Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Can Suck It.

Hi friends. Thanks for stopping by and hopefully linking up with Shawn and myself for our weekly Talk To Us Tuesday meme.

I must warn you....I'm in a foul mood.

Do you remember when your momma told you that if you didn't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all?

Well, I'm breaking another rule of my moms. Don't worry. She's used to it. 

I have NOTHING nice to say today but I'm still talking about it.

I'm bitter. 
I'm angry. 
I'm sad. 
I'm hurt.

But don't worry. I won't elaborate on any of that. And I won't talk about how our Halloween plans got cancelled because Emma got scarlet fever just hours before heading to Texas or how my live-in father-in-law didn't get home in time for us to join some friends for dinner on Saturday night.

Let's just talk about my Monday, shall we?

It's the day of maternity pictures. YAY, right? The day started off with Emma and I taking a quick shower together. We do this often. No big deal.

But today, Emma slipped and fell and hit her head.



Then this happened: 

That, my friends, would be BRIGHT RED NAIL POLISH all over my bathroom. STRIKE TWO. 

And if that wasn't bad enough, some even landed on my bedroom carpet. 

The pictures don't do it justice. It has stained my grout y'all. It's on my clothes. It's on my legs. It's on the bottom of my FLIPPING FEET.

I sobbed uncontrollably for 20 minutes. My hands were pink from trying to scrub the polish away. My face was now puffy.  I HAD PICTURES IN 2 HOURS!!!

I even took a picture of my puffy cry-baby face like the true blogger that I am. Wanna see it?

Next up, I had to iron our clothes. So, afterwards, I unplugged the iron and told Emma that it was "very hot" and not to touch. 

Apparently, she didn't believe me or she's defiant like me. When I left the room, I realized how quiet she got. She's not a quiet kid. I walked into the living room to see her sitting by the couch. She said she "hurt her hand". I looked over to see the IRON laying on my floor. 



She never even cried. It's blistering up and looking gross. I feel like a failure of a mom at this point.

So we go to take family pictures. Do you think that my 2 year old was cooperative? HELLZ NO. She was horrible! I wanted to cry again. I even had to spank her bum as we looked at our proofs. Perfect. My photographer probably thinks I beat her on a regular basis. So maybe this could be STRIKE 4?

On the way home, I mention to M that I had dinner in the crockpot. 

He asked what it was. I told him a simple chicken and rice recipe. 

He balked.

I cried. Aaaagain. {pregnancy hormones perhaps?}

He likes red meat. I like chicken. He better just be glad I cook is all I have to say about that. And don't think he doesn't get red meat. HE DOES. Just not every day. {That was NOT meant to sound dirty. I'm not in a dirty mood today.}

So, this whole day just blows. I will say that M fixed the carpet stains and thinks he can fix the grout too. That's a positive, right?

And, here is my beautiful brat of a daughter posing before our pictures:

And last but not least, here is one of my favorite pictures from today. It was pinterest-inspired.


I tried to end on a positive note. If you hung on and read this entire blog post, I applaud you. I'm not sure that I feel any better but I will.

What are you talking about today? Link up and tell us!

Emmy--you know your 10 Things meme is one of my favorites and I'm very sad that I didn't realize it before I typed this post up. =(



Miss Angie said...

Oh honey! I'm so sorry you had such a rough day! It definitely doesn't help that you have all of those cursed hormones!

You're still gorgeous after crying though, and your photos look GREAT!

Mrs. Match said...

awwww, that is one hell of a Monday. I hope the rest of the week makes up for it. I LOVE your belly pic, that is the sweetest thing. They say the second child is always really chill and laid back. :-)
Emma looks adorable, but she also looks like trouble with a capital T! Reminds me of my niece. :-) Feel better friend!!

Carol-Anne (Use the Good Dishes!) said...

Last year I broke a bottle of red nail polish on my cream coloured tile & grout...Mr Clean Magic Eraser removed it!
(after I cleaned off the excess with nail polish remover).

Hope that helps a little bit!

Dee Stephens said...

That Magic Eraser comment is good to know!!
I LOVE.LOVE.LOVE that last picture of you.
Your daughter is SOO CUTE!! Can't wait to see what your little man looks like!
As for the cooking thing. Brad has pulled that 'ugh' a few times during this pregnancy. And, you know what?
He does all the cooking now. I don't have the patience for that!!

Heathers Happenings said...

I hope the rest of your week isn't as bad as yesterday. Big hugs to you.

I love your maternity picture.

allstarme said...

I'm in a crap mood today too; hopefully it'll turn around for both of us!

Lori E said...

Awww some days are a real test. Poor daughter. That looks like it really hurts.
When I saw the nail polish at first I thought it was blood from your daughter hitting her head. good bloody, scabby face for the family photo shoot.
Hope your day gets better.

Nicole said...

I'm sorry! I know that doesn't help probably but I am! But I absolutely LOVE your maternity photo and even with a cry face you're still beautiful!

Allison said...

Bless your heart! Some days just suck a lot worse than others. I hope today is a better day! xoxo

Chell said...

What a day! I would be saying suck it also!! Despite the issues though, your pregnancy photo is absolutely adorbs!

Misty said...

I'm sorry you had such a shit day. You look so pretty in your picture though. ;)

VandyJ said...

Some days are just like that. I hit a wall Sunday night. Bruiser still isn't really poop trained, not even close and after three days home with him and getting nowhere, I sort of lost it. Tears, anger (mostly at myself) the whole nine yards. I think I scared Nick and Turbo.
Everyone has those days. But today is Tuesday and I love that last picture. It never would have worked for me--my babies liked to show up exactly two week early.

Red Stethoscope said...

You need a hug and a virgin daiquiri! Sorry about that wicked burn and the nail polish...what a MESS! Will nail polish remover rubbed in the grout get it out?

Boobies said...

I do these things on a daily basis, and cry it's okay. You have the hormones to blame it on. I, on the other hand am probably cray.

Your pedicure is on point. Bonus points for that.

Emma is hardcore. Period.

I need to catch up now. I've missed most of your pregnancy!


Jill said...

Oh my, I could just cry reading this! The spilled nail polish and burn on Emma's hand would be enough to make me have a breakdown!!

You're a tough cookie - you look gorgeous in your picture, and no signs of puffy crying face at all! XO

MiMi said...

I'm sorry that was such a rotten, no good, stinky, suck day!
I can't believe she didn't cry over her burn! I would have!!
Those suckers hurt like hell!
Also. Your picture is adorable. And the one with your sad face is adorable too.
How come you have a live in father in law?!

Emmy said...

Ugh so sorry girl that was one awful Monday--I think that was a Monday to top all Mondays. You know what I am impressed about- is how awesome you look for your pictures after all of that! If I cry my face is red for the day!

And most kids do not do good for pictures- trust me I know.

And hey no worries, you can even write your list next week, linky will still be open :)

Stacie said...

Seems like nothing went my way and I cried a ton in the last few weeks before the baby came. It will get better...and you recovered nicely, the belly pic looks great!

AMY said...

What a shitty day.....sorry hun!
I can't believe Emma didn't even cry from that burn. Poor babe :(

I LOVE the last two pictures! She looks soooo precious! And OMG you are the Most Beautiful Preggo Lady EVER!!!
Hope you are having a better day!

Angel said...

Oh Honey! I am so sorry you had a bad day! It was definitively a no good horrible very bad day! But you looked great in your pictures!

Steph said...

That last picture is adorable. It's a lot better of a look for you than the first picture.

I hope today is going better for you!

Kenzie Smith said...

Oh my gosh sounds like Monday was absolutely horrible. I have days like that, where you swear it can't get any worse and things continue blowing up.
At least your pictures turned out wonderful! I love that picture :) & Your daughter's outfit is super cute!!

♥ Marcy ♥ said...

OMG you poor thing! I feel so bad for you!!!

Wonder Woman said...

sorry Monday sucked. But your do not open picture is adorable.

Julia P F said...

Horrible day! We had fam pics Sunday. After the weather being 80 and sunny all week it was 50 with gusts of 40 mph and rainy. Our pics are always out side... Awesome.... Quit making chicken for your hubs. Quit making it all... I bet hi sudden,ly loves chicken!

Janette Johanson said...

Oh girl, I feel like I live this day every day. I will tell you that last year we were gearing up to go have our christmas pictures taken and I had to iron something and told Ryan to stay out of my closet where I had the iron cooling and he went in there and touched it. He held his hand like a kid with a defect of the hand for every single picture and of course I felt awful but he has learned as this was his 2nd time to do this with the iron. It is a lot of pregnancy hormones and I love chicken too. there. Your pic is beautiful and you're lil' toot of a daughter looks stinkin' cute too.xoxo

Myya said...

Holy hell that is one shit-tay day! Your pic is beautiful I can't wait to see more :)

Jessica McCoy said...

Sorry about your day!! :(

Hopefully you got all the bad out in one day and can have a great week :)

You picture did turn out very cute and you can't tell that you had a hellish day.

Marvi Marti said...

Ah honey it happens to us all when pregnant! But on a good note, that is one beautiful photo at the end, your daughter is simply adorable. Hang in there and hope it helped to let it fly!

Stacy Uncorked said...

Ohhhhhhhh you poor thing! And poor Emma! That totally trumps the fact we lost power last night thanks to pesky Sandy and I'm running my laptop and internet via an extension cord to my car. :)

You are gorgeous even with a crybaby face!

And oh sweet Emma sounds exactly like Princess Nagger was at that age...never a dull moment! Hope her hand is OK!!


Frankenstorm, Crazy People, SpongeBob Christmas, Fall Decor FAIL: RTT Rebel

Adriane said...

Oh my.

Your pictures are fabulous, and naughty Miss Emma sure does look precious, despite her behavior. ;-) She looks like a little angel...I'm sure she always acts accordingly.

I dropped a thing of BLACK nail polish in my kitchen before, and it splattered all over EVERYTHING...cabinets, tile/grout, and carpet. Luckily we replaced the carpet in that house, but it was a pain in the ARSE to get black polish out of builder-grade wooden cabinets without destroying the finish of the cabinet with acetone. Luckily since it was black, it just blended into the grout.

I hope your day has improved!

My Inner Chick said...

ahhhh, such a rough day with nail polish all over the place and burns and chicken crock pots...but the photos at the end of this post make up for everything!
Emma is stunning & I LOooove the photo of you inspired by Pinterest.
P R I C E L E S S ...xx

Sarah Kate {Dixie Creek Farm} said...

Today doesn't sound like a good day to be writing about your favorite things anyway. Sometimes you just gotta let all the angry out! Is it weird that I think you still look hot even crying with puffy eyes? Seriously, I look like hell when I cry. Not pretty at all.

I hope Emma gets better. Scarlet fever sounds like something from the 18th century. Is she okay? Are YOU okay?

Terra H. said...

That nail polish looks like a murder scene! The pregnancy pic turned out wonderfully. Hope the rest of your week is going well.

Just Keepin It Real, Folks! said...

OK girl you certainly deserved a "do over" after that crapola of a day. And lookey how good you clean up!!!! I hope that bambino of yours can hold out til December 11th 'cause that is my birthday. Sagittarians rule the world!!!!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

You know you are kind of cute after you have been crying.

The oilfield guys that worked for me in Western Oklahoma way back when explained the chicken thing to me. They told me "Men don't eat things that eat with their pecker." So I hope that helps you understand M's attitude a little bit better.

ShaRhonda @ The 4- Crow's said...

Oh honey. I saw your tweet, but was smart enough not to ask. I love the preggo picture. Emma is too cute and really is going to be a good big sister. I love you. Hugs.

Mercy Langille said...

Rough days are to be expected. Pregnancy hormones are mean and naughty 2 year olds test even the strongest of us.

That last picture is really nice. I've already read your next post about the baby coming so I know he's here early. Maybe he decided the date was too far off and he couldn't wait to meet you. :) Have a good recovery.

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Geez Louise! I would have been crying over a day like that too, pregnancy hormones or not! M better be eating nothing but chicken for a few weeks just to apologize... ;)