Monday, October 15, 2012

"Tooting" on TTUT

Hey friends! Happy Tuesday to you! Shawn and I are back to give you another edition of Talk To Us Tuesday. I hope you're enjoying our link party. We have so many great blogs that link up every week! Thank you!!

So...I have a confession. I realized on SATURDAY that I didn't visit one single blog last week. I told Shawn on Tuesday that I was dropping Emma off at Mother's Day Out and going home to read blogs and work on a Shutterfly album. Well, I went home and worked on the Shutterfly album. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH MY BRAIN? It just doesn't work properly. I feel completely ignorant on most days. How can one be so dilusional?

Ok, so the rest of this post will be random because I'm not at home and I almost forgot about TTUT {Thanks SS!} so I'm throwing something together.

Here is what I did this weekend:
I met up with my Texas bestie at a little casino somewhere in the middle of Hell and Fort Worth. I won $435 playing Three Card Poker. Whoop-Whoop! I was a HAPPY girl {but with no memory...}. And who doesn't love a good face mask picture?

I am 32.5 weeks pregnant. Here is the proof:
I'm thinking the middle picture is showing a little water retention? I'm not sure but it's not very flattering. However, I feel GREAT!

But you wanna know what's not great?
Passing Gas.
Blowing Azz.
Whatever you want to call it.
It happens DAILY and at the most inopportune

Before sex. {Slight mood killer}

Or at the grocery store when you think you have the aisle to yourself and someone comes strolling down only to make a quick exit because they all-of-a-sudden couldn't breathe.

Or at the doctor's office RIGHT BEFORE she walks in for my exam.

Or the best kind...the NOISY kind while you're in a public bathroom going potty.

Of course, these are all just examples. I'm not confirming or denying that any or all of these situations have happened to me personally. But seriously, how much gas can one pregnant girl have???

There you have it, friends! I'm talking about memory loss, trips, and tooting. What are you talking about today? Tell us by linking up!

{I'm having some computer issues tonight with our cute TTUT button. Scroll down and steal it from the next post.}

Go easy on Shawn today. She has yet another injury at her house that required a copay at a doctor's office. It's always something down there in Florida at the SS household!

And finally, congrats to Stacie @Park Avenue! She had her beautiful baby girl last week! I wonder if she'll be giving us tips this week? =)


Shawn said...

You look gorgeous!

I've heard and possible smelt your prego farts...uhhh grow!

Stacie's a Mommy early? So thrilling.

Yes, another medical issue, I think I need another vacation! Is that guest bedroom still available? If not I can stay with your Momma, she loves me and that would thrill her I'm sure!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Well you look great!! And you have gas. Guys have gas all the time. It isn't any big deal, not even a little deal. It's just life.

I reported on a Wet T Shirt featuring some moms. I'm going to link up with that.

Stacy Uncorked said...

At least you have an excuse with Pregnancy Brain - I get forgetful and my 'baby' will be 10 next month. :)

What a fun weekend! You crack me up with the mask face. You are just too stinkin' adorable!

When I saw your preggo pics I thought maybe you'd switched the last two accidentally - but a slight alteration in the angle of the shot does make a difference, doesn't it? You look HAWT in all three - sure, maybe a little extra puffy in the second one, but still HAWT! :)

HA! You and Princess Nagger could have a contest on who emits the stinkiest farts. The question is, do you giggle hysterically when you rip one like she does? ;)

Sleepyhead, Crazy Sky Diver, Google Fun, Body By Vi Update & Crispy Sculpey: RTT Rebel

Heathers Happenings said...

Loving your belly pics, you are so adorable :)

Haha on the before sex gas, Ill admit it kinda happens to me too....shhhh don't tell anyone.

allstarme said...

yes, they say pregnancy can be sexy but for the most part, I think it renders women total messes!

Jill said...

You have such a cute bump!! I'm sure the cute bump vetoes the stink, no?? ;)

I'm so excited to hear about Stacie's baby arriving! They must be thrilled! Hope the new mom & babe are doing well :)

Dee Stephens said...

Sex??!! What is that??

VandyJ said...

If we let gas be a mood killer, we'd never have made either of our boys. And just think, you are making another gas factory right there in your stomach and he's going to think passing gas is the tippy top of funny things for a long, long, long time.
I know it still cracks my guys up. Oy.

Janette Johanson said...

You look fab girl, I love pregnancy pictures along the way. Amazing how much your body changes.. and how badly your brain suffers.. I am still wondering how I make it to work everyday because I forget so much in between. Its sad.. but you aren't alone.... maybe if we all started tootin' more, we wouldn't be as upset by it.... I linked up twice-- double the help needed but have missed ya.
Congrats to Stacie!! So exciting!!

Mrs. Match said...

You look amazing! That's awesome that you won so much! I won 80 bucks at a casino and I thought I was rich! :-)
So glad you feel great, minus the tootin. I got that bad towards the end with Roo. Matchs coworkers would ask how I was and he'd say gassy. The jerk!!

Miss Angie said...

You still look AWmazing for how pregnant you are, and you do look smaller this month than last!

MiMi said...

It's pregnancy brain.
It's sad cuz it doesn't go away after you have the baby. In my case.
I have another word for toot...
floating an air biscuit.

Just Keepin It Real, Folks! said...

Kudos to you for being able to wear the same outfit those past 3 months!!! Thank you for hosting.

becca said...

aw your adorable and well you call it pregnant brain my son just likes to call those memory loss moments "Brain Farts" so either way i guess farting is a mom thing

Red Stethoscope said...

First time ever that I'm linked!!!! I'm excited to be playing along! I agree that the middle prego pic is probably just water retention. As for the toots? Well, it's a good way to get the "me" time in that you need before the baby arrives...when no one wants to come near!

Julia P F said...

The day they told me I could take gas x while pregnant was like Christmas. Not only for me but for everyone around me as well... Good luck!

Sarah Kate {Dixie Creek Farm} said...

Hahahahaha! You kill me!!! At the doctor's office before the doctor walks in the for exam!! :o) I'm dying!

Congrats to Stacie!! I guess better head over there and tell her myself!

Nicole said...

Hahaha, at least your preggo so you have something to blame the sounds/smells on. What about the rest of everyone??

Emmy said...

Well I am gassy a lot lately and not pregnant- so yea, it stinks ;)

Steph said...

You look great! At least it's just the farts. Could be worse I suppose.