Monday, November 28, 2011

Talk To Us Tuesday #12

Hey Lovies! I'm back for a 12th week of TTUT hosted by the sassy Shawn and yours truly. I know we're all busy from now until after the first of the year, but if you are planning on posting something on Tuesday, why not link up with us? We have no rules! You can link up anything! Need ideas? This is the time of year for great blog writing! Let me know if you want some topics. I have a list of them!

The last few weeks have been a blur. I haven't been on blogger or Pinterest much at all and you know how much I love both of these activities, right? Well, it will get worse before it gets better. Please don't break up with me. PLEASE? PLEASE?

I've been a traveling fool lately. We traveled to the land of polar bears for Thanksgiving. I did LOTS of baking, cooking, dishes. Rinse. Lather. Repeat. I gained a shocking 5 pounds! I wonder if that's because I stuffed my face with everything I could get my hands on for the ENTIRE TRIP? Hmmm.  Maybe. But it will take me weeks to shed 5 pounds. Hi. My name is IA and I'm addicted to food.

While in Michigan, I accidentally got drunk at the bar while dealing with an asshat stranger that kept telling M that in 21 years, I will be leaving him for another man. I may have set him straight in NOT a nice way. And I may have tweeted and texted some friends that said I was an angry drunk. I blame the asshat at the bar.

Our flight home on Saturday was cancelled. Lovely. We were then booked on Sunday morning for a 5:45am flight. WTH? Are you serious? That's leaving at 4:45am MY TIME and getting up even earlier with a toddler. It wasn't a great experience on my part but Emma did great. We almost lost our lives in the cab ride to the airport. I'M NOT EVEN JOKING.  Our layover in Chicago was long. At one point, all 3 of us were sleeping in the airport. I was sprawled out on a bench seat (probably snoring), looking completely white trash and woke up with strangers staring at me as I wiped drool from my mouth. I did manage to take this pic with my iphone:
Nope. Not of me with drool. Duh. I wouldn't embarrass myself like that. But Emma was a daddy's girl during our plane rides. I think it's because he kept giving her sweets and suckers.

I have a question.  I've been seeing these types of toilets lately but I'm not convinced of their cleanliness. Do you think the same piece of plastic just keeps rotating? This was from one of the airports.
You know I hate public restrooms but my bowels love them. But these rotating things seem kind of fishy to me. Thoughts?

Moving on....

I leave for Denver on Thursday with my momma. I can't WAIT to take in all the gorgeousness and spend some good quality time with her and maybe meet up with Connie while I'm there. I'll be heading to Georgetown for a little shopping too. What would you like for me to buy for you?

And finally, I started a new page called IA the Chef? and the link is at the top in a weird spot. It's nothing big. Just a few recipes that I make over and over that I think are fabulous and decided to share. I just need to figure out how to put it up with the rest of my tabs at the very top. Anyone wanna help a sister out?

I hope you have a great week and I look forward to reading your TTUT posts!


Authored by Rickey Combs

My sister has recently lost some weight after having her second baby. I asked her how she had time to even think about working out when she had two small kids at home. She said the direct tv has a channel called FitTV and she is able to work out with the shows that come on. She usually finds FitTV on demand and chooses if she wants to do cardio, resistance training, or weightlifting. She said that it is really convenient to work out while her kids are taking their naps. They usually nap for an hour and a half to two hours. She is able to work out for about and hour and then she fixes herself a healthy lunch. I think it is so convenient to be able to work out at home whenever you want. i think I might look into getting DirectTV so that I can work out using FitTV too. If my sister can do it with two kids at home, I should be able to do it when I do not have any kids.

Cyber Me Please

I'm almost positive that nobody will read this post because HELLO? It's CYBER MONDAY!!!! I didn't get to do the whole Black Friday crazy shopping this year with my momma since I was in the North Pole freezing my girly bits off. So instead, I'll be camped out in front of my laptop in my pajamas while Emma destroys the house so I can save $5-10 on items and maybe score some free shipping. DON'T YOU JUDGE ME. I know at least 2 of you out there will be doing the same thing.

HONEY, just in case you're reading this particular post today, here are a couple of my wish list items which I think I deserve because I wait on you hand and foot. I mean, in the words of Britney Spears, I'm practically a slave for you.

To make perfectly round cake balls, I need this:

and this amazing pink diamond ring that will sure to sparkle until I die:

or this Mac Desktop computer since we love all things Apple.

That's not asking too much, is it? Nah. I didn't think so.

****Hey...don't forget that tomorrow is Talk To Us Tuesday hosted by the lovely Shawn and myself so write up your post and link back to us! (If you don't know how to link up, just ask! It's easy peasy!) I know we're all super busy this time of year but we all like making new bloggy friends, right? Need ideas for a post? I've got tons of ideas so just ask!

X's and O's,

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Have you seen this button around the blog-sphere or here on my blog? Well let me tell you all about it!

What is the 2011 Review Extravaganza? It is your chance to write up some posts and recap what happened throughout the year. You can post your favorite pictures {SO EASY}, tell about your favorite stories {not hard at all}, link back to your favorite posts {no effort hardly}, or however you want to do it. And just in case you had some slow months, we will be reviewing three months at a time.

The fun will begin on Friday, December 9th.
So on Friday the 9th, you will link up with your recap about January, February and March.
Friday the 16th, you will link up with recap of April, May and June.
Friday the 23rd, you will link up with recap of July, August and September.
And Friday the 30th, you will link up with recap of October, November and December. 

But remember, you can get these posts scheduled ahead of time since they are just a review! It's easy peasy.

You can see an example of Emmymom's review from last year by clicking here if you want an idea of how to do it. But don't worry, there will be a lot more details next week.

I have to tell you the best part--PRIZES ARE INVOLVED! Eight prizes in fact! A personal prize will be picked by each of the hosts for the winner. So how do you win? Every week that you link up with your review you get a point and the more points you have the more time your name is thrown into the hat. Make sense? 

Next week I, along with the other hosts, will break down the nitty gritty of all the rules and introduce you to all of the lovely ladies hosting this extravaganza. Set your Friday's in December aside as you are not going to want to miss this! Think about how many new friends you will have a chance to meet!


**Thanks Emmy for allowing me to copy your post and add very little to make it a little bit different than yours!! =)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Talk To Us Tuesday #11

Hey friends!  Thanks for joining Shawn and I again on such a busy week!  I hope it's going well for you. Whatcha bakin'? I'm working hard up here in Michigan baking and cooking and doing dishes. Going to the in laws house NEVER involves being on vacation but I got this, Yo. Don't worry about me.

I confess that it's TACKY and DISRESPECTFUL to link up MY TUESDAY POST to someone else's link party where it does not belong. I don't know who did it but I have a good idea. I can link my own posts. Next time you want to help me out, just ask. Kthanks. 

I confess that I had the BEST TIME with JennyKate and Jiff at the Breaking Dawn Premiere. We stuffed our faces with tons of Mexican food and drank tons a few adult beverages before the movie. FYI: A skinny margarita is NASTY. How do people drink that shiz? We were able to go into the theater at 8:45. There were a couple of laptops, a few ipads, several iphones, picture taking by many and people watching by the three of us. It was entertaining to say the least. The wardrobe of most just had me shaking my head. 

JK made us an adorable bag with all things TWILIGHT and she even remembered that I was on TEAM JACOB. 
Don't you dare judge me for loving Jacob over Eddie.

Nevermind the weird eyes. Silly iphone. See my Jacob pin? She is so thoughtful. I love her.

I confess that if you pay money to come to a midnight showing, you probably shouldn't fall asleep and snore 10 minutes before showtime. Just food for thought next time, Lady.

I confess that while completing a MadLib that JK brought along to kill some time, we filled it in with dirty words and laughed until we cried at how that dirtiness came out in the story. We are horrible and have the maturity level of a 14 year old boy. So what?

Speaking of crying...

I confess that I made fun of my two partners in crime for crying during the movie. I'm pretty sure they both cried the entire time. BIG BABIES.

We can't wait to read your posts! I'll be slow getting around today but I will get there--I PROMISE! Right now, I could be up to my eyeballs in turkey innards.  


It's Monday and I'm Nipping.

Happy Monday Blogging Buddies! 

I hope everyone is ready to celebrate being thankful on Thursday by digesting some delicious food with family and friends. (Ok, except Canada. They had theirs without us. RUDE.) I, however, am in Michigan freezing my girl balls off (there is 8 inches of snow in the yard) and I'm trying to not eat my weight in desserts that seem to be always present. I will be assisting my MIL with all the cooking and cleaning to get things ready for our ginormous feast so please pray for me. It could get ugly up in da kitchen. I wanted to type a quick post about being THANKFUL before I get too busy with all the festivities.

IA is thankful for..
*My faith in God and his ability to love me in spite of all my many flaws 
*My crazy yet sexy husband and family
*My messed up friends who love me even though I called them messed up
*My little miracle baby that gives me gray hair daily
*My house {when it's clean}
*My washer and dryer {because hand-washing is out of the question}
*My car {because walking is out of the question}
*Toilet Paper and wet wipes
*The invention of the razor
*My iphone
*Captain Morgan-the one and only spiced Rum. Did you hear that, Sailor Jerry?
*Blogger and Pinterest for my computer addiction
*Reality TV {and Ringer and Revenge} for my TV addiction
*The fact that I made it home without sharting my pants after Breaking Dawn Friday morning at 3:30am because it was close. Thank you, Abuelos.
*And finally, I'm thankful for great pics that make this mommy smile...

Thank you Michelle for making this ADORABLE birthday outfit. You RULE my world!

What are YOU thankful for this week?

*Don't forget to link up your Talk To Us Tuesday post with Shawn and myself tomorrow. No rules. Just a post. I've followed some amazing blogs because of this link party. 

PS. I'm sorry for not being around lately. I've been crazy busy but I miss and love you all dearly. Am I forgiven?

Friday, November 18, 2011

S is for Skiing.

I was never really good at anything. I was the prissy one with no coordination on the soccer field and the girl who couldn't catch a ball on the softball field. I also didn't make cheerleader in Junior High. Whatev. It was a conspiracy. I had moves. I have it on film. It's no different when I'm trying to snow ski. I AM NO GOOD AT IT. I've been twice and I'm not sure if I'll ever go again. 
I was definitely better at skiing when I was 5 {and cuter} than I was as a teenager. But going skiing with your family when you're a bratty no-it-all teenager isn't cool. It's lame. 

**Emma, when you read this later in life, please love me and love going on vacations with me. I'll buy you a car. Amen**

Shortly after this fabulous 1991ish picture was taken, I fell and twisted an ankle. I cried like a big titty baby. I threw a fit like a spoiled brat. I was ready to be back in Oklahoma instead of Red River, NM. I spent the remaining time in our hotel room pouting and planning on NEVER going on a family vacation ever again.

Truth be told, now I'm a tropical beach kind of girl who loves fun in the sun and thoroughly enjoys ocean side massages and being waited on hand and foot by cute little muscular Mexican boys named Juan or Jose (but not Jesus because that's just weird).

So today, I'm daydreaming with my girl, Becca, about being back out there in the soft white fluffy snow on a pair of ski's just to see if I could do it. I'll be heading to the Michigan snow tomorrow. Maybe I'll see what I can do.  Or maybe I'll get lazy and take the snowmobile for a spin.

Have you been snow skiing?


Monday, November 14, 2011

Some Tuesday Confessions TTUT #10

Well, hello lovies! It's my favorite day of the week--TUESDAY!  Are you linking up with the beautiful Seriously Shawn and myself today? It may be the only meme where you can link up ANY POST with no rules! We're awesome like that. I have some confessing to do today.

I confess that there is a GOOD CHANCE that the owner of this car is from my hometown: 
SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! Do people really live like this? It grosses me out and makes me nauseous. I may vomit just looking at it through my peripheral vision while I type this.

confess that I am utterly and embarrassingly addicted to Pinterest. It is trying to replace blogging. I KNOW! Isn't that horrible? I would rather look at that then type up a post. So far, I've made 4 recipes and I did a workout yesterday that kicked my booty. Try this even if you don't like asparagus. It is baked and ooooh soooo yummy!

I confess that I have a midnight ticket on Thursday to see Breaking Dawn Part 1!!!!!!!! Can I tell you how excited I am???!! I will be hanging with JennyKate so if you follow her Trixie and Tess account on Twitter, just be prepared. She's bringing a flask you guys. And there's dinner and drinks BEFORE the movie. It may get crunk in the theater. The possibility that we'll get booted out within the first 30 minutes is almost at 100%. Any bets?

I confess that we bought Emma a play set for an early birthday present. {See Shawn? You didn't miss her birthday. ;)} The directions said it would take 9-12 hours with 2 adults putting it together.  I'm here to tell you THEY LIED!  It took us 2 days--8 hours one day and 5 hours the next day with 2-4 adults helping. Thank you Mom and Dad for driving down to help us. Here is the finished product. SOMEONE is in LOVE with this in her backyard. 

And finally, I confess that we took family pictures on Sunday with the whole family and I am loving the proofs that she has sent me so far. Here is a sneaky peek for my friends:


Are you ready to link up with us? You'll get lots of comment love because our friends are awesome! I won't be by until the afternoon but I promise I WILL COME SEE YOUI make this a priority on Tuesday's. =)

Kiss-Kiss Hug-Hug,

Just Another Reason Why I Hate Hellmart....

You know my hatred for all things Hellmart, right? But it's my only {decent} choice for grocery shopping in my meth-infested town. Before I leave my house, I have to try and "use" the restroom {like a child} because if I don't, I always have to go in the Hellmart bathrooms and they are NOT clean. EVER.

So, it was 6:00pm and I have the opportunity to go grocery shopping by myself {which is a huge deal} to pick up just a few things so I can cook dinner for the week. 

I'm shopping along and I have that pain.  You know the one....where your stomach is in knots and making all kinds of weird embarrassing noises? Yeah. So now I'm making a mad dash around the produce section trying to hurry and get home but I wasn't going to make it. ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW MR. COLON? You know our colon is totally a guy, right? 

I had to do the poo-poo walk all the way to the bathrooms in the back of the store {the cleanest of the two sets of crackrooms}, I used my travel-sized poo-pourri*, and braced myself. 

I knew at this point, I had a stomach issue going on. My plan was to get out of there ASAP and back home to my very clean toilet. I grab my groceries and head to the front of the store to check out. But, I wasn't going to make it. I had to make a U-turn and head back to the bathroom. Again. I had to do this 3 more times before making it home. 


It could have been worse. This could have been me:
Thank goodness it wasn't. But it was close. I hate Hellmart even more for giving me the runs while shopping. I am TOTALLY blaming that place. 

*If you don't own poo-pourri, you need to check it out. You spray it in the bowl before going and no one will ever know! I swear. It's the BEST invention ever. It's like magic.

Tomorrow is Talk To Us Tuesday! Link up your fabulous Tuesday post with Shawn and myself and give us something good to read! 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Engagement

In March 2002, M and I decided to go on a cruise with my parents, brother and 3 other family friends. It was our first cruise but we picked a horrible time to go. Spring Break was in full effect. I should have known better but I was teaching and it was the best time for me to go. 

It was fun *insert sarcasm* seeing all the teeny boppers running around our cruise ship half nekkid and then grinding up on their nightly flings (still half nekkid) on the dance floor. I will never go during Spring Break again.

Anyway, M and I had decided to do the Captain's Dinner, because well, duh, I'm a total Captain Morgan whore. The rest of our gang opted not to attend saying they didn't want to get all dressed up. 

Ok. But I was ready to get all pretty.

Captain's dinner was delish. We had someone take our photo and then off to the deck we went to people watch. Doesn't he look scared/nervous in this picture? I soon found out why.
Picture of a picture. Sorry! No pics from 2002 on my computer.
It was chilly on the deck. I remember asking M for his coat and he said no. Um, excuse me? RUDE.

I remember he stopped walking, turned toward me and began whispering sweet nothings about our relationship. I was beaming. He was being so super sweet! 

And happened.

This man of mine dropped down to one knee, pulled a little blue black box from his coat (the one I wasn't allowed to wear) and proposed to me on this very cruise ship.  I cried. I said yes. I kissed him. Maybe not in that order. The details are a little fuzzy. And we celebrated by taking this overpriced cruise ship picture.

What good camera man angles the camera UP like that?
My smile was plastered on my face for the remainder of the cruise! He did a PERFECT job at pulling off a surprise (my dad and brother knew but not my mom so that's probably why he pulled if off--love you Mom but we know how you are with big secrets!) and at picking out a ring all by himself. 

We were occasional smokers back then (DON'T YOU JUDGE US) and as the only room out of our group who was ok with cigarettes being smoked in said room, I'd like to give a big thank you to my moms bff, KK, for sharing our room with us on the night of my OUR engagement. That was so thoughtful of her, wasn't it?

So, this Friday, I am daydreamin' about one of my favorite memories on a cruise ship with my IRL gal pal, Becca.
What are you daydreamin' about today?


Monday, November 7, 2011

Talk To Us Tuesday #9

It's Tuesday already? Where is the time going? Have you been linking up with the fabulous Shawn and myself for our link party? If the answer is yes, then WE THANK YOU. If not, then you should! It may be the only meme with no rules. Now...on with my Tuesday post....

So guess what? I felt my very first earthquake. I did not likey one bit. I live in Oklahoma. We're only supposed to have a few dust storms, tornados and "gustnados"--which is the weatherman's codeword for "Oh shit. Tulsa had a tornado and we didn't sound the alarm so this tornado will be called a gustnado". We are NOT supposed to feel earthquakes like you crazy people who live with them in Cali. And I mean crazy in the most loving way, Viv, Dategirl and EmmyMom (because I know you gals will call me out).

Guess what I was doing when the 5.6 earthquake shook me to my core?

Not having sex--but that would have been super cool.

I was pooping.

Yep. You read that right. I was taking a big ol' Angelina Jolie at 11:00pm on Saturday night (stupid chicken wings) and it decided to shake me in mid wipe. Is this TMI for you guys? 

Luckily, I was at Mom and Dad's house for the weekend. My heart was pounding. At first I thought a train was heading straight for their house but then the shaking started and I froze. Emma was ok. M was at the casino winning money so he was good. As far as I can tell, we all felt it in Oklahoma. It was all the talk on FB and twitter. The end is near my friends. 

So, I went out on Friday night for my monthly GNO with JennyKate, Rhonda, and Mona and like I said in my Friday post, I recorded a video. It's silly, it's random and it's totally us when we get together. I've posted it for your viewing pleasure. I'm not much on watching video's on blogs so I will still be your friend if you don't watch it. See how nice I am?

However, if you watched the video, you know that JK is offering a Starbucks giftcard so leave your suggestion in the comments. Rhonda will thank you later. 

Here are a couple of pics from our epic night in Tulsa town:
*Click the pics to make bigger *

That's all I've got for you this week. I hope you link up with us! We do really well at leaving you comment love and so do a few of our regulars! Link parties are a great way to make new friends/followers.

QUESTION: Why is my pic of Emma Kate smaller than the other pics up there on my sidebar? I can't figure it out. Please help a girl out! It's stressing me out. PROBLEM IS FIXED! THANK YOU SARAJO!


I've Been Bad. My List of 10.

I'm not above stealing. Nope. I am not. So I am stealing this idea from Lacey (although TONS of people have done it since I started working on this a week ago).
Lacey in Love

Do you read Lacey? She's cute. You should check her out. I changed it from 22 Things to 10 Things because I'm all about short posts...and 22 was too hard! Epic fail.You're welcome.

10. I kissed a dolphin and I liked it.

9. I've danced around in front of a video camera in a bikini to the song I'm Too Sexy

8. I peed myself in my car while I was driving when I was 16.

7. I pooted LOUDLY on accident in my classroom during testing and totally blamed one of my students.

7. During a fire drill, I flashed 400 students my panties. Thank God I was wearing some.

6. I like to see how long I can dance with random strangers before getting caught. (In this pic, it was the guy in the striped shirt. I was busted after only 22 seconds)

 5. I had an imaginary friend turned real life doll named Heather when I was 4 and she followed me everywhere. Click HERE for the pic.

4. I've been on Oprah.

3. I've done things on an airplane that I won't discuss here.

2. I like to waste time by taking CamWow photos of myself.

And finally....

1. I've had sex on a golf course. 

Tell me one thing that YOU have done!

**Talk To Us Tuesday goes live tonight at 11:00pm CST. Link up your random Tuesday post with us! There aren't any rules so why not?  And my co-host Shawn is super funny. Wait until you read her post tomorrow!