Monday, November 19, 2012

A 40th Birthday Bash to Remember for TTUT

Hey friends! It's me. Yes, I'm surviving mommyhood so far but this functioning on 2 hours of sleep per night business is about to do me in. When will I learn that broccoli causes gas...and not just for me but for Drew too? There is nothing like a crying, farting baby in pain at 2:00am. GAH! It's the first of many proud mommy moments I'm sure.

Anyway, I'm here to type up a quick post for TTUT. My beautiful partner, Shawn, is without an internet connection tonight {but I say she's probably just on a drunken stupor with her BFF because you know that's how she rolls...}. I hope she doesn't pee in Danielle's bed! They're supposed to be "scrapbooking". I'm sure that's code for eating crap food and sippin' on Gin and Juice.

At the end of September, I threw a big 40th Birthday Party party for my girl, Rhonda {aka Kiss} with the help of my girl, JennyKate {aka Slush}. We had a kick azz party and it couldn't have been more perfect thanks to JK's creative brain.

JK had the BRILLIANT idea to set up a "photo booth" with props and everything and here are just a few pics of the catered event:

My baby daddy.

My baby daddy's gay lover.

My sanity.

The amazingly awesome cake.

A few props.

And Baby Drew even made it into a pic.
How sweet!

That's all I have for now. I'm currently typing one-handed while letting Drew suck on my very clean finger until I finish this post so he can eat from my very sore boob. Yeah, I'm awesome like that. Try not to be jealous. Quit judging me. 

I miss you all and look forward to reading you soon! xoxoxo

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Stacy Uncorked said...

That looks like an AWESOME party! Can I hire you to throw one for me? You all look like you had SO much FUN!! :)

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Daisy said...

That cake looks amazing, wow!
Looks like it was a fun party.
I didn't link up last week but scrolled down to your previous post and I just have to say that Drew is beyyyyyyond cute!!!! What a sweetie pie. Let's hope he gets rid of those cramps real soon!

Stacie said...

Who knew we at our house would be excited to get 4 hours of sleep in a row? I feel ya, sister. Have a Happy Thanksgiving...and don't eat the broccoli or other farty stuff.

Shawn said...

Drunkin' stupor? Wetting the bed? Seriously, you know me well my friend!

No, not even a full drink and I slept in my nieces bed after I fell asleep on the couch at I'm old!

Great party thrown by a great friend!

Shannon said...

Such a great idea - photo booths! I think we might set a fun one up this weekend for my birthday festivities...make things a little more interesting lol

Heathers Happenings said...

The photo booth was a great idea. I love all the pictures. I think my favorite is your hubby and gay lover :)

Hope your family has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Dee Stephens said...

The cake is amazing. Happy Turkey Day!

VandyJ said...

That is a great idea for a party. Wanna plan one for me, I turn the big 4-0 next summer. Oh, wait, you have a prior obligation--Drew the man will be demanding your undivided attention then--especially cause he should be mobile and wanting to shove more than your boob in his mouth.

Mrs. Match said...

Ugh I just learned that lesson about broccoli and slow preggo digestion. I had trapped gas in my upper belly, I thought I needed the ER, hurt so bad! I cant imagine how Lil drew felt! Poor Lil man.

Love love love the pic of your friends around the belly. That is the sweetest!!

Jill said...

My sister-in-law learned a few weeks ago that Bok Choy is also a no-no for nursing babies. You've been warned. lol!

Looks like the party was a blast :) That cake is awesome!!

MiMi said...

That looks so fun! JK is so smart with party stuff.

Julie @Momespctive said...

Great pictures, all very good looking people and I want some of that cake!

Miss Angie said...

Looks like a great party, and you are so pretty. Hope you get more sleep soon!

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Gorgeous girls!! Looks like such a fun party!! Tay has chosen to revert back to newborn stage and nurse about 120 million times a day. Yeah, it hurts.

Nicole said...

That's one fabulous cake!

Kenzie Smith said...

Looks like an awesome party! I love the prop idea :D & the cake looks awesome too!!

becca said...

glad to hear you're surviving mommy hood and what a fabulous party

CrazyforChristy said...

I have the bestest friends in the whole wide world! It was an outstanding birthday bash! I love you & JK so much for shelling out your time, money, and effort on an old gal! Much thanks to you both! Muah! <3

CrazyforChristy said...

It was such a wonderful birthday bash! I'm so thankful for the time, money, and effort that you and JK put into throwing this old gal such a fabulous party! I have amazing friends! I love you so much! Muah! <3