Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This could be trouble!

I have a secret...let's see if you can figure it out.

It's Tuesday which means it's time to link up with my ever so fabulous, skanky, and totally sexy co-host, Seriously Shawn. NO RULES, just lots of trash talking fun. Don't make me beg you to link up!

I have a killer headache and my internet is acting a fool. I guess I should have actually paid the bill instead of buying meth. What? Are you judging me? Don't you dare judge me! 

Remember my FB stalker? The very young but cute Hispanic janitor from my previous school? No? Well, you can read all about his craziness here

He's back. I mean I can't blame him for falling in love with me....after all I am the life of the party and I have great boobs. I'm a boob girl ya know. But seriously, enough is enough. This has gone way past creepy! He has me so freaked out that when I'm home alone, all I hear is The Police singing Every Breath You Take...

He messaged me again and it wasn't to apologize for that cheesy wanna-be Mobster red shirt and cigar hanging from his mouth. It was another plate full of broken English with a side of crazy. I really need to stop eating Bon-Bons and planning vacations with my bloggy bestie  for my anniversary all day and search for higher levels of security on FB. Signing up for a concealed weapons class might not be a bad idea either.

His message this time was short, not like the others where he's professed his undying love for me over and over and over. 

even after death...
Who's death? 

to be continue u n me...
WTH does that mean?

What do you think? Any suggestions on what to do to make "Pedro" GO AWAY?

What are you talking about today?  Link up and then go visit Shawn. Be sure to tell her how incredible she is. I don't tell her as often as I should!

Oh the secret. Have you figured it out yet? Here's a hint- I have a SERIOUS headache and my internet is completely down which has left me no choice but to give out my password to my MILF friend, one with killer boobs, a great smile, and a hot husband. I SERIOUSLY hope I didn't make a mistake by asking her...

The more I think about it I should have asked JK to do this for me. Oh wait....she's too busy writing fanfic to blog anymore... Yeah, I'm good. I SERIOUSLY made the right choice! 


**Thank you, SHAWN, for writing my post for me! You did a great job. What's fair is fair, right? Good news: MY INTERNET IS WORKING TODAY! I'm off to the gym but I will be visiting you all later today~

Monday, June 18, 2012

A Public Service Announcement and Other Tidbits

Hey Lovies! How was your Monday? Does anyone ever have an amazing Monday? Don't lie. The answer is no. That's why SS and I host a link party on TUESDAY instead of Monday! Yep, we are super smart. So, don't be shy. Link up with us today for TALK TO US TUESDAY!

Let me start with a PSA. 

The word TEXTED can and should be used when speaking in past tense. 

Example: Shawn texted me a picture of her boobs. 
It sounds completely silly to say Shawn text me a picture of her boobs. It's like you're asking her to text you a picture of her boobs! 

Do you add -ing to the end of the word text when appropriate? It would sound stupid to say Shawn was text while she was driving. Of course we say she was TEXTING {and of course she absolutely DOES NOT do this, right Shawn?}. So why aren't some people adding an -ed? It baffles me. So, let's spread the word, shall we? Kthanks.


Speaking of driving while texting, look at this douchebag:
He spent the whole 10 minutes driving beside me TEXTING. Or emailing. I was ready to cut him if he came into my lane. He didn't so nobody was hurt.

Some fav pics from this week:
We went to feed the absurdly aggressive ducks and geese at the HELL duck pond. We almost had DUCK for dinner but then Emma ran out of bread and they decided to leave her for the white trash teenagers who invaded their water for an afternoon swim. 

Emma took her first swimming lesson class last night {and not to brag, but was promoted to the next class up since she's a freaking FISH with no fear of water}. After the class, they let brats kids who wanted to slide go down the water slide. Of course, mine was the first one in line. This shot is probably only awesome to me but I'm posting it anyway because IT'S MY BLOG!
My girls and I met for some Chuy's Mexican food {holy good food!} and a night at the movies. We couldn't WAIT to see Rock of Ages. Have you seen  it? So, it was a little on the cheesy side but I LOVED the music and Tom {who I know is secretly gay even though he thinks we don't know} did a very good job! Next up, Magic Mike! COME TO MOMMA, CHANNING!!!! What? He's on my approved list.

And lastly, a big thank you to my girl, Stacy from Stacy Uncorked. She sent me another bottle of wine. This time, it was her AWARD WINNING bottle of wine. 

Of course, she is expecting me to wait until the baby is born before I open it but I totally drink a little wine in my 3rd trimester {which starts in SEPTEMBERish} and don't you people bad mouth me or judge me. You know I have a 2 year old who went from ANGEL to ANGRY overnight, right? MOMMA NEEDS A DRINK!

Go check her out and buy some wine! And she leaves amazing comments on your blog! {No pressure, Stac!}

That's all for today, friends. I'm still shaking after reading Shawn's story about what she found in her house!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Types of People To Do

Hey Y'all! I hope everyone had a great weekend! SS and I are back for another Talk To Us Tuesday {which we LOVE co-hosting together} and we hope you're playing along this week too!

Today's post will be a bit random. Guess what? There are no rules so I can get random all I want! 

Are you following me on Instagram? I'm so addicted to stalking people's pictures. Some are hilarious, others are interesting, and some make me go "HUH?" but it's all good. I love it! Find me. I'm under Impulsive Addict. Duh.

Did the title of the post have you wondering? Quit being perv's. It has to do with my first two pictures.

Have you seen this on facebook yet? {click to enlarge}

I guess I could have cropped the pic. Oh well. Anyways, I fall under #10, The Liker. That is totally me! I don't leave many comments. You wanna know why? I HATE GETTING 50 EMAILS after I leave a comment! Some of you people are POPULAR! Some people turn off email notifications to prevent this but I'm too OCD to let that happen.

What about this. Have you seen this one?

I have GNO with my HO's Friday night and JennyKate claims she will do #6. I have until Friday to finish off some mayo and fill it with pudding because I'll be completing #1. It should be epic. I'll let you know how it goes.

Ladies and Gentlemen--I present to you, my NEW cell phone cover!

What do you think? You likey? It's ok to say no. I'll just think you have bad taste. Ashley at Rosie Posie Designs has TONS of cute personalized gifts in her etsy store. I don't know her but I have ordered from her several times because her things make adorable gifts. 

And finally, we celebrated M's birthday on Saturday. Emma helped decorate the cake. I had to post this pic. It's too cute!

Don't worry. Ants and/or pepper didn't take over the cake. Those are Emma's sprinkles. Mommy forgot candles and that ended up being a big FAIL because when we sang Happy Birthday, M had no candles to blow out which was all very confusing for Em. Poor thing.

So, tell me which FB person you are AND/OR which item from the TO DO list would you like to complete?

P.S. Someone hacked into Shawn's blog. You may want to go check it out.


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday

Hey! Look who's posting twice in one week again! MEEEEE!

This will be a short and sweet post {if you skip watching the video and skim the recipe}. See? I'm so thoughtful. 

I first want to share a song/video with you that I heard for the first time yesterday. It's PERFECT for summer...assuming I had a kick azz pontoon boat with a slide and grill and if only I could drink beer....or any alcohol for that matter. And who doesn't like to motorboat???

Now before you judge me, just know that I'm not a fan of most country music but this song is just plain fun! 

And no, you don't have to pretend you watched it. I RARELY watch videos that other bloggers link up. It's all good. =)

Ok, the second part of my post is to post the Finnish Pannukakkua {Oven Pancake} recipe from Tuesday's post for all the requestors. That made my day, so thanks! Here it is:

5 large eggs
3/4 cup granulated sugar
1 cup spooned all purpose flour
1 tsp. salt
2 cups milk
1 stick butter {I only use 1/2 stick}

Beat eggs until thick and lemon colored {about 5 minutes} in a medium sized mixing bowl.

Add sugar and continue to beat until sugar is dissolved, scraping the sides of bowl frequently. 

Sift flour and salt together and add to mixture. {I don't always sift and it still turns out}

Add milk slowly and continue mixing until well blended.

Melt butter in a 9x13 {preferably glass} pan in the oven.

Pour batter into baking pan over melted butter.

Bake at 375* for 35-40 minutes. Cut and serve warm with syrup. Should feed between 4-6 people.

**The pancake will be huge and puffy until you take it out of the oven and let it sit for a couple of minutes. 

*This is a double batch!

And finally, I have to share this picture with you. Emma Kate got her first set of "real" golf clubs and she couldn't wait for Daddy to take her out last night! Watch out LPGA! My girl will be making the tour in a few years! STAY AWAY FROM HER, TIGER. YOU ARE HORRIBLE!
This picture was taken with M's  CRACKBERRY work phone so that's why it's fuzzy.

So, what's going on this weekend with you? Anyone planning on making Finnish pancakes? ;)


Monday, June 4, 2012

I'm Getting Intimate for TTUT

Guess what? It's Tuesday which means YOU should link up with SS and myself for our little linky party called Talk To Us Tuesday! It's fun and there are ZERO rules so why not? PLUS we even come visit you to show you some love! Thanks to all our loyal regulars. Me love you long time!

For today's post, I thought it would be interesting to interview my husband, M to hear his thoughts and opinions on my random questions. He's a good sport and agreed to play along with me. ANYTHING FOR THE BLOG he said! Ha!

1. What is my BEST quality?
Besides your DSL's? {Don't ask. It's dirty and my parents read this, remember?}

Honey--can you try again please? Mom and Dad read this so unless you want Dad giving you a hard time.... 
Ok, I like that you don't ask me to clean or do laundry and you have a great personality. And I like your......

2. Ok, moving on quickly. What is my WORST quality?
Your patience. So true. I have none. =(

3. What's your favorite memory of us?
Can it have to do with sex? 
Can it have to do with that one time in Michigan?
Um, no.
Ok, then the birth of Emma is my favorite.
Aww...that's a good one!

4. What's your favorite meal that I make?
Your Stuffed Pasta Shells or Pannukakkua {which is a Finnish dish that translates to Oven Pancake and looks like this}:

 It is SOOOO good!

5. Complete this sentence. I make you laugh when...
You aren't trying to make me laugh. 
Or when you fall for no reason. 
Gee, thanks Babe.

Can we be done with this? I need to watch the game.


Ugh. MEN! I'm impressed he made it to 5 questions.

So, I'll ask YOU a question. What is your BEST and WORST quality? We all have one of each. Spill it in my comments and then link up with us!