Monday, November 26, 2012

A TTUT Post in Pictures...because I'm lazy. And Tired.

Welcome to TTUT! Shawn and I have been barely skating by lately on our little link up. It's just a very busy time of year but it's also one of my FAVORITE times! Now, if I can just get caught up on my sleep from the last 3 weeks, I'll be ok. 

I truly MISS reading you all. I really do read 1:00am, 3:00am, and 5:00am while I'm feeding Drew but it's always from my phone and I HATE leaving comments from my phone so just know I've been stalking you.

I wanted to blog my story of Drew this week {because it's a good one} but I'm too drained and way too busy to sit here in front of this computer for an hour and type it up. I should have started on it a couple of days ago.

So, instead, I'll be taking the lazy way out and just post some of my latest INSTAGRAM pics for your enjoyment pleasure.

First Bath

Sweet, kissable lips!

Because we all need umbrella's when it's not raining...

Just plain gorgeous in her new coat and hat

My lover and a tiny photo bomber

My Packer fans! These jersey's didn't help us win last night though.

Next week, it will be my story on Drew, ok?  Oh, and/or my surprise baby shower thrown by Kiss and Slush on Saturday that made me cry big ugly tears {more so because of my outfit choice} and it also involved a hit and run that made me laugh all the way to the surprise bash. I'll explain.  Until then, please link up your Tuesday post with us!  

LOVE LOVE LOVE your faces! xoxo


Monday, November 19, 2012

A 40th Birthday Bash to Remember for TTUT

Hey friends! It's me. Yes, I'm surviving mommyhood so far but this functioning on 2 hours of sleep per night business is about to do me in. When will I learn that broccoli causes gas...and not just for me but for Drew too? There is nothing like a crying, farting baby in pain at 2:00am. GAH! It's the first of many proud mommy moments I'm sure.

Anyway, I'm here to type up a quick post for TTUT. My beautiful partner, Shawn, is without an internet connection tonight {but I say she's probably just on a drunken stupor with her BFF because you know that's how she rolls...}. I hope she doesn't pee in Danielle's bed! They're supposed to be "scrapbooking". I'm sure that's code for eating crap food and sippin' on Gin and Juice.

At the end of September, I threw a big 40th Birthday Party party for my girl, Rhonda {aka Kiss} with the help of my girl, JennyKate {aka Slush}. We had a kick azz party and it couldn't have been more perfect thanks to JK's creative brain.

JK had the BRILLIANT idea to set up a "photo booth" with props and everything and here are just a few pics of the catered event:

My baby daddy.

My baby daddy's gay lover.

My sanity.

The amazingly awesome cake.

A few props.

And Baby Drew even made it into a pic.
How sweet!

That's all I have for now. I'm currently typing one-handed while letting Drew suck on my very clean finger until I finish this post so he can eat from my very sore boob. Yeah, I'm awesome like that. Try not to be jealous. Quit judging me. 

I miss you all and look forward to reading you soon! xoxoxo

Link your post up!!! 


Monday, November 12, 2012

Introducing Drew on TTUT!

Hey there blogger friends {and blog stalkers!} Guess what??


Thank you so much to my TTUT partner, Shawn, for helpin' a sister out with publishing a very sweet post for me last week. This time last week, I was resting comfortably in a hospital bed and LOVING on my little man, DREW MICHAEL. The very difficult name choice was made 5 days before he arrived and the middle name was decided as we were driving to the hospital.

You guys, he is soooo sweet! I can't get enough of him! He didn't want to be outdone by his big sister so he felt the need to arrive 5 weeks early also. {And by the way, I totally thought I was peeing myself. It turns out, I wasn't peeing. I was just leaking amniotic fluid.} However, there was no 12 day stay in the NICU this time. We came home on Wednesday and the madness has ensued. Here is a sample of what's going on with me:

*Awake every 2-3 hours to feed him.
*Emma is super bratty {but loves her baby brother}
*Drew is jaundice and a little underweight. {Recheck next week}
*Father-in-law moved to a hotel so my mom could be here to help me. THANKS MOMMA! xoxo
*Father-in-law still comes over daily.
*Father-in-law came into my room this morning as I was NURSING Drew. GET OUT!!!!
*Mother-in-law flies in Wednesday for 2 weeks so Father-in-law will be moving back in.
*House is a disaster.
*My nipples are sore.
*My hands are chapped from washing them constantly. {Drew is a preemie}
*Did I mention how exhausted I am?

I wouldn't change a thing! I love being a mom of 2. I don't have a lot of computer time as of right now, but I'm sure you understand. I'll leave you with some pics from my iphone. My camera is full of pics that aren't on my computer yet.
My college friend, Leean, who delivered Drew. Isn't that sweet and super cool? She saw all my business! We totally took our friendship to a new level. She's also responsible for dragging me into the blogging world. THANKS LEEAN! Love you!

My Drew. Born with a full head of hair at 5 weeks early. I may have been able to braid it if he showed up on his due date.

My Love. See the hair? LOVE!

Before leaving the hospital. Look how tiny he is!!!

Emma loves him and I love this sweet picture! Guess who copies my EVERY move?? So funny to watch her "pump" and "feed" her babies.

Lexi was checking out her newest sibling. She approves! What a great little Beagle Momma she is!

I promise to tell my entire story in the coming weeks. It's a good one!

Oh...and guess what?

My house will be sparkling clean later today thanks to a sweet lady named Brenda. *insert angels singing here*

What's on your mind today? Tell us by linking up! Have a great week everyone!

PS. Blogger friends are wonderful and very generous. Thank you all for some amazing gifts! Pictures to come later. =)


Monday, November 5, 2012

This family has grown by 2 feet!

Hey y'all it's Shawn doing a guest post for my sweet friend who is currently resting comfortably with her precious little boy in her arms.

Yep, Baby Boy {BB}, I'll let her reveal his name, made his arrival November 5, 2012, at 3:50am, 5 weeks early. He weighed a whopping 5 pounds 10 ounces and is perfectly healthy. Momma wasn't sure at first if she was peeing herself or if her water had broke, clearly she's not seen me wet my pants as many times as she claims if she had any doubts.

It was a somewhat fast delivery and she did it Wonder-Woman epidural! BB was sent to NICU for observation but did so well that he was released after 8 hours to the regular nursery. If he continues to progress at this rate he'll be going home Wednesday!

Obviously IA will not be around today, and more than likely the rest of the month, but she will undoubtedly have her phone nearby so she'll be able to read your comments. I know she'd love to hear from everyone.

Momma was looking good, ready to meet her son. I'm not sure what's going on with this picture but I assure you she does not have chicken pocks! 

Seriously? She does not look like someone who just delivered a baby does she? Let's all hate her for just a minute for that.

He's an adorable little guy with a full head of hair and a big sister who already loves him to pieces.

I must say he is a beautiful baby and I cannot wait to meet him and share an ice cold, double tall, Captain and diet with his Momma!

Congratulation IA, M, and Emma, I am thrilled for you!