Monday, August 27, 2012

I'm Talking About Inappropriate Texting.

Hey Lovies! It's time to link up with Seriously Shawn and me for Talk To Us Tuesday--the link party that has NO RULES

I'm thoroughly enjoying my time away but missing reading all of you all at the same time. My hiatus will end soon. It HAS to! Once a blogger, always a blogger, RIGHT? =)

I'll leave you with a HIGHLY INAPPROPRIATE text message from my dad. My beautiful mom and I were in Denver for a wedding this past weekend {and a pic can be seen on instagram}. He was home alone--obviously longing for my mom to be home WITH him. Maybe posting it on my blog will teach him a lesson in texting etiquette {via the daughter}. Dad--NEVER do this to me again. I love you and Mom--your husband needs you. Hurry home!

Please feel free to link up and visit some fellow link-upers. We have the most loyal friends ever! Thanks for allowing us to take a break as you continue to link up with us. We love you! xoxo


Monday, August 20, 2012

TTUT and a Pregnancy Pic

Hey Lovies! It's time to link up with Seriously Shawn and me for Talk To Us Tuesday--the link party that has NO RULES

I'm thoroughly enjoying my time away but missing reading all of you all at the same time. My hiatus will end soon. It HAS to! Once a blogger, always a blogger, RIGHT? =)

I'll post my 5 month/6 month comparison picture for those of you who care about pregnancy pics {and haven't seen it already}. I'm feeling GREAT and I'm loving the "kicks and punches" party that's going on in my tummy! As you can see, I'M GETTING BIGGER!  EEEEEK!!!  Bring it on, little man {who still has no name}.
Have a great week!  XOXO

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Talk To Us Tuesday

Please join Seriously Shawn and myself for our Talk To Us Tuesday link up! There are NO RULES!!

I'm on a short hiatus but I'll be returning soon! I hope you're enjoying the last few weeks of summer!!

Love and hugs,


Monday, August 6, 2012

A Short TTUT Hiatus!!!

Ok Lovies...I'm back for another edition of TTUT with my beautiful friend, the almost birthday girl, Shawn. Doesn't she look GREAT for 45? *insert giggle here*

I'm here today to announce a short break from blogging and TTUT. As most of you know, Shawn and I have both been super busy and I know I haven't been leaving comments for the last couple of weeks. This is not ok with me. I pride myself on always being diligent on returning comments and commenting on the link-ups. For the past few weeks, it's all I can do to even open my laptop! I have no desire to log into anything unless I can do it from my phone.

As most of you know, I'm 5 1/2 months pregnant. My pregnancy has had a few minor bumps {everything is ok now} and my list of things to get done between now and Dec. 7th is getting longer everyday:

*Plan and throw a ginormous 40th birthday party for Rhonda {aka KISS} next month with the help of JennyKate.

*Pick out a FLIPPING name for my baby boy.
*Find a crib.
*Order bedding for crib.
*Mail Shawn a birthday gift {even though I have NO CLUE what I'll be mailing her yet}.
*Christmas shop {because I won't be doing it after Dec. 7th!!!}
*Attend 2 out of state weddings.
*Have a scheduled break-down. Mom and Dad--I'll need your help during this time.
*Pick out the PERFECT 10 year anniversary wedding gift for M.
*Clean out the garage and have a garage/yard sale asap because it's embarrassing in there.

Did I mention that my house is for sale? Yeah, I could be packing up and moving out any day now! What pregnant woman wants to do THAT???

So, you see, my plate is SLIGHTLY full. I will return to TTUT very soon. I just need to take a much needed break. I will, however, continue to have a link up on my page for those still participating.

Miss me while I'm gone. I know I will miss you too. I'll post a preggo pic soon! xoxo

Michigan, July 2012