Monday, December 24, 2012


First and foremost: 

and Happy Birthday to my Daddy!

So, do I still have any readers? Holy Hell. I didn't even post last Tuesday. I'm sorry, y'all. I thought I may have been going home to be with Jesus before the Mayan's predicted expiration date of our great Earth. I was SICK. Like 103.5* sick with lots of coughing, nose-blowing and whining. Shawn, thanks for taking the slack for TTUT last week. You know I appreciate it and OWE you.

Dad--thank you for pointing out my non-new-post last Tuesday morning while recuperating on your couch. Who knew you were such a punctual reader? I'll dedicate this whole entire post to you. ;)


I like them. They tell you how someone may be feeling. 

For example--OVERWHELMED.

I am feeling overwhelmed with life in general. I'm struggling as a new mom of 2. I think I need more sleep or girls nights out....or just more daily alcohol consumption. I'm talking to you JennyKate, Mona and Rhonda!!

What happened to my organization? 

What happened to having a spotless kitchen before bed each night? 

Why is the laundry piled to the ceiling?

Why does my own personal "to do" list grow daily and will it ever end?

Why does it look like I got stoned, drunk, and took a hit of acid right to the eyeball last night every morning when I see my reflection in the mirror? If I'm gonna look the part, at least let me have done one or two of those things. GEEZ.

Do I think this is normal? Of course! I'm just learning to adjust to a new Impulsive Addict. A new type of mom. A new type of wife.

But did I cry big, ugly tears last week when my darling husband told me he received an amazing promotion that will move us 3.5 hours away from my parents? YES. And not tears of joy either.

Can I see a positive in this move? Why yes I can!
(1) I get a bigger house!!
(2) I'm moving out of HELL y'all! See ya later swingin' methheads! (But something tells me this new town may not be much better.)
(3) They have a Taco Bueno (fav fast food) and a Maurices (fav clothing store). 
(4) I'm 1.5 hours away from my Fort Worth friends and the DFW airport (which means cheaper airfare for traveling).
(5) The cost of living is slightly cheaper meaning we can get a bigger, better house for around the same price.
(6) Professional movers come and pack for me. HOW SWEET IS THAT DEAL?

Here's another adjective: ANXIOUS.

I'm feeling anxious about the move. I'm picking up and moving to a new town where I don't know ANYBODY. We're moving to a place where we have zero family and no trusted babysitter from our church. We're moving to a place where I know nothing about mommy groups, churches, MDO programs, etc.

But you know what?  I know I will be ok. I know that if I needed a friend {or a mom} to come help me even on short notice, they would. That's what friends and family do for each other. 

I'll be ok. I'm outgoing. I will survive. Maybe I'll love it there.....

Or maybe I'll be curled up in a fetal position every night rocking back and forth while crying for my mommy. I'll be sure to let you know how it plays out. In the meantime, say a prayer for my sanity. I've lost it and can't seem to find it.

P.S. I've had to resort to counting sheep {LAME} at night so my brain shuts down but they jump too fast for me to count them. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?? 

I hope that you still love me and will still link up to our link party. I also hope you all had a Merry Christmas or a Happy Hanukah or an Awesome Kwanzaa! =)


Monday, December 10, 2012

A Birthday Princess and a Gangsta

Hey friends! It's time to "talk" to Shawn and I for Talk To Us Tuesday! Isn't this a crazy busy time of year? It makes me want to drink hot chocolate spiked with liquor while I wrap gifts and bake (and eat) all things my azz needs more dimples. But please stop with the Christmas music. It makes me cringe. 

There. I said it. 
I don't like Christmas music!!

I'm taking a mini vacation in Texas for a few days with the family and blogging from the iPad is not ideal. Yep, I'm flaking out this week. Surely you aren't surprised. I'm the worst weekly blogger EVER. 

We celebrated Emma's 3rd birthday on Sunday:

And she was such a BRAT that she received a few beatings swats on her special day....and not the birthday kind either. I also heard on Facebook that 3 is worse than 2. If that's the case, I'm selling her on Craig's List. I'm not even joking. 

Yes I am, Mom. No need to text me. ;-)

And I can't sign off without leaving you with a picture of my sweet baby, Drew:
This is his gangsta style pic. Good news: He hasn't received any beatings swats yet. =)

Now it's your turn. Link up with us! I'll try to leave some comment love when I return home! Love and Miss~ 


Monday, December 3, 2012

The Story of Drew for TTUT

Hey y'all! I'm back {barely} for another week of TTUT with my co-host, FLASH aka Shawn. That may be her new nickname if she keeps sending me 1/2 nekkid pictures of herself on Snap Chat. Do you have that app? It's so fun!

So, I'm back to tell you a sweet story. I'll be unoriginal and title this one Drew's Birth Story.

WARNING: This is LONG. I repeat THIS POST IS LONG. It's more of a post for me and my kids to read and reflect on later but feel free to skim it. I won't judge you for that. You are welcome!

So, on Sunday, November 4th, shortly after attending church and then an awesome lunch (sans M since he was playing in a golf tournament), I put Emma down for a nap and was enjoying a quiet house with my feet up and a little football on the tv. 

I had called my mom to chat for a bit when all of a sudden, I peed myself. It was only slightly. So, I get up, keep chatting with my mom, and go take care of business. When I thought I was finished peeing, I stood up to pull up the ol' undies only to pee on myself again. WTH?

So, I keep talking, not telling my mom that I was peeing on myself. This time, I sit down on the toilet for an excessive amount of minutes to MAKE SURE I wouldn't pee myself again.

But I did. 
Just as soon as I stood up. 

Very calmly as to not alarm my slightly over-paranoid mom {LOVE YOU MOM}, I tell her I need to call the nurse because I keep pissing myself.

I called my nurse, who has also became a good friend. I tell her my situation. She asked me some questions like (1) Is there blood? No. (2) What does it smell like? Umm...nothing? Ew. (3) When you cough, does it come out? Not really.

She agrees with me. I'm peeing myself. I have lost control of my bladder. GREAT. Awesome. But she decides to call my OBGYN just to see what she thinks since my water broke around the same time with Emma.

My OB says for me to check into the hospital.


M is golfing. Em is napping. I had myself packed this time around but M and Emma were NOT packed. 

I called M. 

No answer.

I called his golfing partner.

No answer.

I send him a text about a "possible water leak" and he thinks we have a busted pipe in the house. Boys are stupid. He calls me back when he figured out that my AMNIOTIC SACK may be leaking.

He rushes home. He takes a shower.

I rush into the bathtub to shave my cooch. I was NOT prepared for my OB to see what was growing wildly down below. {TMI? Sorry Dad.} Oh stop. It wasn't HORRIBLE but some grooming was needed.

As I'm shaving, I'm "peeing" uncontrollably. I decide to take a mirror to see if I could tell where it was coming from. I couldn't. ARE YOU JUDGING ME? Hey...I'm an honest girl...

Ok, so we load up and head to meet my parents to do a little dad gets Emma and Lexi and we get my mom. She missed Emma's delivery by minutes so she wasn't going to miss this one.

As we make the almost 2 hour drive to my hospital, I text my friend from college, Leean, to see if she was working Labor and Delivery that night. 

She was. I told her to expect me soon.

As we step out of the car to head inside, I felt a big GUSH. 

Niiiiice. I'm soaking wet. Guess I won't be "sitting" in the waiting room.

Check in went great and Leean was expecting me! She did everything but break out the red carpet. It was AWESOME.

I get my IV set up around 8:00pm and then the fun part begins. Leean and I had to take our friendship to the next level. She had to see how far (if any) I was dilated. In short, she fisted me. Well, at least that what it felt like. 

I was only dilated to about a 1 but the monitor was showing contractions that I wasn't feeling {yet}. 

My OB checks in and tells Leean she wants me delivered by 5:00am. WHAT? You mean, I'm for sure having a baby in the next few hours?? 

Ohemgee. Here we go again. My baby will have to spend the next 2 weeks in NICU {like Emma}. I was sad but excited to meet my little man!

So, around 11:00pm, I could vaguely tell when I was having a contraction. It was my first time to feel them since I was 100% back labor with Emma.

By 2:00am, there was no mistaking the contractions. I was feeling them and trying to do my deep breathing. M and my mom were snoozing....or trying to over my moaning {which I fear probably sounded extremely inappropriate if you know what I mean}. I was dilated to about a 5 at that time.

I asked for a little pain medicine but I held off on the epidural. That medicine made me feel a little drunk. I'm not gonna lie, I kinda liked it. It had been a while, ya know? If he came as quickly as Emma, I started thinking about NOT getting the epidural.

Ok, so speeding up the story a little bit because this is getting ridiculously long, my OB was called at 3:30am. I was a 10. It would take her 15 minutes to get to the hospital. My body kept trying to push. I was so scared my doctor wouldn't make it but she got there and it was GO TIME.

A couple of contractions and a few pushes and my little angel, Drew, was here with a HUGE CONE HEAD! The biggest that I have ever seen! 

Aside from the cone head, he was PERFECT. He had TONS of dark hair. I think M started to question me on the "real father" but once he saw him, he knew he looked just like his sister.
Emma on the left and Drew on the right. Why are newborns so ugly??

I felt so blessed to have a son in my arms! And guess what? He was such a trooper that he only lasted 6 hours in NICU before he was released to the "big boy" nursery. YAY YAY YAY!

We got about 1 hour of sleep before visitors arrived. My friend, Jenny, my BFF from Fort Worth, arrived as a surprise. She drove 5 hours to surprise me! I was elated! How awesome was that?? And to top it off, she wasn't receiving my group texts about Drew and the delivery. {It could have been because I was texting her HOME PHONE..duh} so she drove here not knowing if he was here yet, if he was ok...NOTHING.
I was in the room when she birthed 2 of her 3 children. I only wish she had been in there with me also. But her being there was perfect. And I made her stay the night even though she didn't bring anything but the clothes she was wearing.

This is where I'll insert picture overload and some pictures may have already been posted on here. I can't remember. I barely sleep so you know...whatever.

Emma got to meet her "baby brodder" later that day. She LOVED him from the beginning.
"Helping" bottle feed

Look! It's JK!!
Mona, Rhonda, and Markie

She loves to give him kisses

My sweet friend, Leean, who helped deliver Drew.


Heading home

And more kisses.

Lexi had to check him out. She approved.

That is love.

And yesterday {Monday}, this tiny cutie turned 1 month old. ARE YOU SERIOUS? That was quick. I need it to slow down a little bit. 

Ok, so what are you talking about today? Link up with us and let us know! =)