Monday, October 31, 2011

A Wittle Wady Bug

See this widdle wady bug?
She says to tell you "HAPPY HALLOWEEN"!

We hope you all have a safe and Spooktacular Halloween and that you don't run out of candy, have too many big kids trying to score free candy, or eat all the candy before the little goblins and pimps and princesses and whores show up.  

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Friday Daydreamin' Halloween Edition

My IRL friend, Becca, hosts a great link up on Friday's called "Friday DayDreamin'" and I love it! Have you checked it out yet? It allows you to daydream about any vacation you've ever taken (hello? ANY vacations are my favorite), your favorite restaurant (any that serve alcohol for me, thankyouverymuch) or your favorite childhood memories (so the beatings I got as a child won't make the cut here, Dad). But this week, she's doing something a little different. She wants us to post our favorite Halloween outfit.

Well, I recently blogged about my adult costumes and they are nothing to be proud of. TRUST ME. So today, I will be showing you my favorite childhood costumes. These were happy times....when I was an only child and the beatings hadn't started yet. (Don't worry--I deserved most of them. I was crazy.)

I'm almost certain this was a homemade job and could a clown look any cuter? I was a clown, right Mom? I'm missing a cute red nose and paint on my face. Oh well. I bet I scored tons of candy (that my mom had to check for pins and sharp objects before I could eat any).
Is anyone jealous of that couch? That was my grandparents couch and truth be told, it was probably a 1960's model.

 And then I was a doctor. I think my parents wanted me to become a REAL doctor so I could support them when they're old and crusty. I always did the opposite of what they wanted so I got a degree that pays the least amount of money--a teaching degree. Ask me if I'm using that degree now. {{nope}}
How about that couch? You've gotta love the 70's 80's, right?
And finally, I went as an adorable Strawberry Shortcake. What ever happened to her? Did she go on vacation with Rainbow Bright? I'm pretty sure this piece was homemade too but I rocked it!  I miss those days.

Don't forget to link up with Becca today!

So tell me, what was your favorite costume? 


Need a New Plan?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Net10 for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you heard of Net10 yet? It's sweeping the nation right now and you should jump on board. Did you know it's possible to get nationwide coverage with unlimited talk, text and data plan all for only $50? Ask yourself if your plan gives you all of this for under $50. I bet it doesn't.  

Still not sold? With Net10, there are no contracts to sign or credit checks and they have great reception and connectivity so not as many dropped calls would be nice, right? 

Need a smart phone?  No problem!  They offer name brands like LG, Motorola, Kyocera, Nokia and Samsung. So whether this phone is for business or pleasure, they will have something for you.

Some of their monthly plans look like this:

  • The Easy Minutes Plus plan is an automatic minutes plan that starts at $15.00 for 200 minutes which is great for your younger kiddos.

  • They offer the Pay-As-You-Go plan

  • The Unlimited talk, text and data that I mentioned earlier for only $50 (which is a GREAT deal!)

  • Do you have family or friends overseas? They offer Long Distance Service which is available in 75 countries for about $.15 per minute.

  • For your friends in Canada and Mexico, they have an International Neighbors plan that gives you a special phone number that they can use to reach you through your Net10 number.


Bonus features offered are as follows:

  • Net10 lets you switch between plans each month for no additional fees or penalties. 

  • They offer simple phones for under $15 or more complex phones with features such as video recorder, camera, bluetooth and web for under $40.

  • Full QWERTY keyboard phones, slider phones, and touch phones are available for under $60.

  • Airtime can be purchased online, at a nearby store or directly from your phone.


So what are you waiting for? Go check out Net10 while the prices are still fabulous!

Real NET10 customer

What Rob has to say

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Talk To Us Tuesday #7

It's my favorite day of the week--Tuesday!  I love to talk and spill out all my secrets and confessions for the week with my best bloggy friend, Shawn, and this is the PERFECT place to do it. This week is a little random....are you surprised?
  • My parents came to stay with us this weekend. I've been in a funk since Saturday night when my beloved Sooners, who were ranked #3, lost their game to an unranked team. I was out of my Captain {gasp!} so I had to hit the hard stuff-Jack and Coke-with my daddy. At least it was no carbs, right?This happened after Mom and I finished a bottle of red wine but before I decided I needed a 12 step program to save myself before church on Sunday.
  • So because I was all kinds of depressed, I took myself to the movies to see Footloose on Sunday. And guess what? I ordered nachos with extra cheese and jalapenos. And after I finished my water {that I sneaked in via my purse}, I bought a small medium Dr. Pepper! Don't you people sit there and judge me!  I was in mourning! And even though I didn't want to like the movie, I did. They modernized it but kept it the same and Julianne Hough is HOT. Ryan Seacrest is a lucky guy. I thought he was gay?
google image
  • Have you guys seen that Dateline special on hotels and how clean they really are? They set up cameras in rooms and watched Housekeeping clean toilet bowls and then wipe out the drinking glasses USING THE SAME RAG! I would not lie about this, people! This is why I only drink from the plastic cups--the ones that are individually wrapped.
  • Another panty goes to live the in the drawer with the "period panties".  You guys all have one of these, right? The panties that you only wear once a month because they are clean but slightly stained? Oh calm down. If they're really stained, they go into the trash. I'm not that cheap.

Ok, so will you be linking up your Tuesday post with us this week? No rules, just link it up! Shawn and I had 31 link-ups last week. Wow! Thank you all so much! It's always fun to read you.

**If you wanna see 3 favorite pictures of myself for my 2 on Tuesday post with Andrea, click HERE! Who doesn't love to be a little narcissistic on occasion? 


2 on Tuesday

I'm linking up with, Andrea at My Chihuahua Bites for her fun linky party called... 

2 on Tuesday
This week, she wants us to post our 2 favorite pictures of ourselves. I don't know that I have any favorites but after much searching, this is what I decided on:

This is a week before Emma was born. I absolutely LOVED being pregnant! It was the best experience ever and I truly hope it happens again before my eggs get gray hair and crustify. <--I heard that really happens.

And this picture:

This was us in the NICU room where I {literally} lived for 11 days. She was 6 weeks early so she had to stay and this momma wasn't leaving her baby! See that curtain on the right? That was hiding my bed and I use that term loosely. It's not the best picture because I wasn't taking it--DUH.

And more...because I can and it's my blog and Andrea won't mind.  

Our 1st Christmas picture:

We had to celebrate at home, alone, since Emma couldn't be around other germy kids since she was a preemie. Wasn't she tiny? Don't worry....we still ate GOOD!

**Don't forget to check out Andrea for more 2 on Tuesday posts!

Click HERE for my Talk to Us Tuesday post!


Spice Rack Question

Some of you may not know this but I cook quite a bit. I secretly love it but if you tell anybody, we're OVER! I love love love to bake but I don't do it much unless it's around the holidays.  My point is that I want a new spice rack for my kitchen. I've been searching looking for the best kitchen spice racks. I've overwhelmed by the decisions! 

Currently, mine is a pull out drawer next to my oven and it's ok but I have some space on my counter for easier access.

This is what I used to have:
google images
I didn't like it very much and it didn't go with my kitchen very well. Plus, it's an eye sore.

I LOVE this one:
google images
My kitchen accessories are all stainless so I feel like it would be a good fit.

This one is also cute:
google images
But I'm thinking it doesn't have the names of each spice on the lid and that could be confusing.

This one would be perfect because it's magnetic.
google images
But nothing in my kitchen has a magnetic surface. How stupid is that?

So, my question to you is....Which spice rack do you like?  


Skymall Skimming

While returning from my ever-so-epic trip from Shawn's house, I had the pleasure of looking at the latest trends via Sky Mall. You know this magazine, right? It's full of amazing products that they expect you to purchase while in-flight? Anyway, I've been dying to show you what's on my Sky Mall Christmas list this year.

google image
1. The Slanket. Move over've been replaced. It's the "best blanket hands down" for snuggling up with a book or laptop so you can blog and keep warm all while freeing up your hands. When I first read their slogan, I thought it said "Spread the Worms" but in all fairness, I had been sailing with the Captain so whatever. Sign me up!
Yogi--they even have a camo version that you would look HOT in and Sweetie would love the Siamese version.
Price: $32.99 or $40.99 for the Siamese Slanket

goole image
2. The Nano UV Wand. This little baby kills 99.99% of bacteria, dust mites and viruses in 10 seconds. Guess what I'll be packing in my luggage from now on? No more picking up STD's from sleazy 1 star hotels. SA-WEET!
Price: $159.99
google image
google image
3. Go Away Gray. After my sweet friend Rhonda pointed out to me recently that I have 4 strands of gray hair taunting me in the front, I've decided to give this product a try. The reviews weren't great but I CAN NOT let the gray hair win. I could blame Emma for this but I feel like that would be mean, right? But seriously, kids age us and give us gray hair. It's no secret. Don't judge me for saying the truth.
Price: $29.99/bottle
google image
4. Because I don't enjoy getting up before 9:00am to let my dog out, I've decided to bite the bullet and ask for a Porch Potty for Lexi. This product includes synthetic grass, a scented fire hydrant, and self drainage for the automatic rinse that utilizes the embedded sprinklers. <--did you read all that? THE HELL YOU SAY?!? It cleans up for you! This is perfection for lazy dog owners like myself, right? 
Price: Only $279.99

google image
5. I've decided Lexi also needs a Toilet Dog Water Bowl. This would be a hilarious conversation starter, wouldn't it? It will keep her well hydrated when I forget to leave our toilet lid up for her. Now, I won't have to wonder "Crap, did I leave the lid up so Lexi doesn't get dehydrated" while shopping at Hellmart. It's for peace of mind, people!
Price: $39.99

I think I'll keep you waiting for the rest of my stellar Christmas list. You can only handle so much excitement and giddiness in one blog post. Don't worry, I'll be back to show you more next week.

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Friday, October 21, 2011


BWS tips button

I'm linking up again this week with the sassy and sexy Boobies and her co-host, Christy @My Mad Mind, for what they call Fawk You Friday. But remember, I don't say FAWK. I only say FORGET. Don't judge me! My mom reads, remember?

FORGET YOU to cancer!  So many people around me--IRL friends, friends' children, new bloggy friends or friends of friends--are reporting that they have this hellacious condition and I'm sick of it! Cancer can suck it. Where's the cure? WE NEED A CURE! Who would like to find the cure for us? Any takers? 

FORGET YOU to whoever taught Emma Kate to bite!  I have a bruise on my shoulder and you better believe she was {lightly} popped in the mouth for that kind of behavior. I haven't been bitten since.  

FORGET YOU to the rash on my arms and legs that has me scratching until I draw blood. I have scabs, y'all. It's so attractive. I look like a freakin' meth head....and now I finally fit in with my town since we are the meth capital of Oklahoma. Grrreat. Good thing we're almost out of shorts weather. 
Those are NOT bites. Those are my scabs from scratching my leg!
I have white sheets on my bed right now so you can imagine what that looks like, right? Ew. A cure has been suggested for said problem and is currently being tried out. Wish me luck.

And finally FORGET YOU to the Continental baggage checker person for stealing Emma Kate's new bracelet from Florida out of my suitcase. That was a shitty thing to do. I hope that every time you look at your daughter/granddaughter/tiny girlfriend wearing MY EMMA'S BRACELET, that you remember how horrible of a person you really are.

So what/who are you saying 'FORGET YOU' to today?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

One Proud Momma

I'm changing things up a bit and linking up with the extremely creative Emmy Mom and Kmama from the Daily Dribbles for their weekly meme called Proud Mommy Moments.

So yes this will be a mommy post. I don't post about Emma all that much. Yes, I talk about her and you'll see a picture here and there but I never dedicate a whole post so I can brag about her. So today is the day, folks!

She recently went to Michigan with my husband and left me, her mommy, for 10 whole days. I almost died of a broken heart. That's not a joke. It was close. {Shawn and the Captain helped me through 5 of those days. I think she kept peeing her pants (see the vlog for proof) to make me laugh and forget about missing my baby.}  

While she was gone, she had some wonderful one-on-one time with a grandma that she only gets to see 2-3 times a year. I'm pretty sure she didn't miss me at all. She was such a big girl!

She stared up at tall trees in awe. 
They don't grow that tall in Oklahoma.

She played in a pile of leaves. 
What kid wouldn't be in heaven? 

She bundled up when it got cool and rode in a little red wagon. 
One of the few rules I had for Emma was NO STREET! It's super busy! Glad the M-I-L followed my rules. Ugh.

She practiced her bubble blowing skills. 
Why is she not good at this yet?

She learned to play the harmonica. 
I'm sure it was music to everyone's ears.
She drank some cold all natural spring water from Grandma's well.
And probably played in the spring POND too--another no-no.

She rode around town in her daddy's old wheels.
She doesn't even have a license yet.

She talked to mommy on the phone.
How come she wasn't crying like I was?

Thank you Emma's Grandma for taking {mostly} good care of my baby and for letting her come back home. I missed her oh so much.

Does Emma look like her grandma?

I was so proud of myself for not having a complete meltdown....just a few small ones and those don't really count, right? 

So in closing up this mommy post, I am proud of Emma for only crying for me at night. She had a BLAST during the day which kept her busy and for that, I am thankful. But if Grandma thinks I'll be letting Miss Emma come for a visit without me in the next 10 years, she's sorely mistaken. Don't you Grandma's out there judge me!

What's your proudest Mommy Moment?
What's your proudest Moment with your Mom?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Talk To Us Tuesday #6

Hello friends!  Sassy Shawn and I are back for week 6 of Talk To Us Tuesday.  I have to tell you that I LOVE reading your posts!  Everybody kinda does their own thing for this link up and it makes reading your posts fun and entertaining!

So for my TTUT post today, I'm gonna go short and keep you on your toes. ;)
  • Last week, I downloaded a voice text tone for the first time ever. It's Will Farrell from Old School saying "We're going streaking!!!".  Anybody remember that part? I assigned that text tone to all my bloggy friends that I exchange texts with. It cracks me up every.single.time.  Eventually it will get old but for now, it makes me laugh.
  • **MOM-SKIP TO NEXT BULLET**. Guess what I did this weekend?  I had s-e-x in the middle of the day when the sun was shining! This just doesn't happen much anymore after having kids y'all. I'm not sure why I felt the need to tell everyone that but it added the "TMI Factor" which I like to do every once in a while.
  • Emma and I went golfing with Daddy on Saturday.  We had a great time! This is the part where I beat you down with my pictures. 

Emma with her daddy.  So not lady-like in her skirt but still adorable! 

All "braceface"comments will be deleted.

She will be a left-handed golfer like her daddy.

This picture is cute, right?

But then there is THIS one.
Her daddy grimaced after seeing this one. I talked to her about putting inappropriate objects in her mouth. Hopefully we'll never have to see this pose again. 
Don't you people judge me! I know you were thinking the exact same thing as we were.

And after golfing, Daddy and Emma fed their tummies with food while Momma fed her tummy with some liquid gold--also known as a Top Shelf Sangria Swirl. It was absolutely delicious!
That's all the random I have for you today. I'm trying to work on keeping posts short and sweet! You're welcome. =)

So, what post are you linking up today?  It doesn't expire until Saturday so LINK UP with us! No rules, just girl talk among friends!