Monday, February 25, 2013

10 Things for TTUT

Hey there friends (and mom and dad). It's time for another edition of Talk to Us Tuesday hosted by the very tan beach bum, Shawn, and myself. It's where you come to link up your randomness.  In today's episode, I'll be linking up with EmmyMom for her 10 Things meme.

My Top 10 Things to Smile About for February

We close in 30 days! I'm excited and nervous. It's a new town with no friends or family close....but it's gotta be better than this swinger/meth head town, right? Well, unless it has a swinger/meth head population also. That would suck.

2. Drew had his first taste of cereal. Of course this Mr. Chunky McChunkerson enjoyed every last drop! No babies were harmed in the making of this photo even though it looks like we're forcing him to eat.

3.  Our one and (probably) only snow day for 2013 and it was a good one!

4. I started Couch to 5K again this month and I'm still doing it! It's an app on my phone that helps you build up your running ability. It's a 9 week program that makes "wogging" do-able.

5. This picture.

6. The fact that my almost 4 month old son finally slept through the entire night made me ecstatic! However, the fact that my very full boobs woke me up at 4:00am pissed me right off.

7. Enjoying my lover, Mr. Captain, made me smile this month. I heard that I may have enjoyed him a little too much. BAD BARTENDER! #PumpAndDump

Hello drunk face. Go away crows feet. What's up with my fingers? I need to whiten my teef.

8. I LOVED watching the Bachelor! Who else is a Sean fan? Obviously, I have a thing for blondes. {I never did when I was younger.} Anyway, that crazy B, Tiarra, made it WORTH watching. Did you hear someone actually PROPOSED to her? Poor fella.

HOLY!!!!! *drool*

I'm assuming he's rich? Or that ring is CZ.

9. This quote from Emma made me smile when asked about her feeding Drew: "I can't feed Drew. I'm too little and I don't have any milk!" 

10. Playing Candy Crush. 
Hello. My name is IA and I'm addicted to yet ANOTHER app that consumes my free time, keeps me up until wee hours of the morning, and makes me want to throw things out of frustration. Boo to my aunt who made me help her with a level.

What made you smile this month? Link up with us, Emmy and/or with our girl, Stacy Uncorked.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Embarrassing Myself for TTUT. Because I Can.

Is it really Tuesday already? {Or Monday night if you're reading this when I actually post it} The time is flying! I've got more on my plate than I know what to do with and you guys know I like to eat! I'm just glad that Shawn and I do this meme together. I couldn't do it alone. 

So, this momma had a little to drink last week. My Valentine took me out to nice dinner followed by some drinks at our favorite bar. The bartender, Chris, over-served me. I should really file a formal complaint! I may have gotten a little lippy and I may have pissed off a girl who probably could have kicked my ass with her 8 inch stripper shoes. I may have told her boyfriend that he "could do better" and he "should experience some other girls". Somehow, she didn't kill me and I'm still here and able to type about it. 

Apparently, I sent out some texts that night. One particular person, who's name sounds a lot like JOHN, {or Shawn} asked me to send her a video.

And I did. 

Because I'm an idiot. 

I should have known it would be used against me. But that's ok. I can make fun of myself too. I'll show you the stupid ass lame video and then you can make fun of me but you CANNOT judge me. Those are the rules.  

The drunk look is soooo not pretty. I'm just glad I filmed in the bathroom and not in the bar. That would have been a hot mess of a video.

On Friday night, we had a fancy smancy function to go to for M's company WITH AN OPEN BAR and I was able to show self control by only drinking 2 glasses of wine. See? I can be good when I wanna be.

Do you have any embarrassing videos of yourself? 

Link your Tuesday post up with us. We love to read you even if we don't always comment. We'll get better again. PROMISE!

Have a great week~


Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Hey Sweetpeas {that actually read my blog once a week}. How are ya? Are you here to link up with Shawn and myself for TTUT? I hope so. Participation on our link party is down. I WONDER WHY?!? {We kinda suck at hosting lately. We're working on it though. I promise!}.

Soooo...guess what? I bought a house!

Ok, not "I" since "I" doesn't work. How about WE bought a house. Or better yet, I bought a house with M's money! Most of you knew this was happening but in case you didn't know, M got a promotion in another town in Oklahoma. I'm sad to be moving further away from my parents but oh so happy to get out of HELL. Fort Worth friends--I'm a cool 1 hour and 15 mintues away from you!

After picking out 7 houses that we wanted to look at, it was the first one we looked at, my favorite house from the beginning, and the one that we will be moving into in about 45 days. EEEEK!! Thank God M's company has hired movers to pack us up! I will enjoy watching those {hopefully hot} boys do all my packing!

Wanna see a few pictures?

Here she is. Isn't she pretty?

Here is a shot of the formal dining room. I LOVE the red! {Not my furniture} 

Here is a small shot of the GINORMOUS fenced in back yard. It even has sprinklers! We MISS having a fence and sprinklers. I told M that a POOL would look perfect right there in the middle but I need to keep working on him. He's not ready to give in just yet. 
On to the room that will get the most use: My kitchen.
It has a GAS stove. We've missed that too. I wasn't completely crazy about the dark wood mixed with the white cabinets in the island but it's growing on me.

Never mind the ginormous cock in this picture. Remember, this isn't my furniture. DO YOU SEE THE DOUBLE OVEN? In.Love! And a walk-in pantry! Oh how I've missed having one of those. {See? Living in HELL has been horrible!}
So, that's just a sneak peak. What did ya think? It's a 2 story {the stairs are pretty} and the kids' bedrooms are upstairs. I'm not crazy about that idea but we'll make it work. So, who wants to come help me decorate?
Shawn has graciously accepted my offer to come help me--so get ready SS. You'll be put to work in April when you come for a visit. You'll be paid in booze. And this is only so you'll pee your pants on camera again for me to post on my blog.
Ok, just a few more pics before I sign off for tonight.
Emma is loving on her Lexi. Lexi is begging me for help. Can you see it in her eyes? Poor Lex. Emma is pretty rough with her. She's a good sport.
Emma is gettin' down to Gangnam Style. She's got moves like Jaggar....and she didn't inherit them from me!

Drew has a twin sister! We found her on Friday night at dinner. Look at their IDENTICAL hair! It's the funniest thing.


And finally, this is me with no make-up hence the black and white pic. I'm wogging in the rain. I have started Couch to 5K again {for the 3rd time} and dedication is knowing you should have wogged the day before but instead, got stuck wogging in craptastic weather. But like I said on instagram and fb, cottage cheese doesn't melt off by itself. I've gotta do SOMETHING! I can't meet my new neighbors looking like this! Who would want to be my friend? Everything jiggles. Gross.
So, what's new with you? Do you have a post up? Link it up with us! All the cool kids are doing it. {not really but it sounds good}.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Texting for TTUT. And Cute Pics.

Hello Darlings! How was your weekend? Some of you attended some WILD Superbowl parties! Did you love the half-time show? I did. I think I just want Beyonce's body. Fav commercials? I like the ones that made me laugh.

Anyway, I'm here for TTUT hosted by the gorgeous yet busy momma, Shawn, and myself. It actually feels good to be blogging today! Maybe I'm gettin' my groove back like Stella did! =)

I'm a texter. Any other fellow texters out there? I'm not huge on phone conversations mainly because I'm a mom of 2 now and it's almost impossible to enjoy an actual telephone call. So as I was thinking about what I would be blogging today {I actually have a list, people!!}, I decided I would share some interesting text messages as of lately.

Here we go.

This would be from the lovely Shawn. Occasionally, she likes to give me sound parental advice which I ALWAYS appreciate. I'm thinking this one may have come from experience. I'm pretty sure there was a daughter that may have walked in to a situation that was rated NC-17. Whoopsie!

And then there's one from the husband who always has MY best interest at heart. I thought I had mastitis. Turns out, it was a little thrush on the ol' nipples (OUCH) and a clogged milk duct.

Occasionally, I talk about M behind his back. This was a text to my cousin.
Can I please start sleeping through the night AND lose this pouch that sits on my belly before we start having this discussion? And seriously, I round up to 40. Shouldn't I stop? I don't wanna die before my kids graduate high school!

Here's one with my momma. I'm glad we have such a close relationship and we can say whatever we please but sometimes, too much info makes me feel queezy. You'll see.
Background info: She texted to tell me how great mixing vinegar and dish soap works to remove 10 years of hair spray from blinds in her bathroom:

Here is a FACEBOOK post from a cousin who I am NOT close to. She's an idiot. And probably a little more white trash than I am.
 This girl has a 10 year old daughter who saw this happen. Apparently, he's an abuser and she's an alcoholic (with horrible grammar). He won custody in the divorce. She went to Texas to get back together with the daddy. Guess what? She's still there. She didn't file a police report either. I have no patience for people who stay with their abuser. 

And of course I can't leave without posting pictures of my babes. Here is my happy, fat baby after a full tummy:

And my skinny little bratty girl who obviously turned into a tomboy overnight after bringing in a long, thick worm INTO MY HOUSE after digging in the dirt outside. Eww. At least it wasn't a snake. 

If you don't have anything better to do, link up with us! I visited almost everyone last week! I'll try to do that again. Thanks for hangin' on to our meme with us. It's been a little rocky lately but we're staying afloat for now. Whew. I may need a life jacket soon....