Monday, January 28, 2013

Hey Look! I'm back!

Yes. That's right. I'm ACTUALLY blogging today! This means that I actually HAVE an internet connection and that I have a little down time to throw something my dad won't leave me alone about needing something to read on Tuesday mornings.

In any case, Shawn will be pleasantly surprised that she's not hosting alone again and maybe my readers will forgive me for being gone. Also, maybe she can help me interpret this drunk text I got over the weekend. Shawn? Any thoughts?

So, what's new with you?

I went house shopping in my soon-to-be new town on Saturday. It went ok. We found a house we love. We'll see what happens. My realtor, Fern, who is about 89 years old, will be my first friend. Hopefully she'll help me figure out that crazy town. I wonder if she's a swinger?

I'll tell you a quick funny story before I post a couple of adorable pictures for you to enjoy. 

You know how kids are a little too honest, right? So, Emma and I were out doing a little shopping recently, and a sweet little old man pushing a walker came our way. Emma said "hi" {being the social butterfly she is} and he stopped to talk to her for a bit. In the middle of him complimenting her outfit, she proceeds to tell him... 

"You fordot to brush yer teef dis morning 'cause yer bref is stinky."

DID SHE JUST SAY THAT? Holy geez. I was mortified. What do ya do?

Do you follow me on instagram or twitter? You should. I post a picture daily. I love picture stalking.  

Have you ever seen hair like this? It absolutely won't lay flat. It cracks us up! 
Drew and his Nana. LOVE!
Did you use (or do you use) a sleep sack? BEST.INVENTION.EVER. Ok, that may be a stretch, but I'm a big fan.
Ever tried this before? How do you people with more than 2 kids get your kids to pose for pictures? I broke a sweat trying to get one decent picture. I think I took 30 and got one. ONE!!

Will you pretty please link up with us? If you say no, I'll hunt you down and squirt you with breast milk. Eww. Sorry. It's all I could come up with on short notice.

Trying to lose weight? Need motivation? Check out MyFitnessPal. It's free and can be an app on your phone. You can log your weight {which is private} and track your food and fitness and get lots of encouragement from your friends. Find me! Let's motivate each other! Maybe some of my friends on there should have talked me out of dessert on Saturday night. Thanks a lot, jerks.




VandyJ said...

Woo hoo, a post from you! And I'm rhyming I'm so excited.
As to the whole getting pictures of two kids together, well my oldest was older at the time and able to sit nicely. They still have their moments though.
And Drew is quite stylish with his built in mohawk. Or is it a fauxhawk?

starnes family said...

1. Seriously one of my favorite texts ever.

2. Jack's hair was like that. I loved it! Now it's normal, unlike Jack.

becca said...

i love little man's hair so cute

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

So you post on Mondays so your Dad can read something on Tuesdays. Dang it! I want something to read also. Post something on Thursdays so that I can read it on Friday. Deal?

Actually I know you are busy. Post when you can, good luck on the move. Cute kids! (no surprise given their Mom and Dad)

I guess both the Packers and the Cowboys will be watching the Superbowl on TV, just like me.

Nicole said...

I love that drunk text. Was it from Shawn??

Anonymous said...

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Myya said...

Well hello there little miss IA!

LOOOOVE that text sequence from Shawn. I died when I saw that... hilarious!!!

Adorable pictures, sooo stinking cute... SOOOO CUTE!

Stacie said...

Aw yeah, she's back, BOOYAA! That's what I'm talking about!

Love Drew's hair, E's will not lay flat except for about the first 2 minutes out of the tub, then boing!

Love sleep sacks!

Hope Emma doesn't smother Drew...I struggle with pics with just one kid, it will be easier when the head isn't so bobbly!

I'll hunt you up on FitnessPal...please don't laugh when it tells you how many weeks since I logged in...gotta get back at it! said...

The Loseit! app also works pretty well. I like it a lot.

Heathers Happenings said...

Woohoo IA is back!!!
That drunk text is awesome.

Xazmin said...

Bahaha! Kids really are awesome when they're being "honest". Except when it's my kids and they embarrass me.

My son had hair like that! It is the best!

Getting a good picture with all my kids is pretty near impossible. Even for professional photographers. There is always at least one kid in each shot that looks like a dork.

And don't worry, we make breast milk squirting jokes around here all the time.

Shawn said...

I think I recognize that text....Whatever!

HIS HAIR KILLS ME! I cannot wait to squeeze him.

Honey told Santa once "Santa, your breff smells" so loud that the other parents in line chuckled which prompted Mrs. Claus to pull TicTacs from her apron. I think she might have gotten coal that year.

I'm glad your back!

Emmy said...

She's alive!!!

Too much? :)

Yea, glad you blogged again. And I do do love his hair. Hope you get the house you want, fingers crossed for you.

And yes, kids do not have filters :)

Mrs. Match said...

Aww I love Drew's hair! I can't believe how much of it he already has!

Oh to be a kid again and be able to say whatever is on your mind. I've wanted to tell a few people to get a mint before. Go Emma!

I wanna see pictures of the potential house!!

Stacy Uncorked said...

IT IS ALIVE!!!!!!! :)

Drew is so stinkin' CUTE! Princess Nagger's hair was like that when she was a baby, too - I have some great blackmail pictures of it in a Mohawk - you know, for when she gets to dating age and brings home a boy named Spike or Snake. ;)

And Emma's comment to the old man cracks me up - from the mouths of babes, right?

Wait - you're moving again?! I'll need the new address for when that transpires... and I suppose I better get motivated purging and packing since it'll probably take the full time between now and this summer when we'll be moving across country! :)

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Julie Maloney said...

It's like pulling teeth getting my kids to take a decent picture. They both have great smiles but it's like they turn into wackos the second there's a camera around.

Miss Angie said...

I'm glad you're back! I am loving his hair, so cute. I also love following you on IG.

MiMi said...

I LOVE his hair!!
He's too stinkin' cute.
Also, you could probably shoot breast milk farther than I can run.
Did the old man hear Emma?? Hopefully he's hard of hearing?

My Inner Chick said...

The baby is FABULOUS!

The text is Hilareous.

You are Sinsational! X

Sarah said...

Thanks for the follow back on Instagram! (blairsmom11) however I'm dumb and somehow I un-followed you!) uggghhhh so please add me again!

Loving the pics of your sweet kids! I hope that all goes smoothly with y'all getting the house.

Chell said...

Welcome back!

In love with your baby man there... he is jsut tooo stinkin' cahyut!

Steph said...

Oh, Emma. Bless her little heart! I'm sure his breath was stinky. You wouldn't want her to lie would you?

Cute pictures! Glad to hear you are doing well!