Monday, October 8, 2012

I'm Talking About a Surprise and Pregnancy Brain

Hey fellow bloggers and/or blog stalkers! It's time for another edition of TTUT with yours truly and the ever-so-lovely, Seriously Shawn.

Did you know that SS and I have been doing this link party for 55 weeks now? That sounds crazy to me! Along the way, I have read and found some awesome blogs and I hope you have too!

We decided to do a little SURPRISE giveaway to the blogs that have consistently linked up with us. SS did the math {even though she's not the math teacher of the duo} and determined that Miss Vandy has linked up 49 weeks out of the 54 weeks taking 1st Place! That's impressive! Vandy's obviously very loyal to our linky party and we thank her very much! =)

The "runners-up" are as follows:
Heather has linked up 46 times, Date Girl and Stacie @Park Avenue have both linked up 44 times, Scriptor has linked up 42 times, Jill has linked up 39 times and Nadine has linked up 29 times. SS took the time to write a little tidbit about each of these bloggers on her page. Please go check these lovely ladies out! And just for the record, I didn't steal this idea so it wouldn't be repetitive, ok? They all have very different but amazing blogs!

These 3 ladies deserve a mention as well: Stacy Uncorked, Emmy Mom and Nicole @Life's a Beach. They have done several link ups with us along our 1 year journey and Stacy and Emmy even do their own link ups on Tuesday!

We {as in SS} threw the above mentioned names in a hat to determine who would receive some goodies from us.

Congratulations to VANDY and JILL! Jill, please send your info to Shawn. Vandy, please send your info to me!

And in other news, I've decided that my brain has gone on vacation. Most of you read about me forgetting my luggage in the garage when I flew out to visit SS a couple weeks back. Well, since then, it's gotten worse.
I forget words.
I forget what I eat for breakfast.
I forget if I ate lunch or not.
I forget to wash my hair in the shower.
I forget to shave BOTH legs.
I forget to look at my grocery list when I'm at Hellmart.
I forget I can't drink alcohol.
I forget Emma at random places.
And my latest #FAIL was driving 2 hours to a birthday party on Saturday that wasn't actually happening until Sunday. Yep. I have issues that probably can't be fixed.

I'm hoping that when Baby No-Name arrives, all will be back to "normal". 

^^^See? It's a REAL thing!! ^^^

Talk to us today by linking up! We love reading you! 



Adriane said...

We are going to have to get a name for that baby boy! It makes me so sad that he is called "Baby No Name!" ;-) Are you any closer to figuring it out?!

Beth W said...

This sounds like a job for Post-It Notes! :D
Good luck, hun....I know that would drive me nuts. How much longer do you have to go? 'Cuz I'm thinking your boy and Stacie's girl should be blog playmates. :)

Mrs. Match said...

Wow, 44 times! And that's with skipping out on some vacations here and there, not to mention my mini leave of absence from the blog world in April. Dang-I must like you two ladies a whole lot. :-) Thanks for keeping this link party alive. Gives me a reason to blog even when I'm stuck!

Aw, I would say I'm sorry for your pregnancy brain, but I'm not, since you get to have a sweet lil baby pretty soon! :-) And hey, just use it as an excuse to get out of obligations you might not want to do! Best excuse ever.

Stacie said...

I love you guys and I'll still keep linking up even if you bunch of losers couldn't even rig it so my name got pulled out of the hat...seriously, thanks for the love!

And what the crap??? You can still reach your legs to shave? So jealous! And for the love of Emma, get the kid a name already!!

Stacy Uncorked said...

Vandy and Scriptor were the ones who introduced me to you guys and TTUT - and I'm SO glad they did! You and Shawn are hysterical - as are all the other awesome linker-uppers each week. I look forward to Tuesday's being so entertaining! :)

Crap. You have an excuse for being forgetful like that, what with your pregnancy brain and all. Which means that me being forgetful like that just means I'm getting old. Or maybe it's Sympathy Pregnancy Brain. Yeah, we'll go with that. ;)

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Meryl said...

Congratulations on the 55 weeks and I can so relate to brain vacations! Good luck and have a great week.

allstarme said...

Pregnancy brain totally IS real! I did a bunch of dumb things like locking my keys in the car, etc. Frustrating!

Thanks for the bloggy love!

♥ Marcy ♥ said...

I despised pregnancy brain! It REALLY is horrible and I would do the same exact things! Hang in there sistah!

Sarah Kate {Dixie Creek Farm} said...

55 weeks is a ridiculously long time to keep up with something! It really doesn't feel like it's been that long since you guys started this!

Wait, so you drove 2 hours to a party that wasn't happening and then had to drive 2 hours back home? And then do it all again on the correct day? If that weren't so sad, it would be pretty funny! :o)

Sarah Kate {Dixie Creek Farm} said...

Oh, by the way. Had to unfollow and refollow you with my new google account since I let my custom domain account lapse last week. I'm so cheap. Even $10 seemed to much to pay for a special blog address this year.

Chell said...

OK... seriously, you have to be getting close to a baby name? Yes?
Yeah for TTUT and keepin' it going! Love linkin' up with you all!

Chell said...
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VandyJ said...

Thrilled to have won, will send my info asap. Love coming by and visiting each week.
I still have an excuse for forgetting things--Mommy Brain, it only starts with pregnancy brain.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Oh no! I would have been so upset at driving the two hours!

Jill said...

Thanks to you & Shawn for hosting Talk To Us Tuesday! It's my fave linky party, and I've gotten to know so many wonderful bloggers through it. I can't believe I actually won! You guys are the best :) Thank you!!!

Oh dear... Just remember that it won't be long til Baby No-Name is here and your brain can go back to normal! ;) You must've been ready to cry when you realized the mistake after a 2-hour drive!!!

We still love you...Pregnancy Brain and all!

MiMi said...

Aw, how sweet! A surprise giveaway. :)

Nicole said...

Oh yikes, that's scary thought!

Steph said...

I still have pregnancy brain. Wonder how long I can use that excuse. And I linked up, like 5 times. I suck.

Mercy D'souza said...

Oh, I promise that mommy brain is permanent and only gets worse with each consecutive child. I wrote all about it here.

Janette Johanson said...

I feel like hanging my head in shame for not being on the top list... I love you both dearly and if it makes up for it-- having 3 kids gives me the worst mommy brain ever and I can't remember to do much of anything these days. Congrats to all the great bloggers, they really are all amazing!! Thanks for having a party for people to come.... I'll try to do my part soon!

My Inner Chick said...

Wanna know a secret?



Heathers Happenings said...

You and Shawn are just amazing! I ♥ you both.

I have been such a bloggy slacker lately, kids have been keeping me beyond busy. Promise to have something tomorrow.

Heathers Happenings said...

You and Shawn are amazing! I ♥ you both.

I have been a major blog slacker for awhile now. The kids have been keeping me so busy. Promise to link up tomorrow.