Monday, July 9, 2012

Talkin' on a Tuesday...

I am SO HAPPY to be posting my very own post this week. I was soooo ready for last week to be over. Seriously Shawn and I host a weekly link party called Talk To Us Tuesday and you guys are totally TALKING to us every week and we LOVE it! It keeps us going every single week. So, if you have a post to link up this week, please do so! There are NO RULES so how can you mess up?!?

Raise your hand if you noticed that I didn't visit you last week. *head hanging in shame* I was on my deathbed until Saturday and I'm not 100% now. I'm off to see the gastro doctor on Wednesday. WOO HOO. So, you forgive me, right? RIGHT?

Soooo, here is a pregnancy shot from month 3 and month 4. 
There doesn't look like much change but I swear there is. We had the angle off or something. Whatever. We'll do better next time.

BREAKING NEWS: We MAY be finding out what we're having today! Do you guess GIRL or BOY??

Who loves happy mail? Who loves happy mail for NO REASON AT ALL other than just being nice? Well, Shawn must have been kissing up to me about that blog post from two weeks ago because she sent Emma a cute package {with the most adorable colorful bow} that included a super-duper sized M&M, a microphone that she LOVES and a sword that I was against from the beginning but it's fake so I guess I'll live....
Yes, Emma opened her gift on-the-go since we were heading out when our mailman made his delivery. See that last picture? She sang Old MacDonald 562 times that day using that microphone.

How many of you LOVE instagram? I do too but I have a complaint. There should be (1) a maximum amount of pictures that you can post in a day and (2) No posting stupid shiz. 
I said it. 
And SnoopDogg? You've got huge balls for all the inappropriate pictures you post.

Ok, I'm wrapping this up with attitude: Emma-Style!
This is what you get when you have the balls to tell her no: 100% Attitude.

On a side note: Cancer has hit my family once again. Please say a silent prayer while you read this for my Grandmother who will be having a double lumpectomy this week to remove 2 malignant tumors in her breast. CANCER CAN SUCK IT.

I'll be around to visit you this week!



Shawn said...

I'm glad you're back and have no issues that you were out sick, and I'm sure no one else will either, I'm just glad you're feeling better and getting checked out!

I see a bump! I see a bump! I see a bump! Dang I wish I was cute while pregnant!

I love that she loves that microphone! I annoyed Honey with it our entire Target shopping trip. In fact I think I'll go buy myself one juts to annoy her with it. I love that she sang to me, I listen to her video makes me happy!

Dang Gina I honk she could give Peanut a run for Queen of Tude!

Sorry about your Grandma, cancer is so very horrible!

I better get a penis or va-jay-jay text or call ASAP. Our friendship is on the line!

Bdubs said...
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Mrs. Match said...

So sorry to hear about your Grandmother. I will be saying prayers for her and for your fam.

I'm with Shawn-I better get a text if you do get to find out!! Very excited for you guys. Hope you feel better and you get some answers soon my dear friend!

Your bump is so little and cute! My friend's was just like yours and then she popped at 7 months, and she's having a BOY. So that's my guess! :-) We always had trouble with the angles too for our pics. Match said this next time he's going to mark lines for where to stand. Hah!

heheheh, I love Emma's 'tude. I wonder where she gets it? ;-)

Nadine Hightower said...

very sorry about your gram. cancer does indeed suck!

I don't do instagram. I'm just not gonna.

And I can totally tell and your boobs are impressive!
I vote girl.

Glad you are feeling better.

Julia P F said...

What is it about EMMAs?! Mine is 4000% attitute as well. Wonder where she gets that?
So sorry about your Grandmother, will keep her and your family in thoughts and prayers.
I guess GIRL!

allstarme said...

Sending prayers your way! And I'm guessing boy just because boys are freaking awesome! ;) Happy Tuesday.

Stephanie McCall said...

yesss 400 pics of your cat in a week? one picture is to much in my opinion!

cute little bump!

Connie Weiss said...

I can see from that picture that you're having a boy. I'm an expert at these things.

I hope the dr can fix you up!! There is nothing worse than feeling crappy when you are pregnant.

Praying for your granny.....

Sarah Kate said...

I hope you find out today! I'm guessing boy. Shit. I don't know.

I'm really sorry about your grandmother. That really does stink. I hope the surgery goes well.

Don't get me started on instagram photos...I love the app, really I do. But just how it's annoying when you post a dozen status updates on FB daily, it's annoying when you have a dozen photos go up at the same time. Seriously people...every photo doesn't have to be instagrammed!

Stacie said...

I'm glad you are back, hope the docs can figure it all out for you so that you get some relief.

Your bump is sooooo cute!

I'm no good at guessing games, but I have a 50/50 shot, so I will guess boy.

I am so not ready for the attitude phase--Emma would scare me to death if she looked at me like that. She would quickly realize that I am a pushover.

Sorry about your grandmother, we'll be praying.

Chell said...

So glad you are feeling better! WIll be saying a prayer for your Grandmother for sure.

I can totally relate on needing to balls to say no.... only at 17, I really do have to mentally prepare myself for a 2 day war if I do say no to something.

Hope you can see what it is today :) I think you'll have another girlie...

Jill said...

Look at you with you cute baby bump! Love it! And I'm gonna guess...BOY!!!

I absoultely adore Emma's 4th of July bathing suit...AND her attitude! ;)

Love & prayers to your grandmother and your family. Cancer bites the big one. :(

TMW Hickman said...

Cancer can indeed suck it. Hard.

Those microphones are awesome for kids to play with, they can hear themselves, so they have automatic feedback. I wish I had that, as many times as I put my foot in my mouth!

Daisy said...

So glad to hear you are feeling better!
Look at you, I can totally see a bump, so exciting.
Wow, Emma looks so cute in that jumsuit, attitude for sure.
Prayers to your grandmother

VandyJ said...

So glad you are feeling better. I get that kind of attitude from Bruiser. It must be a three year old thing.

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Instagram: take one photo to capture one thing.... not 10 photos to capture 1 thing.
I LOVE Emma's sassy attitude and I think your bump is adorable! (I was not cute like you are when pregnant.) Hope you feel better soon and I want a call or a text when you find out, mKay?
Praying for Grandma. xoxo

Nicole said...

I'm sorry about your grandma! I lost mine and my grandpa to cancer and now my great aunt is battling it. She's 90 this year!

And I love Emma's outfit! super cute and just wait for the teenage years ha!

Hope you get to feeling 100%!!

Steph said...

I love her red, white, and blue outfit. Adorable!

I'm going to guess it's a boy!

Hope you appointment goes well.

Grand Pooba said...

Oh my gosh I love that Emma attitude shot! I could never say no to her!

starnes family said...

Tell me what you're having now.

Sammantha said...

Yay, I am new to your blog - but am SO excited to find out if you have a boy or a girl :) Lol, is that weird? Anywho, Emma is adorable and sassy and I love it!

Stop by and say hi sometime!

becca said...

sorry about your grandma my prayers are with her, happy to here you're feeling a little better and OMG even with attitude Emma s freaking adorable

Dee Stephens said...

Stop with your pictures! You look tiny! Why do I look so huge!!???

Kenzie CBMommyhood said...

I can see a little bit of difference in the two pictures, I think ;)
I can't wait to hear if you are having a boy or a girl! Yay! That is so dang exciting!
I am really sorry to hear about your grandma, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

My Inner Chick said...

--You are an ADORABLE pregnant woman :) Damn you!

I am saying a prayer for your grandmother....CANCER SUCKS ROTTEN EGGS.


Jonni Baloney said...

Sorry about your grandma. Hope she is okay and I will be praying!
I have the feeling I know where E's attitude comes from.

Sandra said...

You are so gorgeous with that bump!...well, you are gorgeous without the bump, but you look terrific! Feel better soon!

Emmy said...

Well I haven't been around the blog world either-- so finally reading this post. Which I know some of the answers to already :)

Love that attitude picture! Too too funny. And why in the world would you ever tell her no? ;) hehe

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I can't follow those people on instagram that post 2308 photos a day. I just cant. Love the attitude photo! Sending good thoughts to your family!