Monday, August 6, 2012

A Short TTUT Hiatus!!!

Ok Lovies...I'm back for another edition of TTUT with my beautiful friend, the almost birthday girl, Shawn. Doesn't she look GREAT for 45? *insert giggle here*

I'm here today to announce a short break from blogging and TTUT. As most of you know, Shawn and I have both been super busy and I know I haven't been leaving comments for the last couple of weeks. This is not ok with me. I pride myself on always being diligent on returning comments and commenting on the link-ups. For the past few weeks, it's all I can do to even open my laptop! I have no desire to log into anything unless I can do it from my phone.

As most of you know, I'm 5 1/2 months pregnant. My pregnancy has had a few minor bumps {everything is ok now} and my list of things to get done between now and Dec. 7th is getting longer everyday:

*Plan and throw a ginormous 40th birthday party for Rhonda {aka KISS} next month with the help of JennyKate.

*Pick out a FLIPPING name for my baby boy.
*Find a crib.
*Order bedding for crib.
*Mail Shawn a birthday gift {even though I have NO CLUE what I'll be mailing her yet}.
*Christmas shop {because I won't be doing it after Dec. 7th!!!}
*Attend 2 out of state weddings.
*Have a scheduled break-down. Mom and Dad--I'll need your help during this time.
*Pick out the PERFECT 10 year anniversary wedding gift for M.
*Clean out the garage and have a garage/yard sale asap because it's embarrassing in there.

Did I mention that my house is for sale? Yeah, I could be packing up and moving out any day now! What pregnant woman wants to do THAT???

So, you see, my plate is SLIGHTLY full. I will return to TTUT very soon. I just need to take a much needed break. I will, however, continue to have a link up on my page for those still participating.

Miss me while I'm gone. I know I will miss you too. I'll post a preggo pic soon! xoxo

Michigan, July 2012



middle child said...

I can help you with one thing. Name your boy Carter. Why? Cuz I just loveit!!!!!

Stacie said...

I miss you already! I just keep telling myself all of the baby stuff will get done...maybe...well, probably...

Nadine Hightower said...

Don't worry about us... stay cool!!!

WE'll be here when you get back.

allstarme said...

Yeah, we'll miss you but you have a ton to do! Get on it and good luck. Everything will be fine. :)

Julia P F said...

Good luck! Talk soon.

Nicole said...

Hope your list shortens. BTW, you guys look like Barbie & Ken in that photo with the cutest little girl, I swear :)

Heathers Happenings said...

Ive missed you bunches!
Damn you are super busy.

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Totally understand the 'busy' thing ... And lately I have been a blog reader but no commenting. I hate that I have not been commenting ... It is great interaction and a good way to become friends with people :)

Can't wait to hear what you are naming the little guy!!! :)

Adriane said...

I understand about the blogging break. I didn't post much while I was pregnant, either...especially the first half. Now I don't post much because I'm busy chasing after two kids. :-/ Most days I don't even have time to eat until after Shaun gets home in the evening, because I love to eat, but yay! I'm already 5 pounds less than I was before getting pregnant. It's a trade-off.

Hope you're feeling better, and we'll see you when you get back!

VandyJ said...

Enjoy your blogging break. I'm taking one next week--vacation time!
Get back when the spirit moves you --I just hope it moves you soon!

Kenzie Smith said...

Hope you have a fabulous blogging break, we will miss you :D
Glad you will keep the link-up up!

Stacy Uncorked said...

I'd say your plate is more than full! No worries, we'll be here when you get back. We'll try not to make a mess while you're gone. ;)

Oh, and can I ask that you maybe cross your legs or something and wait until December 9th to deliver? Then your new little bundle of joy will share my birthday. Though speaking from experience with two siblings who followed a year and three days after me, Emma may not be so thrilled to share her birthday with her new little brother. ;)

You are already missed...but knowing you'll be back later helps ease the pain. ;)

Suspended Animation, BlogHer12 Teaser, Fun Friends – RTT Rebel

TMW Hickman said...

Take a break and do what you gotta do. Family comes first. I'll be sad, but I completely understand.

Steph said...

Selling a house sounds like a major pain in the ass. Are you moving out of methtown?

Love the family picture!

Amy said...

Uhhh.. great. I come to visit and you leave! Just my luck.

Take care of yourself, sista.

MiMi said...

Give me your names for boys and I'll pick. :)

Emmy said...

Yes just take it easy and do what you need to! Ugh that would drive me crazy having a house on the market, always having to keep it super clean.
And congrats on ten years! That is awesome

Stacy Uncorked said...

I think I figured it out! There's an extra check box below the 'identity' thingamajig that I've not noticed before specifying where reply comments can go to...I'm checking it now, do you mind trying to do a reply and see if that's the magic button? ;)

Thanks again so much for hunting me down to reply to my comment - you ROCK!!! :)

Sarah Kate said...

If it were me, I'd be scheduling that break down a little sooner! Jeez girl! You've got a lot going on! I guess I can't make you feel bad for not blogging. ;o)

I hope your house sells, even though it'll mean you have to pack it all up. And happy anniversary if you're not back to blogging by then! ;o) Love ya girl!

Stacy Uncorked said...

Hopefully now we'll be cooking with gas! ;)

Thanks again for letting me know about the 'no reply' snafu - apparently the marriage of Google+ and Blogger profiles was not conducive to replies. So hopefully now that I've segregated the two, we'll be good as gold!

You're so sweet for hunting me down and letting me know even though you've got so much on your plate right now - I'll have to send you more Princess Nagger wine (just bottled Blackberry Merlot and Sangria) to thank you - and give you some yummy wine to imbibe in celebrating the birth of your Little Dude! ;)

starnes family said...

I somehow moved every damn time I was pregnant. Seriously.

I have a gift idea for your 10 year if you're interested. No nakedness involved.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Yep, you have been busy.

You have a beautiful family, take care.

hotpants™ said...

I already gave you an amazing list of baby names on Instagram. If you didn't pick one, you only have yourself to blame.


Mrs. Match said...

ugh I just wrote you a super clever comment and I wasn't signed in so I lost it. Booo.

Anyways, call me anytime you need to vent/scream/chat. Miss you boo! Hope you get everything done on your list. I have faith in you!

In the meantime, please post pics of that adorable baby belly on FB so I can aww from afar. Hugs!

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Um, could you all be any cuter??? Love that picture! I've been on a blog break for months, and I don't even have a good reason :(

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

What!? You're moving? How did I not know this? Are you moving to one of the outer rings of Hell, or staying in the same neighborhood? How are you feeling?