Monday, February 4, 2013

Texting for TTUT. And Cute Pics.

Hello Darlings! How was your weekend? Some of you attended some WILD Superbowl parties! Did you love the half-time show? I did. I think I just want Beyonce's body. Fav commercials? I like the ones that made me laugh.

Anyway, I'm here for TTUT hosted by the gorgeous yet busy momma, Shawn, and myself. It actually feels good to be blogging today! Maybe I'm gettin' my groove back like Stella did! =)

I'm a texter. Any other fellow texters out there? I'm not huge on phone conversations mainly because I'm a mom of 2 now and it's almost impossible to enjoy an actual telephone call. So as I was thinking about what I would be blogging today {I actually have a list, people!!}, I decided I would share some interesting text messages as of lately.

Here we go.

This would be from the lovely Shawn. Occasionally, she likes to give me sound parental advice which I ALWAYS appreciate. I'm thinking this one may have come from experience. I'm pretty sure there was a daughter that may have walked in to a situation that was rated NC-17. Whoopsie!

And then there's one from the husband who always has MY best interest at heart. I thought I had mastitis. Turns out, it was a little thrush on the ol' nipples (OUCH) and a clogged milk duct.

Occasionally, I talk about M behind his back. This was a text to my cousin.
Can I please start sleeping through the night AND lose this pouch that sits on my belly before we start having this discussion? And seriously, I round up to 40. Shouldn't I stop? I don't wanna die before my kids graduate high school!

Here's one with my momma. I'm glad we have such a close relationship and we can say whatever we please but sometimes, too much info makes me feel queezy. You'll see.
Background info: She texted to tell me how great mixing vinegar and dish soap works to remove 10 years of hair spray from blinds in her bathroom:

Here is a FACEBOOK post from a cousin who I am NOT close to. She's an idiot. And probably a little more white trash than I am.
 This girl has a 10 year old daughter who saw this happen. Apparently, he's an abuser and she's an alcoholic (with horrible grammar). He won custody in the divorce. She went to Texas to get back together with the daddy. Guess what? She's still there. She didn't file a police report either. I have no patience for people who stay with their abuser. 

And of course I can't leave without posting pictures of my babes. Here is my happy, fat baby after a full tummy:

And my skinny little bratty girl who obviously turned into a tomboy overnight after bringing in a long, thick worm INTO MY HOUSE after digging in the dirt outside. Eww. At least it wasn't a snake. 

If you don't have anything better to do, link up with us! I visited almost everyone last week! I'll try to do that again. Thanks for hangin' on to our meme with us. It's been a little rocky lately but we're staying afloat for now. Whew. I may need a life jacket soon....




Mrs. Match said...

Ha, yeah Match likes to rub the belly and tell me how he can't wait to give me more. He said he's going to knock me up again the second he gets the chance. ACK! I want one more after this lil guy, and he wants a crowd. I told them he can have more when he can grow them himself. ;-)

Ew, I'm with you. No patience for doormat women who allow that kind of abuse. What a terrible example to set for her child.

Myya said...

I loved your post this week. Funny funny shiz Ms. IA.

Stacie said...

We could always have another together...well, not together, I'm not that kind of girl...but you know what I mean...but the first time some teacher asks if I am Elise's grandma, I will slap somebody!

We should text, I could use the laughs!

Shawn said...

Thanks for publishing my parental advice at its finest! Just for the record, my 13 year did not walk in during the act, just her butt-ass naked Mom glowing in the aftermath...she is still however scared for life!

Love that baby boy and cannot wait to squeeze him!

Dee Stephens said...

Been missing you!

Scriptor said...

My husband wanted four kids but I think we finally agreed that this third one (due in - ugh - almost 7 months, will be plenty. I am glad; I want to start working off this belly too!

Heathers Happenings said...

Hahaha love the one with your mom! I think I would murder my husband to if he talked about having another one.

Stacy Uncorked said...

Thanks for reminding me I need to give you my new cell number so we can exchange funny texts once in a blue moon. ;)

Shawn's parental advice is of course priceless! :)

Having been married to an abusive man (and made my escape 2 years into it because hello?! not a fan of assholes), I have no patience for those who stay with their abuser - and try to get sympathy by posting an update like that on Facebook but not file a police report. SMH

You sure make beautiful babies! :) And I'm giggling over the fact that Emma turned into a tomboy over night - it happened to Princess Nagger, too. ;)

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VandyJ said...

My first thought was that Emma had found a small garter snake. Good thing it was only a worm.

Nicole said...

When I saw the worm on instagram I was scared it was a small snake! eek! And yeah, women who stay with abusers cause young girls to think that's ok. Soooooo sad! Wonder what it was like for the little girl when she was alone with her old man.

Miss Angie said...

Haha, that's hilarious. I love that your mom can talk to you like that and it's not weird.

That baby is so cute! So is your little tomboy!

Jill said...

That worm is so big it might as WELL be a snake! Emma, put that thing DOWN!!!!

Baby Boy is adorbs, as per usual.

And got some great giggles reading those texts!!! love it! :)

Hi. I've missed you. I'm sorry I was away from TTUT so long... I'm finally back :)

Julia P F said...

Texting is clearly the way to go. Also then you never forget what you said!

Julie Maloney said...

I won't even answer the phone, I'm a straight texter. I loved the Budweiser horse commercial. I totally cried.

Kenzie Smith said...

HAHA those texts are all hilarious!!
I totally think worms are 100 times worse than snakes - ugh worms give me the heebie jeebies YUCK.

becca said...

LMAO you are to funny and go Emma not afraid to get dirty plus Drew is so cute can I borrow your children for a day or two I miss having babies

Limefreckle said...

if my kid brought that worm into the house I'd freak...I hate worms as much as I do snakes! But she's so cute that it's OK. And Drew is adorable......great candid picture!

Anonymous said...

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Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Nobody posts like you do!

Didn't I see you on the People of Walmart the other day?

Shannon said...

LOLOL!!!!! I definitely thought that was a snake - I almost screamed haha! The baby is getting so big and he's so cute! Your mom's text is hilarious! Some things are better left to the imagination...or not :P

Steph said...

The text from your mom made me laugh out loud. :)

Don't you just love when people air how stupid they are on facebook.

Did you squeal when Emma brought that to you?

Emmy said...

Your cousin obviously has some problems and it still shocks me- though it shouldn't what some people share on FB.

And I agree texting is so much better than phone calls.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I don't even know where to begin commenting on those there texts.
Instead, I'll say your babe and Emma are adorable. Not so much the worm though.

My Inner Chick said...

the text by your mom is awesome!
you guys must be very close.

As far as the abuser. He's an asshole bastard, but women stay for many reasons.

I know my sister did.

Sorry, I had to say this.

Still love ya. Xx