie said...

CamWow and your Dad's scaffolding still scare me!

It looks like Q2 was just one big party for you...good thing you had 6 months left in the year to recover.

Heather's Happenings said...

You had a great April, May and June! I love what Mimi made you, that is to cute.

Those camwow pics are too funny!

My hubby would love that shirt. He loves to wear shirts like that. He used to have on that said who wants a mustache ride.

Connie said...

Austin.....It's like I was there.

Jill said...

Ya know, I'm not a huge Bradley Cooper fan, but that picture there might just have won me over... Wow.

Those Austin pics are awesome!! Makes me wish I'd been there!!

Mercy D'souza said...

I would have punched a guy with those pickup lines. Loved the adventure stories and that mailbox, and Camwow is downright freaky.

VandyJ said...

I remember the CamWow pictures. And the trip to Austin and my resulting jealousy over the meet up. I'm mostly over it, I think.

Elle Sees said...

i wish i had heard of this! i'llhave to do it next year.
PS: Just a few hours left to enter my STYLEMINT GIVEAWAY for 5 shirts.

Jen said...

Hahaha!! This recap is hilarious. I love the billboard true!
The dandelion wish picture is precious!
Your trip to Austin looked like a blast!! I need a girls' weekend!

Kristine said...

Loving that motto. You and your buds need to come up to Seattle and "Keep Seattle Weird" with me :)

Spilled Milkshake said...

Your recap just made me bust out laughing!! I love cam wow, too. The drunk movie going post was hysterical. For some reason that video still has me laughing. I guess it's been too long since I saw someone drunk lol!!

Awesome recap!

Nicole said...

never heard of CamWow until now. See it was meant for me to find your blog :)

My Inner Chick said...

You are AWESOME.

And Hilareous.

Love the photos, fun, posters, videos.

I'd so love to have wine w/ you. Xx

Date Girl said...

I love that I remember all of these posts! Though somehow I missed the awesomeness that is Vaginatarian. I know quite a few of those tools in California! :-)

I can't wait for your California version of the Austin trip. It's going to be amazing!! And I'm a boob gal too so there will be copious motor boating and inappropriate honking.

Sarah Kate said...

Where to start...ummmm...

How about the white trash scaffolding...scary as HELL!!!! Seriously...I see busted heads all over that concrete.

Bradley Cooper. Holy f-word.

Love the Austin pictures!!!! I think I started following you around this time because I sort of remember these photos!!

Beth said...

I don't think I realized before how much you use the word vagina. :)

Emmy said...

Oh where to begin-- first jealous of your Austin trip still. Would have been so much fun. But I wonder if I would have felt like the sober adult chaperone :)

Wait and what was Date girl saying about a Cal version of the trip? If you do do a Cal one please let me know!!

I remember that shirt. too funny :)

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I need to go back and read all of your posts. You are great. I love vaginatarian. Is it legal on words with friends?

Oh, and I got a shoutout on your blog. I'll have to get your another star!! You deserve a whole galaxy.

Angel said...

Wow you had a great three months!!!

MiMi said...

Holy crap you DID have a busy second recap!! LOL!
I remember all these posts. YAY!

Kiddothings said...

Those 2 pick-up lines are just hilarious and so are the CamWow and vaginatarian! I'd say you had a great 3 months! :)

Em said...

You had me laughing the whole time!!!!!

Sara Richins said...

That's a lot of fun had. And blogging.

I can't believe how big Emma has gotten. She's so tiny in these pictures. Not fair how fast they grow!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

My daughter started using a similar program like cam-wow that came with our computer. It was fun! When I had to switch computers I finally noticed just how many silly pictures she had taken--about 1000!

I LOVE the picture of Emma making a wish!

Shawn said...

I remember almost all of those posts and I certainly remember you falling in love with my bubbies!

I'm a slacker...can I still link up?

Johanson Family said...

You know, the fun part about reading your recap is knowing that I read these posts when they were happening! I was so jealous of the Austin trip b/c ya'll had such an amazing crew of bloggy friends and I wanted to be apart of it, although I'm not sure I'd have been able to keep up with you gals. I had hopes of forgettin' about Aunt Jemima.. hah!

euregirlsandboys said...

That is a lot of blogging! Fun to catch up now because I hadn't started blogging yet at that point in the year, so I missed a lot of awesome posts.